Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Toy Box - *Updated*

Since the whirlwind of finding myself now owned (eek!), i thought i should update *O/our* (ooh sounds good) toy box:

Items on wishlist:
  • "O" ring gag - so His pup can drool better :-)
  • latex dress - pup's birthday pressie! (she knows she's a lucky girl)
  • leather straitjacket - one of His obsessions (and a considered purchase)
  • a pair of long black latex gloves - a visit to shop being planned
  • a cage - big enough for a pup to curl up in
  • various lengths of chain and rope - a girl can never have enough!
  • new collar and leash
  • a flogger or paddle (or both) of my own (and for my bottom only!)
  • a Bondage-String

*Items now added:*
  • 30" spreader bar - arouses pup greatly somewhere in particular!
  • new set of leather wrist & ankle cuffs - very comfy to sleep in
  • leather corset - officially christened (new post will be coming soon)
  • tweezer-type nipple clamps with chain - rather interesting ;-)
  • His beloved leather monoglove - now becoming pup's beloved leather monoglove
  • His ballgag harness - rather humiliating to wear (but pup's not complaining!)


beau said...

The bondage string looks fun. Are you getting any extension balls for it t?

Does it come with the chain swing shown in the photo or is that separate?

If you get one then I hope you will tell us all about it.

I'm so pleased that you are enjoying being owned.

Have fun

B xx

katie said...

a toy box is so much more fun when you have someone to share it with. I am so pleased for you.

katie xxx

ps the phone is fixed

elle said...

i'm so happy for you hon!

hugs, elle

trinity-pup said...

beau - yes it does look fun. Not sure yet... He has other things He wants to buy before it! :-)
i think it comes separately. You can be sure i will, if it finds its way to the toybox ;-)

It feels fantastic. Thank you!

t. x

trinity-pup said...

katie - good to see you here again. Isn't it fun!! my toybox has been seriously lacking until now! Thank you! *hugs* x

p.s. glad to hear it!

elle - thank you sweetie! It's all feeling surreal but so good.

i am wishing all great things with you and T too :-) x