Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Toy Box

A few items i would love to add to my toy box (it's rather lacking at the moment!):
  • Leg spreader bar
  • "O" ring gag
  • new set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs
  • various lengths of chain and rope - a girl can never have enough!
  • new collar and leash
  • a flogger or paddle (or both) of my own (and for my bottom only!)
  • leather corset (oh no... that's coming off the list soon - i'm still waiting!)

    ***just added***
  • a cage - big enough to curl up in (how i could forget that one!!)
  • a pair of long black latex gloves (see 'Seduction' post above)
  • a Bondage-String

Quite an average list i guess, but it's a start...!


Anonymous said...

mmm, would love use them on you, that leg spreader bar and the paddle would be a good start, oh yes, xxx

Rob said...

mmm, sounds like quite a delicious list :-)

Keep on adding! ;-)

Hugs / Rob

katie said...

maybe that paddle needs some use.

sub lyn said...

That bondage string is fascinating, in an "eek" kind of way.