Sunday, February 10, 2008

Corseted pup

Ok my wonderfully patient readers... i promised you some pics of my new leather corset. i have since managed to work out how to lace it correctly. Although not cinched as tight as if someone were to help (i know a few of you have kindly offered - i am drawing up a shortlist!). It feels very constricting, is a lovely garment and makes me feel very sexy and submissive. So without further ado, here are some images...

THE gorgeous corset

corseted pup

black leather contrasting against my lily-white skin

More pics coming soon... when the corset met the PVC catsuit... ;-)


elle said...

that is extremely attractive trinity. hot! hot! hot!

hugs, elle

ps. did i read somewhere that you had a new dominant?

Sage said...

You look quite lovely in this leather corset, Trinity! This was certainly worth the wait. :-)

Rob said...

mmm, looks very nice, and it seems to fit very well :)

Hope you'll have lots of fun with it :)

Hugs / Rob

Mina said...

WoW... so very sexy! Love it!

SoulSlave said...

HI Trinity!
I am embarrassed - I got your invite to your blog back in September and was only now going through my email and realized I had missed it! Now it says the invite is expired!!!!
On another note, what a gorgeous corset and it looks so hot on you!!

beau said...

Thank you t ...

Even more beautiful than I could have imagined - except of course if I had been helping you get it tightened! I don't suppose I am on the shortlist ... ?

B xx

beau said...

PS - alternatively I am happy to act as the official photographer!

Will said...

~~very nice!
You're the sexy one, Trinity!

Have a Happy Valentine's day!

trinity-pup said...

elle - *blush* thank you! it makes me feel hot! ;-) i am still working on finding a Dom... so not sure where you read that! *hugs*

sage - *mwaaaaah* thank you sweetie!! More to come too!

rob - hey stranger! Thanks and yes it fits quite snugly even though it wasn't cinched in as it could be! i hope to have fun in it too! ;-) *hugs* x

trinity-pup said...

Mina - thank you hun! so glad you approve! :-)

soulslave - lovely to see you here and no need to be embarrassed - you've found me now!! (don't do it again!) Thank you for your kind words too. *smiles*

Beau - oh Beau... now let me go check my list ;-) and maybe photographer...? so keen... *smiles* x

Will - *blushes again* awww thank you! Happy Valentines Day to you too! *hugs* x