Thursday, July 31, 2008

His First Mark

Recently i wrote about my masochism as a request by my Owner, SG. At the time, i mentioned the purchase of a new toy - a leather cat. It's what we decided we needed, after exploring my liking for pain from my riding crop (which had never been put to much use until now), and as a new addition to our ever-growing toybox.

Well the cat arrived and with it, Master's enthusiasm to use it on me. It gives quite a sting, but can also be used rather sensually across the body too (i guess!).

So i'm proud to share with you this image...

His first mark:


Fishmiester said...

Love the hint of blue lace pantie in the shot too.


elle said...

i'm so happy for you and SG. may you have these and many more to come.

hugs, elle

trinity-pup said...

fishmiester - *grins* was that a happy ouch?! Glad to see you are enjoying your reading :-)

elle - thank you hun and i hope so too. Am so sorry to hear of your break up. Sending you hugs

t. x

katie said...

am i being thick?? help me out, which bit of the body is that so wonderfully striped

trinity-pup said...

katie - *grins* just the one mark and it's my bottom :-) the other marks are naturally made! :-s