Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strait Up

Since my last time of writing, Master has been busy purchasing some new items for our toy box. The two new goodies are both wearable, black and have a distinct smell... that’s got you guessing hasn’t it?

One of them is something that SG has been longing to buy for some time and is now the proud owner of (aside from me of course).

The weekend that He took receipt of them, He instructed me to go and fetch what was lying on His bed. We had previously talked about what He planned to buy next, so i knew that He was quite serious but didn’t know He had bought anything... yet.

Like a good puppy, i carried out His instruction and stood in awe, shock and delight, with a huge grin on my face, to gaze down at the leather straitjacket before me. Thick leather coupled with buckles galore. It was a bondage lover’s fantasy come true and it lay there waiting for me. i couldn’t stop smiling as i took it to Master and knelt before Him. His face lit up at my beaming face. So now It was time to experience it...

Still on my knees with arms outstretched, He placed the straitjacket on me. i felt the numerous buckles being applied to my back, each one pulling at my shoulders, ribs, waist and hips. He took my leather encased arms and crossed them against my waist, then pulled each strap into the buckles on each side, making my arms wrap around my waist. An extra thick strap buckled over at the front to hold down my arms. The neck fitted high with another buckle, as if it were a collar. Two squares cut-out at the front exposed my breasts. The extra thrill in all of this was the 2 crotch straps that ran from front to back feeding into yet more buckles behind. The straps pressed against my moist pussy. It made me feel very vulnerable, exposed and humiliated - just what He wanted. It was like i was giving myself a hug – an odd as well as a very comforting, safe feeling.

He stood before me and looked at His extremely secured pup. He was thrilled that He had bought it and He was realising another dream of His. He asked me to “test it out”, check to see if i could escape from it…. no chance! This pup wasn’t going anywhere and He knew it.

He has made me wear the straitjacket several times since and each time it has made me feel extremely submissive and so very secure.

The other new item for His pup to endure… i mean enjoy, are some rubber pants with inflatable(!) dildo/anal plugs. They look rather scary, well the anal plug does (it’s huge!) but very exciting at the same time. Each plug has an external valve, which can be inflated by using a separate screw-on pump.

So to our latest play session...

... which will be posted soon, along with new photos, to delight my dear readers...


Mina said...

oh you are a spoiled pup! Im loving the leather straight jacket. Must be so much fun!

Encharted Lover said...

you are such a lucky one, xx

lili said...

Your new gifts sound wonderful, can't wait to hear more about them :)

I'm so happy you've found someone who knows how to look after you and spoils you as you should be spoiled :)

Big hugs lili xx

trinity-pup said...

mina - i know!! He has been very good to me and i know how spoiled i am! ;-)

encharted lover - thank you, i realise i am very lucky x

lili - the next piece is coming soon promise! Thank you for your kind comments. *big hugs back*

t. x