Friday, June 27, 2008

my 5 Favourite Things

Master requested that i share my 5 favourite things when we are together. So here they are:

1. Strapped into the monoglove or straitjacket.

They both create a comforting feeling of safety and security at the same time. i especially love the monoglove's soft leather against my skin, as well as that moment when He tightens the thick straps that cross over my shoulders and around my elbows and wrists.

2. Locked into my collar

Kneeling before Him in readiness for my collar to be placed upon me, then hearing the click of the padlock. How it feels so right to wear it, how it comforts and makes me feel ever closer to Him and confirms i belong to Him.

3. His hand covering my mouth

The adrenaline rush when His hand firmly covers my mouth as He fucks me, telling me not to make a sound, to keep quiet. It feels scary but so arousing too, it excites me and increases my submission towards Him.

4. my overnight bondage

The ritual of attaching the connecting clips (and subsequent shortening of them) to my wrist and ankle cuffs as part of my overnight bondage. How He delights in this, telling me it's to ensure i won't run away in the night (would i?!). This ritual comforts me in the same way as feeling my collar being securely locked in place.

5. Being kept quiet with the ball gag harness

Wearing the ball gag harness to reduce the noise i make and how incredibly submissive it makes me feel when applied. He often makes me put it on myself, watching as i adjust the buckles, instructing me that the ball should be far enough in my mouth to stop me 'spitting it out'.

i know there are many other things He does, but these seem to be highest on my list.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Method In His Madness

Your patience has been rewarded... here's an account of one of our latest SJ play sessions... i think His new love was worth every penny!

He instructed me to put on the rubber pants, but just with the dildo inserted. He plans to train me in time to take the anal plug. We currently use a slimmer plug that i am growing out of (if there’s such a thing) so it will only be a matter of time. He won’t let me get away with that!

He then placed me in the jacket, ensuring that every one of the buckles was as tight as possible. He adorned me further with the ball gag harness and ankle cuffs, before attaching my lead to the D-ring on the front of the jacket (how very handy) to lead me to the hall mirror to take a look at myself. It was quite something to look at, i have to admit, although i can struggle with looking at myself in mirrors (and He knows it). As He stood behind me, telling me how good i looked and how secure i was, i could feel my juices trickling down my leg, the cause of feeling so aroused by being so restrained.

He hadn’t finished there though as He led me into the living room. He attached a connecting chain to my ankle cuffs, then clipped the other end of my lead (already attached to the D-ring) to the chain, forcing me to bend forward slightly.

Now completely secured, He screwed on the inflatable pump and left it dangling to tease me, knowing that He could inflate the dildo at any given moment. To top it all, He placed the vibrating bullet (from His cock ring), turned up on a high setting, into the rubber pants to rest against my clit and tucked the remote control box inside the jacket.

It was sheer torment and pleasure all at once and He stood back to watch me completely helpless, riding the waves of sensations, but not before inflating the dildo at regular points. i could feel the dildo inside me, stretching and filling my pussy – and i could do absolutely nothing to stop it. It was an incredible ride, i think the biggest rush of excitement and humiliation so far that i have experienced.

The pleasure trip was only set to increase when He let me escape my restraints. i begged Him to fuck His puppy with being so turned on from the thick dildo inside me. It felt only right for Him to take His rightful place inside His pup’s pussy, well His pussy - it belongs to Him.

He ordered me to lay face down stretched across the table and tied my wrists to the legs with rope. With my legs spread wide for Him, He pushed His hard cock inside me from behind and began to thrust deep. The sensations i felt were amazing, after having had the sensation of the dildo stretching me and the vibrating bullet against my clit, both of which had taken me to a certain level of arousal. As he continued to fuck me, i could feel myself quickly edging close to climax.

Only a few seconds later and an incredible tingling feeling exploded within me, followed by an orgasm that floated through me. On hearing this, Master then came within a few seconds. The timing was delicious. It was one of the best moments ever as we lay down exhausted to hold each other close.

Sometimes it feels like i can’t get close enough to Him, even with my body wrapped around His. His soft kisses, strong arms and warm body serve to tell me differently.

It just feels so right to be His submissive, His pup, His lover and His soulmate.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strait Up

Since my last time of writing, Master has been busy purchasing some new items for our toy box. The two new goodies are both wearable, black and have a distinct smell... that’s got you guessing hasn’t it?

One of them is something that SG has been longing to buy for some time and is now the proud owner of (aside from me of course).

The weekend that He took receipt of them, He instructed me to go and fetch what was lying on His bed. We had previously talked about what He planned to buy next, so i knew that He was quite serious but didn’t know He had bought anything... yet.

Like a good puppy, i carried out His instruction and stood in awe, shock and delight, with a huge grin on my face, to gaze down at the leather straitjacket before me. Thick leather coupled with buckles galore. It was a bondage lover’s fantasy come true and it lay there waiting for me. i couldn’t stop smiling as i took it to Master and knelt before Him. His face lit up at my beaming face. So now It was time to experience it...

Still on my knees with arms outstretched, He placed the straitjacket on me. i felt the numerous buckles being applied to my back, each one pulling at my shoulders, ribs, waist and hips. He took my leather encased arms and crossed them against my waist, then pulled each strap into the buckles on each side, making my arms wrap around my waist. An extra thick strap buckled over at the front to hold down my arms. The neck fitted high with another buckle, as if it were a collar. Two squares cut-out at the front exposed my breasts. The extra thrill in all of this was the 2 crotch straps that ran from front to back feeding into yet more buckles behind. The straps pressed against my moist pussy. It made me feel very vulnerable, exposed and humiliated - just what He wanted. It was like i was giving myself a hug – an odd as well as a very comforting, safe feeling.

He stood before me and looked at His extremely secured pup. He was thrilled that He had bought it and He was realising another dream of His. He asked me to “test it out”, check to see if i could escape from it…. no chance! This pup wasn’t going anywhere and He knew it.

He has made me wear the straitjacket several times since and each time it has made me feel extremely submissive and so very secure.

The other new item for His pup to endure… i mean enjoy, are some rubber pants with inflatable(!) dildo/anal plugs. They look rather scary, well the anal plug does (it’s huge!) but very exciting at the same time. Each plug has an external valve, which can be inflated by using a separate screw-on pump.

So to our latest play session...

... which will be posted soon, along with new photos, to delight my dear readers...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Master ~ pup

Owner ~ entirely owned

~ always protected

~ in demand (and only to Him)

~ in His complete care

~ so very much loved

Friday, June 06, 2008

Fettered Pleasures - Latex Gloves

Here's a post written some weeks ago - a second part continuing our fun weekend, following our visit to Fettered Pleasures, when i received my Master's collar.

The first part can be read here:

my fabulous latex gloves were modelled for Him on the Sunday. After taking some careful time to put them on, He polished them for me, slowly running His fingers along them, making them gleam. They looked so sexy. They felt amazing to wear, so very sensual. Like a second skin, against the coldness of the bathroom tiles, they were chilling my skin – a very odd sensation.

He wanted me to pose for photos. He put me into a variety of predicaments, including wearing my wrist cuffs over the top, attaching their connecting chain, before wrapping my lead to them and clipping it to the D-ring of my collar which He moved round to the back of my neck. In effect, my arms held and being pulled up my back, which in turn pulled on my collar. It was an incredible yet such a simple feeling of being completely helpless and at His mercy.

He told me not to move, then returned to present to me, in His hands (and with a huge smile on His face), the vibrating bullet which detaches from His cock ring (what an amazing toy that is in itself!) and remote control box. i stood in the bath before Him and quivered with what was coming next. He took the bullet and placed just inside my panties to rest against my clit. Smiling even more and watching my face intently, He switched on the remote control and my body rocked with sensations. my legs were buckling as i tried to catch my breath with the pleasure coursing through me, He delighted in alternating the vibration speed. This was sweet torment!

There was nothing i could do but stand there and take all of this intense stimulation to my clit. i strained on the cuffs behind my back which only resulted in pulling the tension on my collar. With my back to Him, He also delighted in taking one of my gloved fingers into His mouth and sucked on it, which only served to excite me even more. my fingers had become so aroused in the gloves, His lips and tongue made them tingle. Facing Him again, at one point, He tucked the remote control box into His pocket and stood back to watch His frenzied and tortured puppy riding on the huge waves of orgasmic pleasure.

He was one very happy Owner.

i was one completely sub-spaced pup.

Fettered pleasures indeed...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

pup's Back!

i made it back!

Somehow i have managed to claw my way, or rather my pc has, to getting back here. It's been some wait too (i think it's about 3 weeks) and a very frustrating one at that (hence the expression above!). Basically, my pc decided to give up completely and i had to enlist some help in its recovery. By some miracle i didn't lose anything, so i'm a very happy pup for that.

So i guess i have some catching up to do, in writing and reading what you're all up to. i have to thank my wonderful Master, Singleglove for keeping you all informed and it was so nice to read your kind comments in respect of His first post. So thank you my sweet friends.

There are a couple of posts on their way, written before the pc loss, and in the meantime, i shall be getting to work on writing about some new experiences.

i have so much in my head to write about and i hope you will find yourselves back here to read about them.

It's so good to be back!