Friday, June 06, 2008

Fettered Pleasures - Latex Gloves

Here's a post written some weeks ago - a second part continuing our fun weekend, following our visit to Fettered Pleasures, when i received my Master's collar.

The first part can be read here:

my fabulous latex gloves were modelled for Him on the Sunday. After taking some careful time to put them on, He polished them for me, slowly running His fingers along them, making them gleam. They looked so sexy. They felt amazing to wear, so very sensual. Like a second skin, against the coldness of the bathroom tiles, they were chilling my skin – a very odd sensation.

He wanted me to pose for photos. He put me into a variety of predicaments, including wearing my wrist cuffs over the top, attaching their connecting chain, before wrapping my lead to them and clipping it to the D-ring of my collar which He moved round to the back of my neck. In effect, my arms held and being pulled up my back, which in turn pulled on my collar. It was an incredible yet such a simple feeling of being completely helpless and at His mercy.

He told me not to move, then returned to present to me, in His hands (and with a huge smile on His face), the vibrating bullet which detaches from His cock ring (what an amazing toy that is in itself!) and remote control box. i stood in the bath before Him and quivered with what was coming next. He took the bullet and placed just inside my panties to rest against my clit. Smiling even more and watching my face intently, He switched on the remote control and my body rocked with sensations. my legs were buckling as i tried to catch my breath with the pleasure coursing through me, He delighted in alternating the vibration speed. This was sweet torment!

There was nothing i could do but stand there and take all of this intense stimulation to my clit. i strained on the cuffs behind my back which only resulted in pulling the tension on my collar. With my back to Him, He also delighted in taking one of my gloved fingers into His mouth and sucked on it, which only served to excite me even more. my fingers had become so aroused in the gloves, His lips and tongue made them tingle. Facing Him again, at one point, He tucked the remote control box into His pocket and stood back to watch His frenzied and tortured puppy riding on the huge waves of orgasmic pleasure.

He was one very happy Owner.

i was one completely sub-spaced pup.

Fettered pleasures indeed...


Will said...

Your pleasures, pup, are a pleasure to read..and, see.
Thank you, for sharing these amazing, and loving, glimpses into your life.

~~Welcome back, U2!


trinity-pup said...

will - you are too kind! i am happy to bring you pleasure...

i only hope you continue to enjoy what i write here.

Thank you from me!! i know that Singleglove would like to thank you too.


Anonymous said...

that was amazing to read