Monday, April 21, 2008

Dreaming Out Loud

So another birthday came to pass...

i received my Master's present the night before. He had bought me a black latex dress and i was thrilled. Being such a fan of rubber Himself, He wanted to see His pup clad in it. He told me it was one of His dreams to meet someone who wants to dress in it as much as He does, so i guess He found me!

The dress fitted perfectly, it felt so good against the skin and so restrictive, especially across my chest. The length of it just fell to cover my bottom cheeks - so very accessible for Him. He ordered me to kneel beside the bed and He applied my wrist cuffs behind my back, then added the spreader bar to my ankles. i knelt quietly with my head bowed as i heard Him dressing behind me, in His own rubber suit. i could feel myself dripping already, my juices trickling down my leg. He stood behind me and ran His fingers down my body and saw how wet His pup was. Whispering in my ear, He told me how much He was looking forward to fucking me, which would be "very soon". i could almost feel myself floating with His touch and His words.

He stood on the bed and unzipped His rubber suit to let free His hard cock, which bobbed in front of me, and told me to kiss it. Still kneeling, i leaned forward and pressing my lips against the tip, kissed Him many times as He sighed and closed His eyes. i continued to press my lips against Him and began to taste His salty pre-cum. A few more minutes and then He was removing my restraints and telling me to get on the bed on all fours, in readiness for Him.

Lifting up the dress above my bottom cheeks, the tip of His cock rested on my pussy and He thrust Himself quickly and deeply inside me. i whimpered and murmured with His sheer animalistic action. It felt wonderful to be taken like that - His puppy being taken in the way that she should. He thrust faster and harder and with some grunting, i could hear that it wouldn't be long before He came. Within a few moments more, He did, so deliciously and hard.

Before we went to sleep, He was undecided as to whether we should sleep in our rubberwear. He said it was something He had always wanted to do. Another dream of His. He decided that we should and so for pup's 30-something birthday, she slept through the night in her rubber dress, accessorised of course by her ankle and wrist cuff and connecting chains.

pup's birthday began with her waking up feeling very rubberised, hot and horny. Master was feeling the same way and it wasn't long before He had me riding Him on the infamous vibrating cock ring, watching me writhe with pleasure. His fingers reached inside the top of my dress to tease and expose my nipples. Feeling exhilarated, lying in each others' arms, i confessed that i hadn't actually cum and He asked me why i hadn't said anything and that He was going to put things right.

He put "Operation Cum" into action. Throwing the bed covers off, He tied me spread-eagled to the bed with my cuffs and rope, as well as also deciding to add the spreader bar for extra effect. He attached it to the bed post which slightly raised my legs. It felt fantastic already to be so restrained, so the addition of that just made me even hornier.

He wanted to taste His deliciously sweet sub first and His tongue got to work on my clit, running His tongue across it horizontally which is an incredibly sensitive sensation. i shivered with the excitement of it all and it felt very special to have such a doting Master who wants to please His sub, but at the same time enjoys seeing her so helpless and at His mercy.

His wish to make His pup cum grew closer as He took my vibrator and teased my pussy, running it over my clit and pushing it inside me. He then added the vibrating bullet from His cock ring to increase the torment and pressed it hard against my clit. This was pure pleasurable torture, an intense barrage of sensations that there was no escape from. In between this, His fingers reached inside my dress to grope and pinch my nipples, gently pulling down on the rubber that encased them to expose them, which only added to my pleasure freefall.

Through all of this, He could tell i was still struggling to reach the edge (i am a hard pup to please at times!) and He said He knew what would take me there. The Hitachi wand appeared and the anticipation of knowing its magic made me quiver and i couldn't stop grinning. He watched my face intently as He slowly ran it across my pussy. He knew this would definitely make me cum, as i had mentioned to Him before that it's the one sure-fire way of producing an orgasm each time i have used it (which has only been about 5 times so far). He smiled back at me as He continued the onslaught, hovering it over my clit. As sure as anything, a few moments later, my body was writhing and bucking (as much as my bonds allowed) with orgasmic waves washing over me. Releasing me from my ties, i lay there exhausted in His arms, thanking Him for taking so much care and attention over me.

It was a lazy day and it was good to chill out mostly, in between being restrained and Him using His pup as He wished. And He made me cum again before bedtime. After adorning me in my leather harness, ballgag harness and monoglove, i felt very His and very helpless - just the way He likes it.

He lay me on my front on the bed and teased me with my newest vibrator, which has 2 knobbly bits for both clit and anal stimulation, as well as 3 pulse and a vibe setting which make it feel quite different from any other vibrator. He pushed the vibe inside my wet pussy, alternating the pulse settings, and then placed my butt plug in my ass, slowly but methodically. Feeling something inside me anally heightens everything for my pussy and clit, so the pulses were now rapidly increasing the route to my climax. It wasn't long before my orgasm crashed over me, both vaginally and anally (such an awesome thing!), after feeling Him push and pull several times on both vibe and plug together.

It was such an incredibly arousing and satisfying way to end my birthday - one i know i won't forget.

Thank You Sir for making it so very special.
i am so proud to say i am Yours.
So proud to know i belong to You.

pup x


Anonymous said...

~~What a spectacular dress!
This must have been a very memorable Birthday.

~~All the best
to you & Master!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday pup! That dress looks gorgeous, but can I just the hell do you get it on and off (I can see the zip, but it's gotta stick to you...)


trinity-pup said...

Will - *grins* yes i love it!! It certainly was!! ;-)

Thank you and i hope all is good with you too. *hugs* x

kitten - thank you sweetie! The dress feels amazing. Ok wanna know the secret...? Lots of talcum powder on the skin and inside the dress first - then it slips on like a dream! ;-)

lili said...

Oh trinity you truly are stunning!

I'm so pleased you had such a great birthday in every way ;)

Hugs lili

elle said...

you look fabulous trin! happy belated birthday.

hugs, elle

trinity-pup said...

lili - awww thank you hun! Your comment made me blush! *hugs*

elle - another sweet comment, thank you and i hope all is well with you

you are all so very kind :-) x

Encharted Lover said...

wow, that was hot, sorry trinity but whats a moon glove look like, can you post a pic of one?

trinity-pup said...

encharted lover - i am very happy that you enjoyed it! i think you mean monoglove - it's the leather armbinder my Master owns - there's a photo of me in it in this previous post