Thursday, May 01, 2008

Craving Control

Master returned to see His pup early Sunday morning and He was very much in control. That’s not to say He isn't normally, but maybe it was because He had been away, the short time apart had made Him even more Domly with His submissive. Of course His first action was ensuring the lock was placed back on my collar, which i was already wearing from my nights sleep. For those who haven’t read me before, whilst He was away, He told me not to lock my collar in case i mislaid the spare key (He keeps one on His key chain).

So i noticed a change in Him. The way He spoke - telling me how He will train me further in order to please Him more, what He expects of me, what i will be doing for Him. That my pussy, ass and mouth are property that belong to Him – and He can fill them however and whenever He wishes. How much He wants to keep me in a cage, bound to the bars on all fours, accessible for Him to take me in any of my holes. He also told me if i want to pleasure myself from now on, i must text to ask for permission first. He said that He would never want to deny me pleasure, except in the case of punishment, but now i have to ask for it.

There was also a physical change, more specifically how He used the crop on me. It was just that little more forceful. Although part of it was a punishment, as i hadn't acted immediately on His earlier orders. He used His belt too this time, because i had motioned how much i would like to feel it. i knew it would humiliate me further, even the mere sight of the leather strap wrapped around His hand, so He didn’t want to miss out on that opportunity. It certainly did humiliate and somehow made me feel a deeper level of submission too. At the same time, it seemed to take Him further into His Domly ways. So it creates a win-win situation.

Then there are those little moments that make me smile. As i lay spread-eagled and tied to the bed, He teased me by tickling under my arms (which He knows is a very sensitive area). i couldn't stop Him but managed to move my head to gently bite His hand. Bemused, He smiled (and half-giggled I think) and said "Is My puppy biting? I think I'll have to get her a muzzle. Imagine that, a muzzle…” He seemed to be quite serious. It certainly shut me up, but at the same time amused me, and i couldn't stop beaming back at Him.

Within that same moment in time, i was wearing my leather harness and He had applied the nipple clips, running their connecting chain through my collar’s D-ring (a favourite thing for Him to do). He noticed that a harness strap was pressing on top of my nipple clip and with a concerned look, He asked “Is that hurting you?” Looking down to see what He meant, i shook my head as it wasn’t. “Why not?!” He replied sarcastically, which made me smile again. It’s the small things He says that draw me closer to Him.

As i mentioned in my earlier post one of His instructions, whilst He was away, was to write a post and include photos of my new rubber dress. He read my posts (i wrote 3) and told me He was very pleased. He said what i had written was very touching and He loved the latest photos of His rubber pup. He also got to see the additional images that i took just for Him (shame huh?). He was even more pleased, as well as feeling very horny, so it was time for Him to take control of His slut puppy once more. There was nothing more she wanted but to please Him and feel her submission deepen.

i can feel it growing each time we are together and i know i don’t want it to stop. i feel i am just the beginning of a journey. i am running with it and eager to see where it’s taking me.

Right now, i crave His touch, His voice, His body, His Dominance.

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