Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Blessing

my treasured leather corset had been hidden away since i purchased it, but not before i modelled it for some photos that made an appearance on here. So i have to say thank you to all for the lovely comments i received.

But some day i hoped i would wear it for someone special...

“I want to see you in your corset” He told me.

Excitement grew within me as I heard these words. i rushed to get it from its hidey-hole and placed it on the floor in front of Him.

“Let Me feel it first” He said.

i passed it to Him and watched as His fingers ran over it, before smelling the wonderful leather. Passing it back to me, i knew it was time.

With fumbling fingers, i began to undo the buckles. He stood behind me to help, gripping my waist so i could fasten the metal hooks together. He did a couple of the buckles up too (He’s good at them).

i felt Him gently pulling the laces, tightening it ever so slightly, as i need to get used to wearing it, before tying the laces together. It was wonderful for someone to do this for me. It felt like He was holding me tightly and the feeling of restriction is something i adore.

Turning me to face Him, He admired His corseted pup. i felt shy but so good to be wearing it for Him. His hands cupped my breasts and then moved down around my waist. i could see He was in awe of the vision before Him - His pup in leather once again.

He showed His further appreciation by strapping me spread-eagled to the bed, using both leather ankle and wrist cuffs attached to the bed posts. As He sat straddled before me, He took in the sight of His helpless pup and smiled. i could do nothing but smile back at Him.

Then His tongue and fingers set to work on His pup’s extremely aroused pussy. It wasn't long before my corset had been christened...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Recipe For Strappado Bondage

Fig. 1

Take 1 x submissive (naked or otherwise, i.e. wearing a PVC catsuit, unzipped at crotch) and stand her in front of a door-frame, by a wall mirror where possible.

Place 1 x ball gag harness on her and tightly apply all buckles, ensuring ball is firmly in place, to encourage as much drooling as required.

Take her arms behind her and apply 1 x leather monoglove. Strap up tightly.

Add 1 x 30” spreader bar to ankles, spreading her legs wide.

Attach 1 x leather belt to end of monoglove and connect to metal rail in place across door-frame behind her, thereby forcing her to bend forward, making her feel extremely vulnerable.

Clip 1 x lead to her collar and tie other end to spreader bar, to ensure she keeps her head down.

Take a few steps back to enjoy the sight of Your submissive’s complete helplessness. (see Fig. 1)

Tease and torment her dripping pussy with 1 x riding crop, as well as various other toys, including fingers, and watch her reactions as she quivers, writhes, whimpers and cums under Your control in strappado bondage.

When ready, release her from all bonds, before holding her tightly and safely in Your arms, for as long as necessary.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Harness That Feeling

i woke up aroused with His exploring hands across my body as He lay behind me. He had mentioned that He was expecting a delivery that morning - some new toys He had bought - and i was excited. my mind began to wonder and He smiled at my curiosity and said i’d have to wait to find out. It wasn’t long before it arrived and He carried in this big long box, grinning at me. i had an idea of what could be inside…

One of my own things i had brought with me was a leather body harness. It fits with many straps, circling my breasts, around my waist and ending up around the tops of my thighs. It’s something that i had bought for me a while back in my early kinky days by an ex, but has never had much use… well not until now. It used to make me feel very self-conscious about my body, as back then i wasn’t happy with how my body looked. Somehow (and wanting to be open and honest) i mentioned i owned this harness to my new Dom and He asked me bring it with me.

i lay snuggled up close to Him in bed, my cuffs now removed. Then i heard Him say:

"Go and fetch your harness and put it on in front of me.”

i hesitated for a time, as i knew i’d feel strange wearing it for Him. He waited and then His tone became sterner as He told me again (well twice). i fetched it and, standing at the end of the bed, began to strap myself into it. He stood behind me and helped me, checking the straps were tight enough, although it could do with some more buckle holes (He said He will see to that). As He looked at me, His hands running over me, He told me how much He liked it, how it looked good on me. i felt very submissive as i stood there.

After producing another toy from the mystery box, He pulled me onto the bed to sit on Him. He had become very aroused at the sight of me in my harness. The new toy was a vibrating cock ring. Riding him with it on was mind blowing. Quivering with the vibes coursing through me, i rocked on Him with mini orgasms floating over me. Each one would build before passing over me and then another one would start to build. It was quite an experience, as i do find it hard to climax just once at times.

i lay exhausted and still in my harness, He continued to pleasure me by licking me, but not before re-attaching my wrist cuffs and also introduced yet another new toy – some nipple clips with a chain attached. They were tweezer-type ones where the pressure can be varied and are quite mild (compared with some other hard clamps i have read all about!). He put the clips on me as well as attaching their chain to the middle of my wrist cuffs. This meant if i moved my hands too much, they would pull on the clips. He does like His predicaments… So there i was, totally oblivious at this point, building up to another delicious orgasm. i didn’t know that i could take quite so much.

He removed my harness at some point and said it was time for a shower. He took me by the hand and stood me in front of the bathroom cabinet. Standing behind me and looking at me in the mirror, he explored me again with his hands. His fingers teased my pussy. i was floating again; it was hard to keep upright from the sensations and He pressed against me, my head pushed up against the cabinet as He continued his sweet torment. He told me to turn around, put my hands on the bath edge and bend forward. His fingers stroked and probed me some more. i could feel He was rock hard and knew what He wanted to do. He told me to not move and left the room for a moment.

When He returned, He didn’t waste any time and He thrust Himself inside me, fucking me quite hard and fast. It felt quite deep too, because of the angle. It felt so good, it made me feel so horny. i have to confess being taken like that is another one of my fantasies, although i hadn’t mentioned it to Him (must be psychic!). Feeling so turned on, i begged Him to fuck His puppy hard and with some even harder thrusting, seconds later i heard Him cum. A delicious sound… and amazingly all completely vanilla!

Oh, and you want to know what was in the delivery of the big box... a spreader bar!

i couldn’t stop smiling.

Then He told me how much He was looking forward to using it on me next time…

And He couldn't stop smiling.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Collared pup

It's official!

i am now His collared submissive.

Here's what He bought me yesterday, complete with its very own shiny padlock (locked in place when He wishes) and thick D-ring at the front, which i wear with pride in His presence:


Thank You for finding me.

i can't quite believe it all yet, but it's feeling so right, so very right.

Your pup

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chain (Fe)male

More delectable images of women in chains from Rod Hood


... and it's given Him some ideas (and i don't think it's got anything to do with fishnet stockings...)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Table

He asked me to change into my PVC catsuit and boots in His bedroom. With my collar already in place, i did as i was told. As i finished dressing, He entered the room and stood behind me, His wandering hands brushing against my body and He attached my lead.

Leading me back to the living room, He began to strap the ball gag harness in place and as He did so, over His shoulder i saw my leather ankle cuffs, attached with rope, to the legs of His dining table and the wrist cuffs resting on the table top, with rope running down to legs of the other side. Thoughtfully a small cushion had been placed on the top of the table. my eyes witnessed the scene before me and i realised what He had planned.

He stood me next to the table and told me to first buckle up the ankle cuffs. He helped to spread my legs so as to reach each table leg. Making my arms stretch across the table, He buckled up the wrist cuffs, making my body into an ‘X’ shape. Positioning the cushion under my hips, He was observing His once again helpless pup. With my bottom as his main target, i couldn’t lift my head very high because of how my limbs were stretched.

Sensing Him behind me, i could hear the riding crop swishing through the air. i must admit, i was a little nervous being secured like this. There really was no escape. i had never been tied down in such a vulnerable way before. His hands moved down my body and unzipped my cat suit to reveal my pussy. i felt the crop’s tip teasing my wetness (yes, so soon). i gasped and flinched at the sensation but could only move so far. He said He was contemplating whether to give me a stroke for every minute i had been late (it was true, i had been about 30 mins late), so i shuddered with this thought. It had been a while since i was in the hands of a sadist. i am curious to know if He does have a sadistic streak, as i know He has yet to explore it (He has said before that He believes He has).

He administered a few strokes across my bottom and top of my thigh which stung quite a lot through my catsuit. i winced and pressed my body against the table’s edge, pulling at my wrist bonds, but it was no use. my head dropped and i rested the ball gag on the table top. i am not sure if He was uncertain whether to carry on administering pain, as soon after i felt the crop move to stroke my pussy again and He began to torment me with pleasure instead. It was an incredibly arousing experience, especially being stretched across the table and having no way to protect myself.

The sound of buzzing now came from behind me and He pushed my vibe against my wetness (or soaked-ness – yes i know that’s not a word!). He had it on a fairly high setting and my body convulsed suddenly, being at such an angle to receive maximum sensations from it. He teased it against me for a while and then i began to feel it being pushed inside me deeper and deeper and my whole body was thrashing about the table. Although my bonds firmly held me to the table, i was able to writhe from side to side. The ball gag kept me from shouting out and He was checking at intervals to see if i was drooling. But i couldn’t drool again as my mouth was so dry and He kept asking me i was going to, for Him… i feared i was going to disappoint… again.

The onslaught to my vulnerable pussy continued as He thrust the vibe in and out of me rapidly. i could feel myself entering subspace as wave upon wave of pleasure took me over. Through my whimpering, He could hear how much i was enjoying it and after what seemed like quite a long time, He stopped and released me from the cuffs and removed the ball gag. i stood shakily against Him before He led me to the bedroom to lie down with Him

Holding me close for some time, He had decided it was time for more play and restraint for His puppy. Running the wrist cuffs around the back of the bed, He buckled me into them once more and then moved down to give me a sensual tongue licking. His tongue can work wonders and i felt myself floating. He said He loved to taste me, to taste His pup.

After He put his rubber suit on, He told me to crawl and fetch the ball gag harness in my teeth; He had left it on the dining table. As i crawled back, He beckoned to me in the hall to kneel by the mirror. “Put it on” He said, facing me to look at myself as i did. Helping me with the back, He buckled it tight, and then knelt beside me, to look back at our reflections. Standing me up, He leaned in behind me, His rubber body pressed against me and His hands travelled across my shoulders, breasts, hips. He told me He wanted to make me helpless again, to use the monoglove, but i would have to ask for it. I would have to ask Him for what i wanted.

i asked Him to make me helpless and that led to being taken back to the bedroom and being strapped into His monoglove. He pulled me on to the bed by my lead (quite a funny moment) then strapped my ankles together and attached them to the monoglove. i was hogtied again and lying on my side. He teased and tormented me, my vibe and His fingers invading me and then He watched His sub come for Him.

The last thing He did before letting me sleep was put me in the new leather wrist cuffs He had bought and He made a point of shortening the chain between them. Enough to give me room to move in, but it’s the tiny detail He thinks of that makes me smile.

Details, details.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Toy Box - *Updated*

Since the whirlwind of finding myself now owned (eek!), i thought i should update *O/our* (ooh sounds good) toy box:

Items on wishlist:
  • "O" ring gag - so His pup can drool better :-)
  • latex dress - pup's birthday pressie! (she knows she's a lucky girl)
  • leather straitjacket - one of His obsessions (and a considered purchase)
  • a pair of long black latex gloves - a visit to shop being planned
  • a cage - big enough for a pup to curl up in
  • various lengths of chain and rope - a girl can never have enough!
  • new collar and leash
  • a flogger or paddle (or both) of my own (and for my bottom only!)
  • a Bondage-String

*Items now added:*
  • 30" spreader bar - arouses pup greatly somewhere in particular!
  • new set of leather wrist & ankle cuffs - very comfy to sleep in
  • leather corset - officially christened (new post will be coming soon)
  • tweezer-type nipple clamps with chain - rather interesting ;-)
  • His beloved leather monoglove - now becoming pup's beloved leather monoglove
  • His ballgag harness - rather humiliating to wear (but pup's not complaining!)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Open Wide

A couple of delicious and subtly erotic images...

Mmmm... a gag and spreader bar - what an awesome combination to tease with...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cloud 10 (part 3)

Waking later that morning to find myself naked and cuffed, His fingers wandered over my body, making me tingle and giggle. He liked to tease me, i could tell. With his knees in between my legs, He spread them open and ran his fingers across my pussy. I could tell I was already wet, sleeping in the cuffs had done that. He moved down my body to taste me again. His tongue hungrily licked me and i writhed with pleasure.

“I want to see you masturbate for Me” He told me as He lay back beside me and waited. His eyes not leaving my own, i complied and began to play with my breasts, pinching my nipples before my fingers traced downwards to stroke my clit. He watched me in awe and moved down to take a closer look at my handiwork. Pushing my fingers inside me and stroking myself in alternative turns, i felt a little shy with Him watching, but at the same time, it was such a turn-on.

“Come and masturbate yourself around My cock” He said, as He lay back on the bed. He looked at me as i manoeuvred myself towards His hard member. So very slowly i lowered myself down onto Him, edging inside and i kept smiling at Him as i did so. Feeling Him inside me was incredible and slowly i rocked myself. He breathed deeply and closed His eyes. i sat on Him for some time, pushing myself a little deeper at times, and then angling my clit in various ways to rub against Him. It just felt so good.

He told me that He should take me in the most natural position for a pup and after removing the cuffs, He pulled me to the floor and knelt behind me. With me on all fours and His hands on my hips, He eased Himself inside me. He thrust fast at times, then slowly, whilst i told Him i was His puppy that needed a good fucking. i know that i like to talk dirty at times, it turns me on and it was certainly turning Him on. Pushing deeper and with each thrust, i could feel myself coming. Waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over me and felt my whole body shake from our animalistic activity. Subspace had also taken hold and when He had caught His own breath, i remember He stood up and took hold of my hands, pulling me up from the floor. Shakily, i fell against His body and He lay me down on the bed and held me close. Such a feeling of peace and happiness was within me. i couldn’t stop smiling.

And STILL there was more to come….

Following breakfast, he asked me if i’d like take a shower... with Him (how could i refuse?!)

He took hold of the cuffs and motioned to put them on me. After locking them in place, and holding onto them, pulled me up off the sofa and led me to the bathroom. Part of one of my biggest fantasies was about to come true. He helped me into the shower, directing the hot water over me, then left me for a second. my excitement was building rapidly. i looked down at my naked body and at the chrome cuffs glistening with the beads of water that were forming on them. i heard Him return and He joined me under the water, firstly passing me my vibe and said “put it inside you”. He stood watching me as i took it in my restrained hands. i fumbled at first to direct the vibe towards my pussy. Slowly i pushed it inside me and gasped at the vibrations. The hot water continued to trickle down my sensitized skin. i was feeling overwhelmed already and that feeling was just steadily increasing over and over.

Standing beside me, His hands began to wander across my body. He began to rub shower gel into my skin and lathered my breasts, shoulders and back. Standing behind me and from over my shoulder, He watched my vibe entering me and His hand reached down to play with my clit. His other hand wandered over my breasts and i also remember He moved down to my bottom and felt His finger gently probing just inside my ass. i knew this was just how i had imagined it so many times in my mind and there i was experiencing it for real. It was quite surreal. i could feel myself slipping away with all the sensations and my legs were almost buckling under me. He held me firmly, His legs steadied my own, as He continued to stroke me. After what seemed like forever, my body gave in and shuddered with smaller waves of an orgasm and i stood exhausted against Him. Taking the vibe from me, He held me tightly and i gathered my senses.

We stood there for a while just enjoying the moment and i moved my hand down to stroke His cock, running my fingers along, then pressing it gently against the top of my thigh. my fingers alternately stroked then circled Him and i watched Him close His eyes and took some deep breaths, as my hands continued their work. His body rocked a little and i could feel Him melting to somewhere else. It was wonderful to watch. i told Him i wanted to give Him some pleasure back, as He had been so attentive with me and He nodded and smiled.

“I want to cum over your breasts” He said and told me to get on my knees. i obeyed and knelt in front of Him, positioning my breasts just below His cock. Directing Himself over me, He continued stroking and pumping with a faster rhythm and looked down at my body.

“Look at me” He ordered and i complied, watching all the concentration on His face. Not long after this, i heard Him groan and gasp. His release came and i felt His hot cum drip onto my breasts and i looked down to see His milky white liquid on me. He looked down and smiled. i could see how pleased He was with His pup. He took the shower head and showered me off, His fingers stroking my skin. Slowly, He helped me to my feet and we stood there tightly wrapped in each others arms, exhausted but so elated.

Cloud 10…?

i do believe it exists... (even if it's in 3 parts)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Bed Chain-ber

i've 'borrowed' these delightful images from Atlanta Bondage (hope He doesn't mind!)

The thought of sleeping in restraints is very arousing, as well as becoming a rule that He is starting to enforce with me...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cloud 10 (part 2)

Laying there on the bed next to Him, stroking my back and my hair, He was contemplating whether to put His rubber suit on. Being a huge fan of rubber and fetish wear, the temptation became too much and He left me on the bed to go and dress.

A short while later He was standing before me in His black rubber suit. He looked amazing in it, very striking and very Domly (love that word!). He had polished most of the suit and asked me to polish His back and bottom (and it is a cute one). He lay back on the bed next to me, i was still wearing my catsuit zipped all the way down. It was then that He told me He wanted to be my Dom, i smiled and nodded in agreement. Holding me close, I felt so wanted and submissive. i knew this is what i need, to have someone serious enough to explore with.

After visiting the bathroom, as i stood at the sink washing my hands, i felt His hands over my body, then realised He was removing my catsuit and helped me step out of my second skin. “Stay there” He instructed and left me standing at the sink for a few moments. He returned and as i still had my back to Him, heard Him say “turn around”. For a second, and I’m not sure why, i froze, I suddenly felt shy to do as He asked. I think He repeated Himself and then i turned around to face Him.

Standing in the hallway, He beckoned for me to walk towards Him. In His hands, He held the Kub handcuffs (pic below is an example of them) and holding out my hands, He locked them in place. These handcuffs are pretty heavy duty, i’ve never really worn them for any length of time before. i bought them, a while back now, because of my love for metal restraints and always wondered whether they’d ever have much use. i think I know the answer to that now. He pressed my body close to Him and ran His fingers down my back. my cuffed hands ran over the smoothness of his rubber body and we stood there with wandering hands, before He started to unzip Himself down below.

KUB handcuffs

i kept looking into His eyes as He did this and didn’t look down at first, but could feel His hardness against my skin. my hands moved downwards to gently touch Him and He pulled me closer against Him, His fingers still tracing down my back. He whispered in my ear how much He was thinking about how it would feel being inside me, how much He longed for it, that first thrust… my breath quickened and i could feel Him getting harder.

He said He was going to walk to the bedroom and that i was to follow and to kneel beside the bed before Him. Following His instructions, He sat down and told me to masturbate Him with my vibe. Kneeling before Him, I took my vibe in my hands and on a medium speed, began to run it along His shaft. He quivered with the vibrations and sighed. As i continued, He looked down at my cuffed hands and told me “you’ll be sleeping in them”. This statement sent a shiver down my spine and i lost all thought for a second. i have to say i get very excited at the prospect of sleeping in restraints. i smiled at Him and continued with the job in hand (so to speak). He then decided i should join Him on the bed, at His side, to watch Him cum. His hands took over His cock and it wasn’t long before His gratifying release came. It was awesome to watch, He groaned and His body rocked with sensation, before He motioned for me to lay closer to Him, as He relaxed and enjoyed His stillness.

He told me He wanted to watch me fall asleep. With my body exhausted from so much excitement and new experiences, i could feel myself drifting. i snuggled up next to His warm body, as best as the cuffs would allow, closing my eyes to fall into a restful sleep. i was one contented and lucky pup.

And cloud 10 was set to continue...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cloud 10 (part 1)

Does cloud 10 exist?

i know i’ve been close to it very recently...

It began when i entered His flat... so nervous but very excited too. It was a night to explore and experience with a new Dom. He gave me two simple instructions: bring a selection of my toys with me and wear my cat-suit, underneath my vanilla clothing if possible. i obeyed on both counts.

The first thing He asked me to do was place my toys on the table, so He could take a look at them. There on display were my collar, matching leash, ball gag, riding crop, vibe, butt plug, rope and Kub handcuffs (just a selection!). He took hold of the crop and swished it in the air and on His hand.

"Let's get this on" He said, picking up the collar and buckled it around my neck, then decided to attach the leash as well. Removing my clothes to reveal my cat suit and lace-up boots, i could tell He was pleased. He told me i was to wear my collar each time i entered His flat, it would be the first thing i do.

Enjoying a meal of pasta and some red wine, i could feel the anticipation in the air. The wine went some way to making me a little more relaxed, but i didn't want it to affect my enjoyment.

On the table amongst my toys was His ball gag harness. Leather straps and a red ball were to be my friend, for however long He chose. Kneeling beside Him, He asked me to put it on, after first showing me how it fitted. He watched me as i began buckling up many straps, under my chin as well as over my head too. He helped me as it was such a new toy to me, but He made sure it was a tight fit. There was no getting out of this and it was going to keep me quiet. He stood up and asked me to look at Him. i felt so very submissive in an instant as i looked up into His eyes. Then He told me to go and fetch the other harness that was on His bed... His monoglove.

Carrying it back to Him and kneeling once more, He proceeded to place the monoglove on me. With my arms behind my back, they became encased in soft leather. He deftly strapped me into my bondage, extra straps that wrapped around my elbows and wrists. Coupled with the ball gag harness, i felt completely at His mercy... and He knew it. Subspace was kicking in, i could feel myself floating already.

Helping me to my feet, He led me by my leash to the hallway and stood me in front of the mirror. my face was in awe with what i saw and He smiled at my expression. Feelings of humiliation and subservience washed over me. i had never felt quite so vulnerable before. He moved in to give me some gag kisses before leading me into the bedroom. Being kissed whilst wearing a ball gag was a very arousing and teasing experience, as there was nothing i could do but feel his lips pressed against my open mouth, with no way to kiss Him back properly... and i do love kissing.

Laying me face down on His bed, He stood looking at me, admiring this helpless girl before Him, who could do nothing but look back into His eyes. He made some more adjustments and i felt my ankles being tied together and then attached to the end of the monoglove – i realised i was hogtied... a delicious feeling and something i have only ever really experienced once before with just rope. To know i was in specifically designed bondage wear was just something else. This is what i needed, this is what i love about being submissive, giving over control, putting my trust into someone.

Turning me over onto my side and watching me in my predicament, His hands began to unzip my cat suit and His fingers wandered across my flesh. Brushing against my nipples, His hand slowly moved down and then He saw my smooth shaven skin. “What a good pup" He said and ran his fingers lightly across my mound. Then i felt Him positioning my vibe against my already aroused pussy in such a way it wouldn't move from resting against my lips. i bucked at the sensations coursing through my body, knowing i could do nothing to stop Him. After a while of enjoying this scene before Him, but also because my hands were getting numb, He removed the monoglove and ball gag harness. He told me He wanted to taste me... taste my cunt... and removed the vibe. His tongue felt amazing against my wetness, He licked me for ages whilst keeping a tight hold on my leash.

After my hands came back to life and as W/we lay on the bed, i told Him how much i liked the monoglove, the feel of the leather against my fingers, how safe and secure i felt in it. It felt like nothing else and i knew i wanted to experience it again. He told me to ask Him to put it on me once again. So i asked Him and He smiled with pleasure and handed me the ball gag harness to put on myself once more. i managed to buckle it even tighter this time (a little too tight in fact!) and then He helped me back into the monoglove.

After some more gag kisses, i remember He put a finger on my bottom lip and said He wondered if i was going to drool for Him. my mouth was feeling pretty dry though and i think He was a little dismayed. He laid me on my back. He placed the vibe against me again and stroked me. Sadly though, my hands were getting numb once more, so after removing the glove, He took some rope and tied my wrists to the bed instead. He continued and began to lick me. my vibe and His fingers made their way inside me and i was floating in subspace again, before small waves of an orgasm washed over me. As i lay there blissfully, i watched Him taste my cum on His fingers. After untying me and removing the ball gag harness, He lay down next to me, holding me close and i felt so very happy and content.

And there was more to come...