Thursday, July 31, 2008

His First Mark

Recently i wrote about my masochism as a request by my Owner, SG. At the time, i mentioned the purchase of a new toy - a leather cat. It's what we decided we needed, after exploring my liking for pain from my riding crop (which had never been put to much use until now), and as a new addition to our ever-growing toybox.

Well the cat arrived and with it, Master's enthusiasm to use it on me. It gives quite a sting, but can also be used rather sensually across the body too (i guess!).

So i'm proud to share with you this image...

His first mark:

Friday, July 25, 2008

SingleGlove's 5 Favourite Things

Reading pup's recent post on her favourite things about being My subbie has inspired Me to come up with a top five of My own. It's actually been quite hard to narrow it down, because I undertake many activities with her (not all in the BDSM realm, of course) that give Me great pleasure and satisfaction - for instance: seeing her face and feeling her body shudder as she rides the vibrating cock ring; hearing her moan through her gag when I push the butt plug into her for the first time; holding her hot, exhausted body tight after releasing her at the end of an intense scene; or simply talking dirty - or rather filthy - to each other. There are several more from where they came from, all of which I considered. Nonetheless, I said I'd do five, so here they are in no particular order.

1. Collaring the pup. It's such a simple ceremony: as soon as we are in private together, she gives Me her collar and then kneels down and bows her head in front of Me. I slip the thick black leather band around her neck, buckle it snugly on the penultimate hole and snap the padlock in place. I stroke her hair, tell her she belongs to Me and then give her permission to rise. It means the world to me that pup is mine - a privilege of ownership that I will never take lightly. A new rule is that she must now keep the collar with her in her bag at all times when in public, including the workplace. she is moving to some high-security offices soon, which could mean that there will be bag searches and metal detectors. That might well be interesting!

2. Liquid refreshment. I find it hugely exciting when pup is tied in a position whereby she drools round her tightly strapped gag (usually her beloved head harness) while the juices of her arousal drip from her pussy at the same time. The best position for this to happen is a stringent strappado (is there any other kind?) using the spreader bar on her ankles. I do love to leave her like that, stand back and just enjoy the show for a while, as she struggles helplessly in her bonds and the waterworks start. Trouble is, she enjoys it so much that she rarely struggles unless I start tickling her, which is harder for her to handle than a good, hard cropping. Go figure! But I digress.

3. Taking a shine. The pup looks absolutely stunning when she dresses in her tight black latex dress. It's ultra short, ultra sexy and ultra kinky. There are also her shoulder-length gloves and her panties with internal dildo and butt plug - we *love* putting those on her. It's the most sensual material: the sight, the smell, the feel - even the curiously squeaky sound of two latex-clad bodies embracing. I would love to buy her a catsuit at some point in the not too distant future. It's about time she felt its all-over caress.

4. Lockdown time. Whether it's applying the cuffs, the straitjacket, the monoglove or a gag, I do get a thrill out of securing pup properly and watching her expression as she hears the clink of the buckles and feels her straps tighten. It's where she wants to be and where I want to keep her. My favourite bondage so far was when I put pup in the SJ (as tight as it would go), forced her to lie on her front, looped its crotch straps between her ankle bonds and pulled tight, bending her knees and forcing her heels up to virtually touch her bottom. As a finishing touch I tied a cord around her ponytail and ran it down to her big toes, which I'd also bound together. Can't beat a bit of gratuitous hair-pulling hogtie bondage to achieve total submissiveness.

5. Fellatrix of the trade. pup warned me that she wasn't keen on sucking cock before she met Me, but I am incredibly lucky that she has come on in leaps and bounds and professes to enjoy her oral examinations. I do believe that she does, as she performs a very enthusiastic (blow) job with her slutty mouth. (She also likes to stroke my cock without even being ordered to, which is a huge turn-on - I harden in about 10 seconds flat). I'm not sure whether Doms are supposed to admit to this, but I really like eating her pussy. I'm perfectly happy giving her clit a good tongue-lashing for 20 minutes while she lies back and thinks of... whatever she thinks of - secured in an inescapable spreadeagle, of course. Hope she enjoys it as much as I do.

Wow, is that five already. I was just getting started! ;-)


Monday, July 21, 2008

Edge Play - my views

Firstly i have to say i am gracious for your comments and concerns from my last post. It’s wonderful to receive feedback on anything i write about, but it's even more meaningful when people i don't even know express their fears for me.

It certainly was a mind fuck, no doubt about that. my edge play experience was scary and exciting, but i have to say a safe one too. Trust and safety between SG and i is at the forefront of our minds and at no stage was i in any doubt of His care of my well being. The trust i put in Him is paramount and it works both ways. His trust in me is just as great.

i do have a safeword in place at all times. It's been there from the word “go”. i am able to speak through my ball gag. SG told me He had measures in place in case of an emergency. my lead can be unclipped from my collar in seconds. In the scene i wrote about, the lead itself was actually being held in His hand and not fixed to the top of the bed, as He had me believe. Blindfolded, i had no way of knowing but i trusted Him. That's the mind fuck. He always observes my body language closely to ensure i am OK.

In any scene, i know that things can easily go wrong very quickly. Edge play is not to be taken lightly and we both know and appreciate that. Life is short enough and so very precious - as i am to Him.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

On Edge

"I control your breathing." He whispered in my ear as He pinched my nostrils shut.

Spluttering with a rush of panic, i fought to breathe through the ball gag.

Standing on a stool at the foot of a four poster bed, my stretched arms were bound with short lengths of rope to the bed posts. my lead, attached to my collar, tied an even shorter length to the top of the bed. Added to the mix, i was ball gagged and blindfolded.

i didn’t have any choice...

His hands moved across my body and under my arms. i’m very sensitive and ticklish there, so i squirmed trying to move away but there was no escape. He ignored my squealing through my gag and panting to continue His torment.

"Stop moving or you WILL hang yourself."

i gauged with my feet where the edge of the stool was to realise there was a gap between it and the bed. If i were to move any further forward, i would indeed be hanging by my lead.

"I think this is what they call 'edge play'."

i'm sure i could hear a smile in His voice as He spoke.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Masochistic pup ~ *re-post*

SG recently gave me an instruction - this is what He asked of me:

“I want you to write a blog post on what it means to be a masochist and why you feel the need for pain. I’d like to understand more.”

So here's my response:

i know that within this lifestyle, pain – in the physical sense - isn’t for everyone. Some people cannot understand the need for it and find it difficult to believe that it can actually be a good feeling. i can see both sides of the story.

In fact, back in the day before i discovered quite how kinky i was, i also would have said i couldn’t get my head around masochists within BDSM and D/s relationships. Why would people want to hurt those they love? i thought it was rather odd and something that didn’t appeal or turn me on.

Somewhere since then, i have to admit that my views have changed and my need for a certain level of pain grows stronger. my interest may have started from a previous vanilla relationship with very subtle BDSM undertones, from experiencing some mild spanking. i guess that may have triggered something within me.

More recently, remembering back to last year, and well documented in previous posts, i put myself through quite an intense amount of pain. Even now, i still don’t know quite how i got there or why i went there, but i did. Maybe i thought i had something to prove, maybe i wanted to find out my pain threshold and limits were and also just to see what i was missing. Looking back over some of the images of my body, i find it hard to believe that was me. The irony is that i find it hard to look at some of them, because they actually scare me. It was a challenge i found myself up against and an experience i shall probably never forget.

That time made me realise how pain could be mixed with pleasure - how the two can be combined to give such an adrenaline rush, a thrill and sweet release. It allows you to let go of yourself and become lost in deeper submission. Pain gives way to pleasure, twisted as it sounds, it’s true. It also heightens pleasure so it becomes a never-ending circle. Knowing what it can do, the power that it holds makes you crave it more. It’s addictive and it certainly hooked me in for a time. After each session, i found myself wondering if i would be able to take another dose, maybe at a higher level, and somehow i went back for more and surprised myself in doing so.

Knowing what I went through then, i realise now that i never want to feel that level of pain again. It was exciting and intense, but so very scary too. As much as i am a submissive, i would like to think i know what my limits are. True, it's good to push and stretch them - we do need some challenges in life. Back then, maybe i didn’t know and was placing a hell of a lot of trust in Another. i know now i was definitely pushed to an extraordinary level – one that i have no wish to go back to.

Since meeting SG, i know that He didn’t much care for inflicting pain. It wasn’t His thing. He began to read my blog before we met for real, so i know He was aware of what i had been through. We’ve had countless conversations about my experiences and He told me He didn’t understand pain. He wanted to give me pleasure.

When i became His submissive, SG began to “sample” my riding crop, using it lightly on my bottom and thighs. i realised that He enjoyed it because i enjoyed it, so it made Him happy. He had found a new string to His bow. With subsequent play sessions, He has been keen to use the crop more frequently and each time i have felt a slight increase in force and length of time He applies it to my bottom.

Maybe in time, He will want to step things up and enjoy marking my bottom even more. A new purchase is on its way to help with that and may, oops i mean will, feature within a future post. There’s a part of me inside that is excited by this prospect. Fundamentally, i also know that He would never want to cross that line and cause me any serious damage or any degree of pain i couldn’t handle. He is gradually finding out what else He enjoys doing to His pup.

So far, it’s been an awesome journey and i know i can trust Him because He’s my Master.

i hope this post pleases You Sir

~ Your pup

Thursday, July 10, 2008

pup's First HNT

my first HNT.

i thought it was about time i joined in!

How did i do? ;-)

Monday, July 07, 2008


It's on its way...

i'll have nowhere to hide...

nowhere to run...

nowhere to escape...

a caged pup is what i shall be.


Saturday, July 05, 2008

Summer Revamp

If you are a regular reader, you'll see i've revamped my blog - new template, new colours, and i'm rather liking it.

i decided it was time for a change, but what do you think? i've added an opinion poll, so please let me know your views.

Oh and a few other post comments wouldn't go amiss...(thank you) ;-)

Tuesday, July 01, 2008