Saturday, February 16, 2008

When The Corset(ed pup) Met The Catsuit

So the pup experimented with her newly acquired corset and her PVC catsuit... and here are the results:

what a shiny chest

first pic of the back (and my lacing attempt!

looking down to admire her lace-up boots (which compliment so well)

pup on parade

Just can't wait for playtime now... ;-)


Marc said...

I'm not into bestiality, but this pup is sexy as hell. Thanks for sharing.

Pygar said...

Mmmm playtime ... !

But it is going to take so long to get you out of all that dear t!



Rob said...

mmmm, very nice, I'm sure you'll have to fight like a cat to keep the suitors away now ;)

Hugs / Rob

sub lyn said...


trinity-pup said...

marc - oooh a new face here... thanks for taking time to comment. i'm not into it either and this human pup thanks you for your compliment! :-)

pygar - *smiles* i am sure with your deft hands, it won't take long ;-) x

rob - hey bro, hows it going? miaooooow... my claws are sharpened! ;-) *hugs* x

elle said...

the backside pic is very yummy. =)

hugs, elle

subtle-times said...

Go girl! You look yummy (^v^) Love the corset, I am soooo jealous!


Mina said...

WoW! That is stunning!

Waynecoff said...

you are truely stunning, i would so love to chain you up and have u as my toy xx