Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cloud 10 (part 2)

Laying there on the bed next to Him, stroking my back and my hair, He was contemplating whether to put His rubber suit on. Being a huge fan of rubber and fetish wear, the temptation became too much and He left me on the bed to go and dress.

A short while later He was standing before me in His black rubber suit. He looked amazing in it, very striking and very Domly (love that word!). He had polished most of the suit and asked me to polish His back and bottom (and it is a cute one). He lay back on the bed next to me, i was still wearing my catsuit zipped all the way down. It was then that He told me He wanted to be my Dom, i smiled and nodded in agreement. Holding me close, I felt so wanted and submissive. i knew this is what i need, to have someone serious enough to explore with.

After visiting the bathroom, as i stood at the sink washing my hands, i felt His hands over my body, then realised He was removing my catsuit and helped me step out of my second skin. “Stay there” He instructed and left me standing at the sink for a few moments. He returned and as i still had my back to Him, heard Him say “turn around”. For a second, and I’m not sure why, i froze, I suddenly felt shy to do as He asked. I think He repeated Himself and then i turned around to face Him.

Standing in the hallway, He beckoned for me to walk towards Him. In His hands, He held the Kub handcuffs (pic below is an example of them) and holding out my hands, He locked them in place. These handcuffs are pretty heavy duty, i’ve never really worn them for any length of time before. i bought them, a while back now, because of my love for metal restraints and always wondered whether they’d ever have much use. i think I know the answer to that now. He pressed my body close to Him and ran His fingers down my back. my cuffed hands ran over the smoothness of his rubber body and we stood there with wandering hands, before He started to unzip Himself down below.

KUB handcuffs

i kept looking into His eyes as He did this and didn’t look down at first, but could feel His hardness against my skin. my hands moved downwards to gently touch Him and He pulled me closer against Him, His fingers still tracing down my back. He whispered in my ear how much He was thinking about how it would feel being inside me, how much He longed for it, that first thrust… my breath quickened and i could feel Him getting harder.

He said He was going to walk to the bedroom and that i was to follow and to kneel beside the bed before Him. Following His instructions, He sat down and told me to masturbate Him with my vibe. Kneeling before Him, I took my vibe in my hands and on a medium speed, began to run it along His shaft. He quivered with the vibrations and sighed. As i continued, He looked down at my cuffed hands and told me “you’ll be sleeping in them”. This statement sent a shiver down my spine and i lost all thought for a second. i have to say i get very excited at the prospect of sleeping in restraints. i smiled at Him and continued with the job in hand (so to speak). He then decided i should join Him on the bed, at His side, to watch Him cum. His hands took over His cock and it wasn’t long before His gratifying release came. It was awesome to watch, He groaned and His body rocked with sensation, before He motioned for me to lay closer to Him, as He relaxed and enjoyed His stillness.

He told me He wanted to watch me fall asleep. With my body exhausted from so much excitement and new experiences, i could feel myself drifting. i snuggled up next to His warm body, as best as the cuffs would allow, closing my eyes to fall into a restful sleep. i was one contented and lucky pup.

And cloud 10 was set to continue...


Mina said...

i held my breath for you at the thought of being told "you'll be sleeping in restraints".... so dam sexy and erotic!

beau said...

It went so well didn't it? And there is more!

I thought in part 1 how much he seemed like me - but in part 2 he certainly wasn't - except of course for recognising your potential as a sub!

Good luck t. I hope it continues to go well for you.

B xxxx

trinity-pup said...

mina - *grins* isn't it just?!! i was already on my knees and on hearing that, it just made me even weaker! ;-)

beau - yes more!! i am not sure what you mean when you say He seemed like you in part 1 but not part 2? Care to explain please? you have me intrigued!

and thank you :-)