Saturday, January 05, 2008


my first post of 2008 is the latest video by the Sugababes - "Change". i really love this song and the lyrics ring so true, especially the following - my favourite snippets:

"ain't it funny how you think you're gonna be OK
'til you remember things ain't never gonna be the same again, same again
and ain't it crazy how you think you got your whole life planned
just to find out it was never ever in your hands, in your hands

"you don't see it coming, change
when the future comes knocking, it's change
it'll make you and break you too
you just have to make it through
you just have to make it through"

So remember, a new year ahead, we just have to make it through... change is here to stay.


Sage said...

You will make it through and THRIVE in the new year, Trinity. Happy New Year to you and hoping that all good things come to you this year. :)

Will said...

You know, hun, I'm in a tough time.
Change is central right now.

Thank you, for your New Years wishes.

I have a blog at wordpress, but I'm not up to posting at this time.

When I do, people are going to hear about the changes I've fought to make in my life.

Stay tuned.


trinity-pup said...

Sage - and so will you, my dear friend!! i have my fingers crossed for you and hope that happiness shines upon you.

All my best wishes to you.


trinity-pup said...

Will - thank you for passing by again. i have been hoping that things will get better for you.

i shall be patient and wait then! i wish you well in the meantime.


katie said...

I hope that this year is good for all of us. Thanks for all your support and i hope we get to meet soon.


trinity-pup said...

katie - i am hoping for us all. you are very welcome and i hope that we can make meeting up happen too. *hugs* x

Anonymous said...

trinity, you will make honey, I sure what you aspire too will happen, xx

katie said...

hey babes

please will you email me

love katie xxx