Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Table

He asked me to change into my PVC catsuit and boots in His bedroom. With my collar already in place, i did as i was told. As i finished dressing, He entered the room and stood behind me, His wandering hands brushing against my body and He attached my lead.

Leading me back to the living room, He began to strap the ball gag harness in place and as He did so, over His shoulder i saw my leather ankle cuffs, attached with rope, to the legs of His dining table and the wrist cuffs resting on the table top, with rope running down to legs of the other side. Thoughtfully a small cushion had been placed on the top of the table. my eyes witnessed the scene before me and i realised what He had planned.

He stood me next to the table and told me to first buckle up the ankle cuffs. He helped to spread my legs so as to reach each table leg. Making my arms stretch across the table, He buckled up the wrist cuffs, making my body into an ‘X’ shape. Positioning the cushion under my hips, He was observing His once again helpless pup. With my bottom as his main target, i couldn’t lift my head very high because of how my limbs were stretched.

Sensing Him behind me, i could hear the riding crop swishing through the air. i must admit, i was a little nervous being secured like this. There really was no escape. i had never been tied down in such a vulnerable way before. His hands moved down my body and unzipped my cat suit to reveal my pussy. i felt the crop’s tip teasing my wetness (yes, so soon). i gasped and flinched at the sensation but could only move so far. He said He was contemplating whether to give me a stroke for every minute i had been late (it was true, i had been about 30 mins late), so i shuddered with this thought. It had been a while since i was in the hands of a sadist. i am curious to know if He does have a sadistic streak, as i know He has yet to explore it (He has said before that He believes He has).

He administered a few strokes across my bottom and top of my thigh which stung quite a lot through my catsuit. i winced and pressed my body against the table’s edge, pulling at my wrist bonds, but it was no use. my head dropped and i rested the ball gag on the table top. i am not sure if He was uncertain whether to carry on administering pain, as soon after i felt the crop move to stroke my pussy again and He began to torment me with pleasure instead. It was an incredibly arousing experience, especially being stretched across the table and having no way to protect myself.

The sound of buzzing now came from behind me and He pushed my vibe against my wetness (or soaked-ness – yes i know that’s not a word!). He had it on a fairly high setting and my body convulsed suddenly, being at such an angle to receive maximum sensations from it. He teased it against me for a while and then i began to feel it being pushed inside me deeper and deeper and my whole body was thrashing about the table. Although my bonds firmly held me to the table, i was able to writhe from side to side. The ball gag kept me from shouting out and He was checking at intervals to see if i was drooling. But i couldn’t drool again as my mouth was so dry and He kept asking me i was going to, for Him… i feared i was going to disappoint… again.

The onslaught to my vulnerable pussy continued as He thrust the vibe in and out of me rapidly. i could feel myself entering subspace as wave upon wave of pleasure took me over. Through my whimpering, He could hear how much i was enjoying it and after what seemed like quite a long time, He stopped and released me from the cuffs and removed the ball gag. i stood shakily against Him before He led me to the bedroom to lie down with Him

Holding me close for some time, He had decided it was time for more play and restraint for His puppy. Running the wrist cuffs around the back of the bed, He buckled me into them once more and then moved down to give me a sensual tongue licking. His tongue can work wonders and i felt myself floating. He said He loved to taste me, to taste His pup.

After He put his rubber suit on, He told me to crawl and fetch the ball gag harness in my teeth; He had left it on the dining table. As i crawled back, He beckoned to me in the hall to kneel by the mirror. “Put it on” He said, facing me to look at myself as i did. Helping me with the back, He buckled it tight, and then knelt beside me, to look back at our reflections. Standing me up, He leaned in behind me, His rubber body pressed against me and His hands travelled across my shoulders, breasts, hips. He told me He wanted to make me helpless again, to use the monoglove, but i would have to ask for it. I would have to ask Him for what i wanted.

i asked Him to make me helpless and that led to being taken back to the bedroom and being strapped into His monoglove. He pulled me on to the bed by my lead (quite a funny moment) then strapped my ankles together and attached them to the monoglove. i was hogtied again and lying on my side. He teased and tormented me, my vibe and His fingers invading me and then He watched His sub come for Him.

The last thing He did before letting me sleep was put me in the new leather wrist cuffs He had bought and He made a point of shortening the chain between them. Enough to give me room to move in, but it’s the tiny detail He thinks of that makes me smile.

Details, details.


Zeno said...

It is all about details, my dear...


RONJAZZ said...

Pup, you are just the hottest little cunt. I enjoy you very much!

beau said...

Wet so soon ...

and how many times did you come dear t? I lost count.

Such a slut!


B xxxx

beau said...

PS I think he should have cropped you a little harder and a little longer. Fancy wasting such an opportunity when you were spread so deliciously for him!

B xx

Anonymous said...

~~Nothing restrained about this post!

I need a cold towel & a beta-blocker after reading it!

**Carry on, pup!

Ps: You'll find much more of my posts
at the wordpress blog. (Yes, I'm keeping all of them active, but I'll be mainly focused upon wordpress)