Monday, February 25, 2008

Snippets - 1

"Come here" He said, beckoning with His hand as He stood leaning back against the stone wall.

Smiling, she nodded and carried out His instruction. Standing inches away from Him, He pulled her closer. He placed a hand on her lower back, His other began to stroke her hair. Slowly His fingers moved down to her neck. His touch made her tingle and she shivered.

He moved in to kiss her lips and she reciprocated. Exchanging gentle, lingering kisses, soft moist lips joined together and she was lost to Him in that moment.

she was brought back down when He whispered in her ear: "I can't wait to see you in restraints..."


Pygar said...

It can't be about you then t!

Being "brought down" by the suggestion of restraints. I know that would heighten your anticipation and increase your "tingling"!

I'm guessing it's going to be chains ...

I wonder if I'm right?



trinity-pup said...

pygar - *smiles* it can't be ;-) Well chains might be a start... i guess we'll see!

t. x

moonheart said...

Nice and sweet. :-)

trinity-pup said...

moonheart - welcome! its always so nice to see a new face here, thank you for the comment :-)