Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Blessing

my treasured leather corset had been hidden away since i purchased it, but not before i modelled it for some photos that made an appearance on here. So i have to say thank you to all for the lovely comments i received.

But some day i hoped i would wear it for someone special...

“I want to see you in your corset” He told me.

Excitement grew within me as I heard these words. i rushed to get it from its hidey-hole and placed it on the floor in front of Him.

“Let Me feel it first” He said.

i passed it to Him and watched as His fingers ran over it, before smelling the wonderful leather. Passing it back to me, i knew it was time.

With fumbling fingers, i began to undo the buckles. He stood behind me to help, gripping my waist so i could fasten the metal hooks together. He did a couple of the buckles up too (He’s good at them).

i felt Him gently pulling the laces, tightening it ever so slightly, as i need to get used to wearing it, before tying the laces together. It was wonderful for someone to do this for me. It felt like He was holding me tightly and the feeling of restriction is something i adore.

Turning me to face Him, He admired His corseted pup. i felt shy but so good to be wearing it for Him. His hands cupped my breasts and then moved down around my waist. i could see He was in awe of the vision before Him - His pup in leather once again.

He showed His further appreciation by strapping me spread-eagled to the bed, using both leather ankle and wrist cuffs attached to the bed posts. As He sat straddled before me, He took in the sight of His helpless pup and smiled. i could do nothing but smile back at Him.

Then His tongue and fingers set to work on His pup’s extremely aroused pussy. It wasn't long before my corset had been christened...


Mina said...

So happy to hear your corset got "properly" used.

katie said...

mmmmmmm lovely xx