Sunday, May 11, 2008

Master Learns A Lesson

Hello, pup fans. My name is SingleGlove and I am fortunate enough to be the Master of a very sexy, intelligent submissive woman, whom I adore. I have been meaning to introduce Myself here for a while, but have somehow failed to get around to it – until now. It seems like an especially good time to make My debut on the t-p blog, because I have just learnt a salutary lesson about My relationship with her – one that I have no intention of repeating. This is an open confessional, if you will.

Allow Me to explain: I am a rubber fetishist who likes all things latex. When we met on a BDSM dating site (, I noted that one of her few hard limits was hoods. she made it clear that she’d find it a real turn-off to see one on her partner, let alone be made to wear one. Now, I am quite fond of wearing My rubber hoods for various reasons. One of the main ones is that they increase My sense of dominance by a significant degree – for instance, it would allow Me to hand out more punishment than I would normally, because it’s somehow a different person wielding the crop - it’s no longer My face, therefore it’s no longer Me.

That’s all well and good – I had only ever worn My hoods on My own to excite Myself for masturbation purposes (confessional enough for ya? Just say if this is too much information). I had never introduced it to our play, knowing that she really wouldn’t appreciate it. However, pup recently came into possession of the cutest black latex dress (see a couple of posts ago for pix) and very much enjoyed being dommed by My rubber-clad self in it. After some extremely horny sessions (the urge to bend her over and take her from behind when she’s wearing it is irresistible, believe you me), I was soon wanting us to join as a couple, which would entail taking profile pictures of us together in our black shiny gear. To ensure My anonymity in the photos, it was agreed that I would wear My hood for this purpose. Well, when I say "agreed", I mean that pup didn’t voice any protest – as she would have been entitled to do. she’s My sub, not My slave, after all. she probably had reservations, but she had seen pix of me in it before and would therefore be able to tolerate Me in it for a short period – especially if she didn’t have to actually look at me.

Sadly, when it came to the big night, My domly cup ranneth over. After masking up and taking the pix (pup kneeling in front of Me with her back to the camera) I kept My hood on and pulled her head up roughly by its harness so that she could see My terrifying new face. With pure dominance pulsing through My veins I ordered her to get up, which was hard because she was monogloved. Then I shoved her in front of the mirror and said some things right in her ear that really scared her in growling tones that she’d never heard before.

Soon afterwards, I realised that I had pushed pup past her limit and that she was genuinely shaken by My metamorphosis from a caring Dom to something that looked and sounded far more sinister. It was just too much for her to take – she’d been feeling a little tired, hungry and out of sorts for much of the proceeding afternoon anyway. I took My mask off quickly and carried on with the scene, hoping that her forthcoming pleasures and pains would take her mind off the traumatic experience that I had selfishly handed out. It worked for a while and she focused on the sweet sensations of two vibrators and a butt plug, but later the tears that she had bravely held back earlier came flooding out and I was pretty sure what they were about (I’m not an insensitive bastard, as some of you subs out there might understandably be thinking!)

I stopped the scene and held her tight as she explained how upset she felt. Boy, did I feel guilty – and deservedly so – as we drifted off to sleep. When we awoke the following morning, we talked things over again. Limits are there for a reason and they should be respected. My personal raison d’ĂȘtre as a Dom is to make My pup enjoy her helplessness and submissiveness in bondage, chastisement and forced orgasms, not to scare the willies out of her! Lesson learnt.



Pygar said...

It is really heartening to see a Dom admit a mistake so publicly. Too many Doms adopt an arrogance to try to hide their own insecurities. Such Doms would not admit to a mistake in this way.

It takes greater strength to admit to a mistake than to cover it up.

I have been following trinity-pup's adventures since the start of this blog. I am pleased she has found a caring Dom who can also admit to not always being right. We all make mistakes - the wise amongst us learn from them.

Good luck to you both.


Mina said...

It is good to meet you. You are a good Master much like my own. I am glad you are here to make puppy happy. You are a good Master for admitting your faults. *grins*

katie said...

I have not read tp's blog for ages but keep in touch by text. I was fascinated to read your account. It is nice to hear things from another perspective. Hopefully i will be able to read some more this week so i can understand the dynamics a bit more.