Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer Revamp

If you are a regular reader, you'll see i've revamped my blog - new template, new colours, and i'm rather liking it.

i decided it was time for a change, but what do you think? i've added an opinion poll, so please let me know your views.

Oh and a few other post comments wouldn't go amiss...(thank you) ;-)


Anonymous said...

I like the revamp!

Dave Lucas said...

It's a good template (of course, I'm partial to the color green!)

Anonymous said...

i like the new look. Looks cleaner :)

xoxoox mina

Fishmiester said...

I must confess I liked the old look better.

sera said...

I liked it the way you had it, probably because I'm used to that . . . BUT . . . I find it's easy to get bored of one's own site, and you're the one who has to look at it the most--do what's fun for you! :)

Will said...

I like it, pup.
Lookin' good.

PS: I've been bad..I've got some reading to catch up on, here.:)

trinity-pup said...

anon - thanks!!

dave lucas - nice to see a new face here - i rather like green too :-)

mina - *hugs* i'm pleased you like it!

fishmeister - nice to meet you. Ahh thats interesting!

trinity-pup said...

sera - thank you for such a lovely comment. Now i am torn as i did like the old template too, but i am rather liking this one as it's so different, so we'll see if i revert back sometime!

will, will will!! You're here and that's all that matters ;-) Get reading then! :-p