Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

i couldnt let this special day go by without posting... so i thought i'd share what has become one of my all-time favourite photos, sent to me by a special friend (thank you):

Maybe something to replicate one day... (just add ankle cuffs and boots)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tie me Up, Tie me Down...

... but just tie me...

A couple of fabulous ropework images from Perry Gallagher

mmm... tighter...

*drifts off into a reverie*
(one of many at the moment...)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Snippets - 1

"Come here" He said, beckoning with His hand as He stood leaning back against the stone wall.

Smiling, she nodded and carried out His instruction. Standing inches away from Him, He pulled her closer. He placed a hand on her lower back, His other began to stroke her hair. Slowly His fingers moved down to her neck. His touch made her tingle and she shivered.

He moved in to kiss her lips and she reciprocated. Exchanging gentle, lingering kisses, soft moist lips joined together and she was lost to Him in that moment.

she was brought back down when He whispered in her ear: "I can't wait to see you in restraints..."

Sunday, February 24, 2008


As a fan of the shiny stuff, i regularly post pics of the latest girl showcasing at High Gloss Dolls.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is Lilith:

... and i am in the process of hunting down a pair of black shoulder gloves, to accompany my corset :-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

pup Music

To add to the new-look blog, there's another addition... music!

You'll find my playlist at the bottom of the page. It's on autoplay, but you can 'paws' it, if you wish!

i hope you enjoy some of the songs that make me happy and hold special memories for me. i'll be adding more tracks to it in time.

i'm SOOO good to you... ;-)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Header Re-vamp

Every now and then, i get bored with the photo on my blog header and up until now, none of them have actually been of me, so i felt it was time to put that right.

i hope you enjoy the new photo, which has made an appearance on here in a previous post. As i like it so much, i thought it would look even better as my header image.

What do you think? (rattle your chain - once for yes, twice for no)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

When The Corset(ed pup) Met The Catsuit

So the pup experimented with her newly acquired corset and her PVC catsuit... and here are the results:

what a shiny chest

first pic of the back (and my lacing attempt!

looking down to admire her lace-up boots (which compliment so well)

pup on parade

Just can't wait for playtime now... ;-)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Chains

Chains around my soul keep me under control.

Cold steel against my skin holds my focus.

Links entwine and intimately caress my body.

Silver padlocks marry and encase my senses.

i am captivated...

don't let me go...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Corseted pup

Ok my wonderfully patient readers... i promised you some pics of my new leather corset. i have since managed to work out how to lace it correctly. Although not cinched as tight as if someone were to help (i know a few of you have kindly offered - i am drawing up a shortlist!). It feels very constricting, is a lovely garment and makes me feel very sexy and submissive. So without further ado, here are some images...

THE gorgeous corset

corseted pup

black leather contrasting against my lily-white skin

More pics coming soon... when the corset met the PVC catsuit... ;-)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lose myself

Let me lose myself in You.
Take me into Your world.

Tell me Your rules and rewards.
Bind and tie my limbs as You wish.

Tease and taunt my yielding body.
Use and abuse me at Your will.

Hold and caress me as You need.
Keep me never far from You.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

A Date At The Tate

i know you are all waiting to read more about the corset... all in good time! There are more pics coming soon... and i now have the knowledge on how to lace it (grateful thanks to Kink and others), so i'll be letting myself loose on it soon!

In the meantime, i wanted to go back in time to the end of last year and share a story of my meeting with a new Dom just after Christmas. Yes i know i kept it all to myself at the time, but now it feels right to share the highlights with you.

So, to give you some background...

i had chatted to this Dom for a good few months prior to this point and we had been getting on well online, enjoying a really good connection. Another draw towards Him was when because He mentioned He owned a cage and was good enough to take a photo of it to send me. He even said He would put a gift bow on it for me, as it was the holiday season. It came about to the time when He mentioned about meeting up and as we both had some leave to take over Christmas, it seemed an ideal time. He told me as it was the first meet, i could do the 'Domming' so to speak (and just this once!), meaning that i could pick the venue, how long i stayed, what i wore etc. i should say now that He was quite a strict and an assertive Dom... so far so good.

So i chose the Tate Modern. It's a favourite place of mine and i have frequently visited - it's a place i feel comfortable in, so an ideal place for a first meet. i have to also mention now that i do like some art, not everything, but as long as you can tell what it's meant to be.

So picture the scene...

i was running a little late (nothing new there) and as i was rushing up to the entrance, i saw Him - He had His back to me. A tall man around 6ft, wearing a suit, looking very smart and holding a HUGE paperback book. Then He turned and saw me, before looking at His watch and shaking His head. "You're late" i think was His first words (i knew i was in trouble!). He then gave me a huge hug, lifting me off my feet in the process, which was quite nice and unexpected.

Once in the building, the plan was to get a coffee and have a chat, before looking at some of the exhibitions. The queue for the cafe near the entrance was rather long and i was trying to remember where the other "tucked away" cafe was, which is actually situated on another level. i could feel myself getting in a panic; my mind was going blank with the rush of meeting someone new. Of course He could sense and see this and then i felt His hand take hold of my hair, around the back of my neck and speaking close into my ear, told me take some deep breaths and to calm down. Conscious of His actions, i looked round to see who was looking at us (no-one was of course). i found myself breathing in, then remembered where we were meant to be heading and proceeded to find the escalators.

After finally finding a seat in the other cafe, which was just as busy, the table that came available was one that was next to this door that looked like it lead out from one of the exhibitions. When we sat down it seemed that there was someone coming through the door every 2 seconds. What made it funnier (well i thought so), was the fact that the seat He chose was the one this door kept banging into once opened (and not one person opened it slowly or halfway). Trying not to smirk too much at Him, He decided to move round to the other seat.

We had a good chat over coffee and being conscious of my nervousness, my hand was fidgeting on the table, so He pressed His hand down on top of it to stop me from moving it, then smiled. Somewhere in the midst of talking about chains (like you do!), He produced a short length of chain from his jacket pocket. Grinning, He began dropping it down onto the table top and told me my face was a picture at the horror of who else might now be watching us. It didn't seem to sway Him and in fact (which is very true) He told me that most people will just pretend that nothing's happening and not look, so then it doesn't make any difference! i was looking around at people and we were indeed invisible! i couldn't stop smiling about it, as He put the chain back inside his jacket, saying "Always handy to keep some chain on Yourself. Never know when You might need to use it."

We looked around a few of the exhibitions, one of which was by Louise Bourgeois - some very weird pieces of art (probably the majority of it). He decided to pay for one of those audio commentary tapes and handed it to me (uh oh!). As we walked round, He was looking and waiting for me to give Him the running commentary on what we were meant to be looking at. With my nerves still there, i found myself listening to the words, then forgetting it all as i tried to recite it back to Him. i could tell He was displeased by the glare He was giving me, before gripping the back of my neck, whilst telling me that maybe i should concentrate a little harder and then waited for me to recite. Somehow i found some words to relay but knew it was pretty vague. i kind of gave up halfway through. The exhibition in parts was fascinating though and Louise had a liking for putting an array of obscure objects (chairs, glass objects and old clothes) within metal cage-like structures. She called them 'cells'. He told me He could envisage me being kept within one of the cages...

Cell (Eyes and Mirrors) - 1989-93

It was during this part of the exhibition that He told me He was going to find a toilet. In the previous section we had just been in, we had just walked past a door that i believed to be a disabled toilet and pointed it out to Him. He dismissed it and told me to "stay right there" (next to this 'cell' pictured above), before disappearing in another direction to look for more toilets. He was gone for what seemed a very long time, but i stayed where i was. (i didn't tell Him that i actually got told off by the museum staff for trying to take a photo of the image above whilst He was gone - so this isn't my photo! ... oops i think He might find out now when He reads this)

i turned round to see Him exiting from the disabled toilet door i had previously pointed out and watched Him walking towards me, smiling at Him in a 'told You so' kind of way. He wasn't smiling and as He returned to stand by my side, He grasped my neck again to tell me that it wasn't just a disabled toilet, but the usual ones too. i nodded meekly and we carried on looking round. He certainly made me feel very submissive at times. It was surprising that He could make me feel like that, as we hadn't met before but i knew that He was always very Dominant in our online chats. He used a lot of actions to relay things and told me He was very much like that in real life. He wasn't joking and i must admit it was appealing.

We went back to the cafe and we had another coffee (at the same table and He chose the better seat again). All in all and looking back, it was a very enjoyable afternoon. We got on really well, but at the end of it He told me He didn't think it would work out. i think He was right, if i am honest. We do still chat online, so the good thing is i've made another D/s friend... and you can never have too many of those.