Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cloud 10 (part 1)

Does cloud 10 exist?

i know i’ve been close to it very recently...

It began when i entered His flat... so nervous but very excited too. It was a night to explore and experience with a new Dom. He gave me two simple instructions: bring a selection of my toys with me and wear my cat-suit, underneath my vanilla clothing if possible. i obeyed on both counts.

The first thing He asked me to do was place my toys on the table, so He could take a look at them. There on display were my collar, matching leash, ball gag, riding crop, vibe, butt plug, rope and Kub handcuffs (just a selection!). He took hold of the crop and swished it in the air and on His hand.

"Let's get this on" He said, picking up the collar and buckled it around my neck, then decided to attach the leash as well. Removing my clothes to reveal my cat suit and lace-up boots, i could tell He was pleased. He told me i was to wear my collar each time i entered His flat, it would be the first thing i do.

Enjoying a meal of pasta and some red wine, i could feel the anticipation in the air. The wine went some way to making me a little more relaxed, but i didn't want it to affect my enjoyment.

On the table amongst my toys was His ball gag harness. Leather straps and a red ball were to be my friend, for however long He chose. Kneeling beside Him, He asked me to put it on, after first showing me how it fitted. He watched me as i began buckling up many straps, under my chin as well as over my head too. He helped me as it was such a new toy to me, but He made sure it was a tight fit. There was no getting out of this and it was going to keep me quiet. He stood up and asked me to look at Him. i felt so very submissive in an instant as i looked up into His eyes. Then He told me to go and fetch the other harness that was on His bed... His monoglove.

Carrying it back to Him and kneeling once more, He proceeded to place the monoglove on me. With my arms behind my back, they became encased in soft leather. He deftly strapped me into my bondage, extra straps that wrapped around my elbows and wrists. Coupled with the ball gag harness, i felt completely at His mercy... and He knew it. Subspace was kicking in, i could feel myself floating already.

Helping me to my feet, He led me by my leash to the hallway and stood me in front of the mirror. my face was in awe with what i saw and He smiled at my expression. Feelings of humiliation and subservience washed over me. i had never felt quite so vulnerable before. He moved in to give me some gag kisses before leading me into the bedroom. Being kissed whilst wearing a ball gag was a very arousing and teasing experience, as there was nothing i could do but feel his lips pressed against my open mouth, with no way to kiss Him back properly... and i do love kissing.

Laying me face down on His bed, He stood looking at me, admiring this helpless girl before Him, who could do nothing but look back into His eyes. He made some more adjustments and i felt my ankles being tied together and then attached to the end of the monoglove – i realised i was hogtied... a delicious feeling and something i have only ever really experienced once before with just rope. To know i was in specifically designed bondage wear was just something else. This is what i needed, this is what i love about being submissive, giving over control, putting my trust into someone.

Turning me over onto my side and watching me in my predicament, His hands began to unzip my cat suit and His fingers wandered across my flesh. Brushing against my nipples, His hand slowly moved down and then He saw my smooth shaven skin. “What a good pup" He said and ran his fingers lightly across my mound. Then i felt Him positioning my vibe against my already aroused pussy in such a way it wouldn't move from resting against my lips. i bucked at the sensations coursing through my body, knowing i could do nothing to stop Him. After a while of enjoying this scene before Him, but also because my hands were getting numb, He removed the monoglove and ball gag harness. He told me He wanted to taste me... taste my cunt... and removed the vibe. His tongue felt amazing against my wetness, He licked me for ages whilst keeping a tight hold on my leash.

After my hands came back to life and as W/we lay on the bed, i told Him how much i liked the monoglove, the feel of the leather against my fingers, how safe and secure i felt in it. It felt like nothing else and i knew i wanted to experience it again. He told me to ask Him to put it on me once again. So i asked Him and He smiled with pleasure and handed me the ball gag harness to put on myself once more. i managed to buckle it even tighter this time (a little too tight in fact!) and then He helped me back into the monoglove.

After some more gag kisses, i remember He put a finger on my bottom lip and said He wondered if i was going to drool for Him. my mouth was feeling pretty dry though and i think He was a little dismayed. He laid me on my back. He placed the vibe against me again and stroked me. Sadly though, my hands were getting numb once more, so after removing the glove, He took some rope and tied my wrists to the bed instead. He continued and began to lick me. my vibe and His fingers made their way inside me and i was floating in subspace again, before small waves of an orgasm washed over me. As i lay there blissfully, i watched Him taste my cum on His fingers. After untying me and removing the ball gag harness, He lay down next to me, holding me close and i felt so very happy and content.

And there was more to come...


Mina said...

wow! what an amazing experience!

Anonymous said...

oh pup, thats so hot, what a lucky girl you are, and what a like master he is... if only ....

beau said...

It sounds a beautiful experience dear t and you described it so feelingly.

I think he is going to be a very good Dom for you.

I do hope so.

Good luck - and don't take too long before telling us installment 2!

B xxxx

elle said...

can't wait to hear more.

hugs, elle