Monday, July 21, 2008

Edge Play - my views

Firstly i have to say i am gracious for your comments and concerns from my last post. It’s wonderful to receive feedback on anything i write about, but it's even more meaningful when people i don't even know express their fears for me.

It certainly was a mind fuck, no doubt about that. my edge play experience was scary and exciting, but i have to say a safe one too. Trust and safety between SG and i is at the forefront of our minds and at no stage was i in any doubt of His care of my well being. The trust i put in Him is paramount and it works both ways. His trust in me is just as great.

i do have a safeword in place at all times. It's been there from the word “go”. i am able to speak through my ball gag. SG told me He had measures in place in case of an emergency. my lead can be unclipped from my collar in seconds. In the scene i wrote about, the lead itself was actually being held in His hand and not fixed to the top of the bed, as He had me believe. Blindfolded, i had no way of knowing but i trusted Him. That's the mind fuck. He always observes my body language closely to ensure i am OK.

In any scene, i know that things can easily go wrong very quickly. Edge play is not to be taken lightly and we both know and appreciate that. Life is short enough and so very precious - as i am to Him.


Carrie Ann said...

Well said!

Like you said, people expressing concern is always nice.
At the same time it can be vaguely insulting because it assumes you're unsafe and don't know how to be safe.

A sort of catch 22 and you expressed yourself well. :)

marc said...

Thanks for the follow-up. Have fun, but please play safe and maybe you could use a footnote to explain safety precautions in future.

Pygar said...

I am sure when people expressed concern they intended to be helpful and supportive and not insulting. A feeling of care and caution came through to me.

It is a compliment to trinity-pup that her readers are concerned about her safety.

A good friend of mine gets off on breath play and strangulation. The thought of it turns her on. She looked into it carefully to find out how to do it safely. What she discovered was that there is no safe way. It is inherently dangerous.

It still turns her on and she still wants to do it.

But the decision to do something dangerous needs to be made by both the participants, each fully aware of possible consequences.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this. I think it is always beneficial for people to learn how to be safe and responsible. I am thrilled at how close the two of you are!

xoxoxo mina

trinity-pup said...

carrie ann - aww thanks! you're right, it felt a little odd to be told what i should or shouldnt have included... but i am glad my post explains all now :-)

marc - welcome! Nice to know you're reading and even better when comments appear.

trinity-pup said...

pygar - yes all the comments i have ever received have all been very supportive and thoughtful.

A compliment indeed and i am thankful for such caring friends.

The decisions we take in play are mutual and Master respects my limits.

Thank you! *hugs* x

trinity-pup said...

mina - you are right and i only hope i don't scare my friends again! :-) Thank you for your lovely words. We seem to be getting closer each time we are together x

Fishmiester said...


Good to hear you are in safe hands.
We do not want to lose this great Blogging lady.

"The finger of blame has turned upon itself
And I'm more than willing to offer myself
Do you want my presence or need my help
Who knows where that might lead"

Fall at your feet - Crowded House