Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cloud 10 (part 3)

Waking later that morning to find myself naked and cuffed, His fingers wandered over my body, making me tingle and giggle. He liked to tease me, i could tell. With his knees in between my legs, He spread them open and ran his fingers across my pussy. I could tell I was already wet, sleeping in the cuffs had done that. He moved down my body to taste me again. His tongue hungrily licked me and i writhed with pleasure.

“I want to see you masturbate for Me” He told me as He lay back beside me and waited. His eyes not leaving my own, i complied and began to play with my breasts, pinching my nipples before my fingers traced downwards to stroke my clit. He watched me in awe and moved down to take a closer look at my handiwork. Pushing my fingers inside me and stroking myself in alternative turns, i felt a little shy with Him watching, but at the same time, it was such a turn-on.

“Come and masturbate yourself around My cock” He said, as He lay back on the bed. He looked at me as i manoeuvred myself towards His hard member. So very slowly i lowered myself down onto Him, edging inside and i kept smiling at Him as i did so. Feeling Him inside me was incredible and slowly i rocked myself. He breathed deeply and closed His eyes. i sat on Him for some time, pushing myself a little deeper at times, and then angling my clit in various ways to rub against Him. It just felt so good.

He told me that He should take me in the most natural position for a pup and after removing the cuffs, He pulled me to the floor and knelt behind me. With me on all fours and His hands on my hips, He eased Himself inside me. He thrust fast at times, then slowly, whilst i told Him i was His puppy that needed a good fucking. i know that i like to talk dirty at times, it turns me on and it was certainly turning Him on. Pushing deeper and with each thrust, i could feel myself coming. Waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over me and felt my whole body shake from our animalistic activity. Subspace had also taken hold and when He had caught His own breath, i remember He stood up and took hold of my hands, pulling me up from the floor. Shakily, i fell against His body and He lay me down on the bed and held me close. Such a feeling of peace and happiness was within me. i couldn’t stop smiling.

And STILL there was more to come….

Following breakfast, he asked me if i’d like take a shower... with Him (how could i refuse?!)

He took hold of the cuffs and motioned to put them on me. After locking them in place, and holding onto them, pulled me up off the sofa and led me to the bathroom. Part of one of my biggest fantasies was about to come true. He helped me into the shower, directing the hot water over me, then left me for a second. my excitement was building rapidly. i looked down at my naked body and at the chrome cuffs glistening with the beads of water that were forming on them. i heard Him return and He joined me under the water, firstly passing me my vibe and said “put it inside you”. He stood watching me as i took it in my restrained hands. i fumbled at first to direct the vibe towards my pussy. Slowly i pushed it inside me and gasped at the vibrations. The hot water continued to trickle down my sensitized skin. i was feeling overwhelmed already and that feeling was just steadily increasing over and over.

Standing beside me, His hands began to wander across my body. He began to rub shower gel into my skin and lathered my breasts, shoulders and back. Standing behind me and from over my shoulder, He watched my vibe entering me and His hand reached down to play with my clit. His other hand wandered over my breasts and i also remember He moved down to my bottom and felt His finger gently probing just inside my ass. i knew this was just how i had imagined it so many times in my mind and there i was experiencing it for real. It was quite surreal. i could feel myself slipping away with all the sensations and my legs were almost buckling under me. He held me firmly, His legs steadied my own, as He continued to stroke me. After what seemed like forever, my body gave in and shuddered with smaller waves of an orgasm and i stood exhausted against Him. Taking the vibe from me, He held me tightly and i gathered my senses.

We stood there for a while just enjoying the moment and i moved my hand down to stroke His cock, running my fingers along, then pressing it gently against the top of my thigh. my fingers alternately stroked then circled Him and i watched Him close His eyes and took some deep breaths, as my hands continued their work. His body rocked a little and i could feel Him melting to somewhere else. It was wonderful to watch. i told Him i wanted to give Him some pleasure back, as He had been so attentive with me and He nodded and smiled.

“I want to cum over your breasts” He said and told me to get on my knees. i obeyed and knelt in front of Him, positioning my breasts just below His cock. Directing Himself over me, He continued stroking and pumping with a faster rhythm and looked down at my body.

“Look at me” He ordered and i complied, watching all the concentration on His face. Not long after this, i heard Him groan and gasp. His release came and i felt His hot cum drip onto my breasts and i looked down to see His milky white liquid on me. He looked down and smiled. i could see how pleased He was with His pup. He took the shower head and showered me off, His fingers stroking my skin. Slowly, He helped me to my feet and we stood there tightly wrapped in each others arms, exhausted but so elated.

Cloud 10…?

i do believe it exists... (even if it's in 3 parts)


beau said...

Cloud 10 ... ? I wasn't sure - but I really think you have found it. Congratulations t.

B xx

trinity-pup said...

*smiles* thank you Beau!! i hope i can hold onto it... :-) t. x