Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Edge

"I control your breathing." He whispered in my ear as He pinched my nostrils shut.

Spluttering with a rush of panic, i fought to breathe through the ball gag.

Standing on a stool at the foot of a four poster bed, my stretched arms were bound with short lengths of rope to the bed posts. my lead, attached to my collar, tied an even shorter length to the top of the bed. Added to the mix, i was ball gagged and blindfolded.

i didn’t have any choice...

His hands moved across my body and under my arms. i’m very sensitive and ticklish there, so i squirmed trying to move away but there was no escape. He ignored my squealing through my gag and panting to continue His torment.

"Stop moving or you WILL hang yourself."

i gauged with my feet where the edge of the stool was to realise there was a gap between it and the bed. If i were to move any further forward, i would indeed be hanging by my lead.

"I think this is what they call 'edge play'."

i'm sure i could hear a smile in His voice as He spoke.


sera said...

I think that's what they call one hell of a mind fuck. It sounds sexy. Was it? Or scary, or both?


~ sera

Anonymous said...

Wow... Sounds exciting, but scary as hell too...
The trust you must have in Master is amazing, and I envy you such in someways.. You are both very lucky :)

Marc said...

Safeword - not funny.

Please write a follow-up post and describe the safety measures he took, that enabled him to take you or the whole bed post down within less then five seconds if necessary.

Hanging scenes without such safety precautions are plain irresponsible and not a game of trust but one of stupidity. You don't want to end dead or crippled, and he doesn't want to live as the one responsible for that.

Fishmiester said...

Scarey stuff.
Glad to se you're still here to tell us about it though.

Anonymous said...

i know you have the most trust and respect with your Master. It sounds like a very exciting time!

xoxoox mina

Encharted Lover said...

very scary, very exciting, is this something like what hutchinson died from? i am not sure what happend to him, edge play is sexy, but safe words are a must, would never want to loose you honey, just sharing concern for you safety like the others, but also love the thought of it all xx
tell us more...

trinity-pup said...

Thanks to you all for your comments and concerns - i shall be writing my next post as my response back to explain more.

t. x

katie said...

I am amazed, after reading your blog, do people really think that you were in any danger. It never occured to me, i would not even thought of it as edge play. It just seemed a perfectly normal scene from two people who trust each other.

I think your trust in each other shines through

trinity-pup said...

katie - thank you hun. i guess they did! Edge play is what i'd call it, but trust and safety to us is truly everything.