Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Harness That Feeling

i woke up aroused with His exploring hands across my body as He lay behind me. He had mentioned that He was expecting a delivery that morning - some new toys He had bought - and i was excited. my mind began to wonder and He smiled at my curiosity and said i’d have to wait to find out. It wasn’t long before it arrived and He carried in this big long box, grinning at me. i had an idea of what could be inside…

One of my own things i had brought with me was a leather body harness. It fits with many straps, circling my breasts, around my waist and ending up around the tops of my thighs. It’s something that i had bought for me a while back in my early kinky days by an ex, but has never had much use… well not until now. It used to make me feel very self-conscious about my body, as back then i wasn’t happy with how my body looked. Somehow (and wanting to be open and honest) i mentioned i owned this harness to my new Dom and He asked me bring it with me.

i lay snuggled up close to Him in bed, my cuffs now removed. Then i heard Him say:

"Go and fetch your harness and put it on in front of me.”

i hesitated for a time, as i knew i’d feel strange wearing it for Him. He waited and then His tone became sterner as He told me again (well twice). i fetched it and, standing at the end of the bed, began to strap myself into it. He stood behind me and helped me, checking the straps were tight enough, although it could do with some more buckle holes (He said He will see to that). As He looked at me, His hands running over me, He told me how much He liked it, how it looked good on me. i felt very submissive as i stood there.

After producing another toy from the mystery box, He pulled me onto the bed to sit on Him. He had become very aroused at the sight of me in my harness. The new toy was a vibrating cock ring. Riding him with it on was mind blowing. Quivering with the vibes coursing through me, i rocked on Him with mini orgasms floating over me. Each one would build before passing over me and then another one would start to build. It was quite an experience, as i do find it hard to climax just once at times.

i lay exhausted and still in my harness, He continued to pleasure me by licking me, but not before re-attaching my wrist cuffs and also introduced yet another new toy – some nipple clips with a chain attached. They were tweezer-type ones where the pressure can be varied and are quite mild (compared with some other hard clamps i have read all about!). He put the clips on me as well as attaching their chain to the middle of my wrist cuffs. This meant if i moved my hands too much, they would pull on the clips. He does like His predicaments… So there i was, totally oblivious at this point, building up to another delicious orgasm. i didn’t know that i could take quite so much.

He removed my harness at some point and said it was time for a shower. He took me by the hand and stood me in front of the bathroom cabinet. Standing behind me and looking at me in the mirror, he explored me again with his hands. His fingers teased my pussy. i was floating again; it was hard to keep upright from the sensations and He pressed against me, my head pushed up against the cabinet as He continued his sweet torment. He told me to turn around, put my hands on the bath edge and bend forward. His fingers stroked and probed me some more. i could feel He was rock hard and knew what He wanted to do. He told me to not move and left the room for a moment.

When He returned, He didn’t waste any time and He thrust Himself inside me, fucking me quite hard and fast. It felt quite deep too, because of the angle. It felt so good, it made me feel so horny. i have to confess being taken like that is another one of my fantasies, although i hadn’t mentioned it to Him (must be psychic!). Feeling so turned on, i begged Him to fuck His puppy hard and with some even harder thrusting, seconds later i heard Him cum. A delicious sound… and amazingly all completely vanilla!

Oh, and you want to know what was in the delivery of the big box... a spreader bar!

i couldn’t stop smiling.

Then He told me how much He was looking forward to using it on me next time…

And He couldn't stop smiling.


Anonymous said...

Well, jeepers!
"He can't stop smiling"...

...Either, can I.

:):):):)1/2 smiles*

(*this post has been rated four, and one-half, smiles, by Will. These ratings are purely based upon initial reactions, upon concluding a full reading of the post, and a complete "harnessing" of feelings.)


trinity-pup said...

will - *smiles again* hey, i am loving your rating system!! 4 and half smiles!! ;-) t. x