Monday, February 18, 2008

pup Music

To add to the new-look blog, there's another addition... music!

You'll find my playlist at the bottom of the page. It's on autoplay, but you can 'paws' it, if you wish!

i hope you enjoy some of the songs that make me happy and hold special memories for me. i'll be adding more tracks to it in time.

i'm SOOO good to you... ;-)


elle said...

i love it!

hugs, elle

Will said...

I can visualize the Playlist CD,


~~A sensual selection,
for discrete adults!~~


trinity-pup said...

elle - cool!!! i am sooo impressed that you have downloaded a couple of songs too ;-)

will - hehehe.... love it!!! i might have to re-name the playlist title at least now! :-)