Friday, June 27, 2008

my 5 Favourite Things

Master requested that i share my 5 favourite things when we are together. So here they are:

1. Strapped into the monoglove or straitjacket.

They both create a comforting feeling of safety and security at the same time. i especially love the monoglove's soft leather against my skin, as well as that moment when He tightens the thick straps that cross over my shoulders and around my elbows and wrists.

2. Locked into my collar

Kneeling before Him in readiness for my collar to be placed upon me, then hearing the click of the padlock. How it feels so right to wear it, how it comforts and makes me feel ever closer to Him and confirms i belong to Him.

3. His hand covering my mouth

The adrenaline rush when His hand firmly covers my mouth as He fucks me, telling me not to make a sound, to keep quiet. It feels scary but so arousing too, it excites me and increases my submission towards Him.

4. my overnight bondage

The ritual of attaching the connecting clips (and subsequent shortening of them) to my wrist and ankle cuffs as part of my overnight bondage. How He delights in this, telling me it's to ensure i won't run away in the night (would i?!). This ritual comforts me in the same way as feeling my collar being securely locked in place.

5. Being kept quiet with the ball gag harness

Wearing the ball gag harness to reduce the noise i make and how incredibly submissive it makes me feel when applied. He often makes me put it on myself, watching as i adjust the buckles, instructing me that the ball should be far enough in my mouth to stop me 'spitting it out'.

i know there are many other things He does, but these seem to be highest on my list.


sera said...

What a terrific assignment--a wonderful idea for a post and a great insight into your submission.

trinity-pup said...

Thank you sera. Yes it was a good thing to do. It really made me think too! :-)