Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Buckle Up


He adores them on His pup.

On my harness, they envelop my body.
On my ballgag, they enclose my head.
On the monoglove, they encase my shoulders, arms and wrists.

And not forgetting my cuffs and of course, my collar – the locking buckle.

He usually makes me do them up as He watches. The monoglove is the exception, which only He can apply and He loves to strap me tightly into it.

Once His pup’s buckled up, He checks to see how tight she’s done them. Then He’ll usually tighten them, just that little bit more... another notch here and there.

Nice and tight.

Tells me He doesn’t want me to escape.

He wants me to feel safe and secure.

He wants me to remember i’m owned.

i’m all His.

and i never forget that.


Anonymous said...

A loving possession, indeed.


trinity-pup said...

will - *smiles with a blush* awww thank you :-) *hugs* x