Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year!

SG and i would like to wish you all a very happy New Year. Here's hoping it brings all good things to you.

W/we are going to be celebrating tomorrow night, adorned in O/our rubberwear (and probably cuffs and chains for me), and i hope to share a pic or two as one of my first posts for 2009.

For the last image of this year, here's a chilled pup, wearing her Master's collar and His hoodie (yes, hoodie and i love it):

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Year Ago

A year ago, You found me.

A year ago, You said hello.

A year ago, W/we made it real.

A year on, who knew where W/we'd be.

A year on, so proud to be Yours.

A year on, You make me so happy.

Here's to many more years to come.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lock In... What Happened Next

Firstly, thanks for such great comments on my anniversary post. i shall do my best to keep up the good work and with your help, it's looking likely.

i hope you have all had a great time over the holiday season. SG and i have just spent the last 4 days together, mixed in with some family time, and it's been the best Christmas i've ever had. He bought me a kinky present which could be making an appearance here at some time in the future (it also means carrying out a task, but i will explain more in another post).

Anyway, back to business and here's the concluding part to Lock In - for all those who have waited patiently (especially Florida Dom):

With my eyes getting heavy, i lay down with my collar, cuffs and chains in my hand, and drifted off to sleep. i figured that if SG woke up, He may roll over and feel what's in my hand and then choose to lock me in.

In the night, they fell from my hand and were in the bed between U/us. At some point, SG stirred from His sleep to find them. Through my half-sleep, i felt my wrists being pulled together, followed by my ankles with the chains. Then i felt His hands feeding my collar around my neck, locking it in place. He rolled over and went back to sleep.

The feeling of comfort and sense of belonging returned through my sleepiness and i slept on, happy in the knowledge that i am His.

Sometimes it's the simplest of things that mean so much.

NB: Following publication of my earlier post, SG clarified things and has now set a new rule in place. That is, if He happens to fall asleep before i get to bed, i must wake Him in order for Him to lock me in for the night.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

2 Years On!

i am truly amazed... trinity-pup's blog is 2 years old today! This is my 236th post!

Looking back over this year, there are so many great stories to read with some incredible memories. Here's a few of my favourites:

The table - my bottom receives a cropping and teasing across SG's dining table

Fettered Pleasures - my Collar - the adventures behind the purchase of my new collar

Method In His Madness - my first experience of an SJ

Happy In Captivity - Part 1 - a caged pup!

4 days (Part 1) (and Parts 2 and 3) - 4 days of pain, pleasure, sex and snuggling

i am very happy to share them here and feel so proud of what i have written. Your comments mean masses too - they make it all worthwhile. Thank you all and please keep them coming! As for all those lurkers... get writing! i'd love to know if you have a favourite t-p post.

i can say, with a big smile on my face, how very lucky i am to have SG in my life - my caring Owner and loving soulmate. Thank You SG. It's been one hell of a journey so far and long may it continue.

To celebrate the occasion, i've put my best party dress on, along with matching boots and gloves. i'm ready to rock 'n roll!

Just in case i don't write another post beforehand, SG and i would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy, sexy and safe Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lock In

Sleeping in my collar has become a daily ritual for me, ever since SG collared me in April. It's a symbol of my submission to Him and His love for me, and means so very much to both of us. As per SG's instruction, i take it with me wherever i go - a permanent accessory kept safe in my bag. More recently, His new rule means that when i am at home (and obviously not expecting visitors), i must wear it as much as possible (i'm wearing it right now). It makes me feel closer to SG when He can't be with me. When He can, He locks on the padlock as i kneel at His feet. It also comforts me when i sleep in it.

One of SG's most favourite things (and mine) when He stays overnight, is to ensure that in addition to my collar, i sleep in my wrist and ankle cuffs. They are worn with 2 connecting chains, each one linking my arms and legs a short distance apart. At times when He's feeling extra mean, er... i mean generous, He'll add a heavier chain, connecting it from my collar's D-ring through my wrist cuffs and down to my ankles. 'Convict style' is what SG likes to call it... just in case i 'make a run for it'.

pup in wrist cuffs
On this particular night, as part of an earlier scene, SG had removed my collar but i was adorned with my cuffs. The last thing that usually happens before retiring to bed is that He waits for me, with the chains in His hand, ready to lock His pup in for the night. So there was my collar, its padlock and chains lying on the bed in readiness, and there was SG, being exceptionally tired, already fast asleep as i came to bed.

He lay facing away from me, sleeping so still and soundly. i climbed in beside Him, expecting Him to stir and then see to collar, lock and chain me. But there was no movement. He was deep in slumber. So i sat watching Him, checking for any signs of life, contemplating my options:

Do i wake Him... oh but He looks in need of His sleep, so maybe i should leave Him be...?

Or do i lock myself in for the night... well i am His submissive, so is it my place to...?

Decisions, decisions...

(to be continued)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Testing Time - Part 2

i lay there and awaited my fate. SG had gone to fetch the hood and i wondered how i had said yes. i knew it was something that i wanted to experience, as well as doing it for Him. i didn't know what to expect or how i was going to feel once i had the hood on. Would i panic straightaway or would i cope?

SG returned with the hood in His hands. He rubbed it gently against my face letting me smell the latex and feel its softness. He asked me if i was ready and if i was sure. i nodded and He told me that once i had the hood on, i should breathe normally and not too quickly, and everything would be alright. my heart was racing in anticipation.

i settled myself and He slowly placed the hood over my head. The soft latex moulded to my face and i could make out the translucent front, although i couldn't see through it. SG ensured the air holes were positioned closely over my mouth. He reminded me to breathe at my normal rate and then began to zip it up at the back. The hood closed in slightly on my head and for a split second, i didn't think i could do it. i took in some air through the holes, followed by another quick breath, making the bag close in against my face. i squirmed for a second as the latex squished against my skin. SG continued to press the air holes to my mouth and told me to keep calm, and i tried to breathe slowly again. i kept telling myself 'i can do this'. i knew the fear was there, never far away, and i tried not to let it take over. i didn't want to have to say my safe word, but i knew i could at any time and SG would stop the scene.

i lay there completely helpless and at His mercy. my life lay in His hands. SG praised me over and over again, and told me how very proud He was. He seemed completely overwhelmed at how i was coping. i could feel Him close by, still ensuring that the air holes were close to my mouth. He asked me if the hood was having any erotic effect on me at all. Was it arousing me? It didn't seem to be. In all honesty, my fear and it being my first ever experience of being hooded, was proving to be far greater than any state of arousal.

SG told me He wanted to quickly take some photos of me, which would mean leaving my side for a few moments. He reassured me it would be OK. He wouldn't be far away. As He went to do this, the presence of the air holes dropped, as He was no longer pressing them to my lips. It felt like the amount of air coming in was diminishing. i breathed in through my nose and the latex closed in on my face again. i was getting a little more scared now and SG was still across the room with the camera. i could hear His voice telling me it was all OK, that He was nearly done and how amazing i looked.

It seemed like forever since He had been by my side. With my body encased in the sleep sack, it was also becoming increasingly hotter inside the catsuit. Coupled with the fact that my head felt so enclosed in the latex hood.

hooded pup
In that moment, i felt so completely alone and i was scared.

"Please come back" said my tiny quivering voice.

All i wanted was to feel Him close by again, to sense He was there by my side. i needed Him. He was back within seconds on hearing my plea and quickly removed the hood. Relief swept over me and emotions ran riot in my head, but i don't remember crying as such. i think i had slighty teary eyes, which didn't turn into anything more than that. Thinking back, it surprises me as i thought i would, as a means of release.

He wrapped His arms around me and held me so tightly, so very tightly. He kissed my head and stroked my hair. He gently rocked me in His arms. With emotion in His voice, He remarked how incredible and special i was. He told me how He had longed to find someone who enjoyed their submission to such an extent, and who understood Him so completely.

In that moment, i felt so loved, so wanted and so utterly submissive.

SG left me in the sleep sack for some time after and i lay there floating, completely chilled out from the intensity of the session. He lay beside me to observe and smile at me, and stroke my hair.

The time after this is all rather hazy, but at some point He released me from the sleep sack. He rewarded me with a few orgasms, after handing me the Hitachi wand, as He looked on to watch His exhausted but very happy pet. After that and with the removal of my catsuit and pants, i guess we curled up and drifted off to sleep, once SG had secured me with my usual night-time attire of my cuffs and chains.

By far, this has to be one of the most intense things i've ever experienced in BDSM. Breath play is a huge rush, there's no doubt in that, but should NEVER be taken lightly. The trust between us is of utmost importance in our play.

Recently it feels like i have stepped up another level in my submission. my journey with SG continues on a deeper and more intense path... and i want to keep climbing (after all, we've got all that green rope to use).

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Little Black Dress

Just found the perfect outfit to wear on the first day of my new job...

i think it might work...

image: c/o High Gloss Dolls

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Testing Time - Part 1

i had been late arriving at SG's place, so i deserved a punishment. i knew i did, and it wasn't the first time either. It had happened before and that time SG had tied me to the table and cropped my bottom rather harshly. This time He decided it was to be complete bondage.

i knelt before Him and He strapped on the muzzle gag, ensuring the straps were tighter than usual. Then He handed me the rubber pants with inflatable dildo and butt plug and told me to put them on in the bathroom.

"Be quick about it" He said.

i'm still only able to take the dildo inside my pussy. The plug is just that bit too large, although the day will soon come when He'll make it fit inside me. Trying to be as quick as i could, i eased the dildo inside me. It wasn't too difficult as i was already wet from wearing the gag. It always arouses me.

i returned to the bedroom where SG helped me into my rubber catsuit. It had been some time since last wearing it and so i was excited. It fits so well and feels so good, complete with its feet (i think that's my favourite thing about it!). It makes me feel very submissive too.

As He zipped me up, i saw the leather sleep sack laid out on the bed. i knew what was coming. He instructed me to get into it. i slid my body down inside the leather body shell. my arms fitted into the internal sleeves as an extra measure of 'security'. With my body in, He placed a vibrating bullet against my clit, inside the rubber pants. He removed the muzzle gag and zipped up the sack, and began to tighten up the straps. As He worked His way up my body, encasing it in rubber and leather, my submissiveness grew and i could feel subspace taking over.

"This is how I'd transport you when I abduct you... in the boot of My car." He told me.

He knows that it's a huge fantasy of mine to be kidnapped and would love to make this happen as an extreme scene one day. Hearing His words, my pussy throbbed and the dildo deep inside reminded me where it was.

Here's me awaiting my fate - i decided to get a bit creative (i don't really have blue hair):

pup in sleep sack
He stood by the side of the bed and smiled at me. He began to unzip His trousers and i knew what was coming next. He stood and waited. His erect cock glistened, waiting to be attended to. i strained my head across the bed, ready to take Him in my mouth and as i did so, He pulled back and shook His head:

"Uh uh... what do you say first?" He asked.

i had forgotten the latest rule He had issued recently - one of two new rules. Before giving Him oral, i must always ask to do so first. The other rule is to always ask for permission to come, no matter if i'm in His presence or otherwise. i looked up, apologised and asked:

"Please may i service Your cock Sir?"

He nodded and directed His cock inside my mouth. i wrapped my lips around Him and sucked and licked. He melted with pleasure and closed His eyes. After a short while, He got on the bed to lean over me. He moved in close and kissed me. Soft gentle kisses that turned into longer tongue-probing sessions. His hand came up to hover above my nose and smiling again, He pinched my nostrils shut whilst kissing me hard.

With no option, i began to breathe through his mouth and it seemed like an age before He released His hand. i spluttered a little and regained my breath. He kissed me on the lips again and teased me by keeping His hand just above my nose. i felt hesitant to kiss Him, knowing He would repeat His actions - and He did. There was nothing i could do and i fought for air once more. It was quite a rush and being completely helpless too certainly made it a very intense experience.

As He lent over, He whispered in my ear:

"Because I'm a kind Master, as part of your punishment I'm going to give you two options. The first is to continue to pleasure me orally whilst I wear My hood, which you've done before. The second is for you to experience wearing a hood - a different one from Mine."

He explained further:

"It's a breath control hood. It has a conventional black back section and a translucent front section with five small breathing holes in it. The thing is, the front section is loose like a bag, so when you breath in it collapses on your face if you're not careful, sealing off the holes and therefore your fresh air... It's your choice" He said.

i took a short time to think about it and feeling intrigued, and somewhat brave, opted to wear the new hood. Something was telling me to try it. SG seemed to be quite surprised at this. He knew the easier option would be to pleasure Him orally. i don't think He expected me to say that. He asked me if i was sure and i said yes.

The test was yet to come, and again i was scared...

Monday, December 08, 2008


i took a huge jump today... i got a new job!

i took an even bigger leap of faith this weekend, which i hope to write about soon.

i run to the future and jump...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

HNT - Roped In

There are a lot of ideas in SG's head as part of His sub's training programme. He started on the path to confront my fear of hoods, with the aid of my muzzle gag, cat-woman hood and blindfold, which in effect covers most of my head. So before long, she reckons she'll be adorned with her very own hood.

Then there's the breath play coming into...erm... play, which i've been gradually mentioning over the last few weeks. A scary and addictive 'project' which is fast becoming a favourite addition to scening.

They say things come in threes, and the third is SG's latest desire to try shibari (and has also mentioned suspension). He has always known how much i love bondage and it's something He loves too. In particular, my passion is to be bound tightly with rope, to feel the constriction against my body. It's something SG is seriously contemplating. He loves to bind me, then tease and watch me struggle.

Recently, He undertook some research and found an example of a rope body harness. All He needed was a willing pup to experiment with... and this was the result:

pup in rope harness
Amazing what you can do with 150 metres of rope... i mean 15 metres (it just seems to go on forever!). However, it is quite harsh on the skin, so i think i may have to hunt for a softer alternative (the rope, not the Dom!).

Anyone got any ideas on this?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Out Of Breath

He kissed me so deeply, His mouth enveloped me.

His tongue invaded and probed inside.

my breath quickened with His oral onslaught.

As His lips covered mine, He pinched my nostrils shut.

i fought for air and only had one choice.

To take in His breath, inside His mouth.

It was only for a few seconds, but it felt a long time.

In that moment, He had control of my whole life.

It was thrilling and scary at the same time.

... and it's slowly becoming addictive.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sex Slave?

Amazingly, my blog is nearly 2 years old, just under a month's time, and i look back recalling so many memories and moments. It brings me great joy to read. Sadly, i didn't add a stat counter until 6 months in, so the total number of hits so far, nearly 48,000 (wow!) is in fact not true. i have to say i'm very proud in any case.

i checked the "keyword analysis" page recently (always love to know what people are searching for, before ending up here!), and thought i'd share this:

keyword analysisSomeone out there basically wants a "sex slave with no limits, no safeword, belongs to him, with pain in their pussy"!

Erm... that'll be me then?! i think not (well almost!)... but interesting anyway!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

HNT - His Hand, Leather Cat and Crop

i asked SG (very nicely) for some pain this weekend... and He kindly obliged:

pup in SJ
Of course, i had to be restrained in the SJ first, with my legs spread and tied to the bed.

He's always telling me "Be careful what you wish for."

Happy HNT!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


He's pulling me emotionally closer to Him,

He's bringing me to my knees every time.

He's making me submit ever deeper,

He's reaching inside for my soul.

He's moulding me into what He desires,

He's taking what He wants.

Because He can.

He owns me.

i am His.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Hood Girl

i've been wanting to write this post for a while now... especially ever since my punishment from SG.

i don't know where my fear of hoods comes from. An interesting question from Qetesh asked this on my earlier post and she told me of her fear of clowns. So that triggered something inside me. i remembered that when i was younger, i used to hate them too. i distinctly remember that (and still hate them). i was always scared of people who dressed up as teddy bears or Disney characters you'd see at shopping malls or parties. i would always try to avoid them or shy away. So from this, i think i can understand it a little better now.

Strangely enough on the flip side, i have experienced almost completely being hooded. When SG adorns me with my cat-woman half hood, muzzle gag and blindfold, my head is practically covered - and this actually excites me now. i was a little dubious at first, although it was me who found the muzzle gag for SG, which has now become a favourite piece of our play time. Go figure!

Anyway, back to my punishment to explain more:

As i pleasured Him, i was in two minds whether to look up or not. In a way, i knew i wanted to, to get past that block in my mind. i wanted to look up and see Him in His hood. i know He wasn't expecting it and i don't think i knew i was going to do it either. But i did - twice.

Beforehand i could hear Him moaning, as i licked and sucked Him. i could sense His pleasure growing inside. i wanted to please Him, so i raised my head slowly to look up at Him. He was looking back down at me. This hooded face, this masked Master, was SG. my heart was racing and i felt scared, but i told myself it wasn't anyone else but my Owner. He was just wearing His hood. He was staring back at me and was probably in shock that i had looked up.

A few seconds later, i got back to the task in hand, i mean in mouth, as my arms were behind me in the monoglove. With my heart still pumping frantically, i continued to caress Him. my tongue lavished His rigid cock, around the frenulum (which He seems to enjoy) and listened to His groans. Then i found myself looking up... again. i had it done it once, i could do it again, so i did. i took in His face for longer this time, without any show of emotion. i was kneeling before Him, looking up into His eyes. Not a word was spoken between us, until SG decided i had performed well enough.

He was right - there was a tear in my eye - as i realised what i had done and how difficult it had been for me. There had been some fear too. It was now coming out in the form of my tears. SG praised me as He removed His hood. Ironically, i looked away, not wanting Him to see me crying. But i couldn't be sure if He had or not. He released me from the monoglove, lay me down on the bed and held me so very tightly, and told me how proud He was. i snuggled in close to Him and closed my now dry eyes. Personally, it had been a great achievement. i only hope that it continues - i can please Him further and i can be a better submissive.

Growth is a wonderful thing.

Thank You SG for Your collar, protection, guidance and love.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

HNT - Making An Impression

SG experimented with some ropework and left His mark...

wrist rope marks
Happy HNT!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pup At Work

my loving Master saw this and (for some strange reason) thought of me:

pup at work
Just how He'd love to keep His pup... probably every day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just had to post this, as it was quite spooksome.

Take a look at the 'word verification', after i replied to a recent comment on my very own blog:

i know the words are completely random, so how cool was that?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Down To Business

He was walking towards me, wearing a suit underneath a grey wool coat.

my heart jumped at the sight of Him, looking so authoritive (and sexy).

He pulled me against Him to whisper in my ear:

"How's My secretary this morning?"

i was smiling inside.

It was going to be an exciting time away on His 'business trip'...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Damaged Hoods

It's Master Singleglove here. I hope you don't mind if I butt in for a quick blog entry.

pup keeps dropping Me hints about writing her some more material, which I'm finding quite hard to do. Partly it's because I don't want to dilute her blog with too many of My ramblings. Partly it's because I can't get no satisfaction out of writing - I spend My working days editing other people's dodgy prose, so the prospect of coming home and bashing out some of My own dreck is somewhat unappealing.

Having said that, I hate to disappoint My pup (does that sound like a case of topping from the bottom?), so I thought you might like to read about a recent punishment dealt to her.

I am sitting on My bed with pup waiting on her knees in front of me, head down in her usual "waiting to be collared" position. But she is already collared and body-harnessed.

I tell her that Beau was displeased when she tagged him in a meme the other week without asking his permission. He had emailed over a proposal for her punishment via an attachment that she had to forward on to me without reading.

"I have read Beau's recommendation and made My verdict. It is now time to carry out My sentence. Come here and lie across My lap, naughty puppy," I say. she complies with a meek: "Yes Sir."

I spank her exposed cheeks hard with no rhythm whatsoever, so she can't tell when or where the next blow will land. The smacks are resounding and I fear they will wake the people in the adjacent flats. It's past 1am and I'm a considerate neighbour. I resort to pinching the sensitive skin on her inner thighs. This method of torture seems to be even more painful to her. If the sound of My hands on her arse didn't wake up the neighbourhood, then her squeals of pain under My high-tech instrument of discipline - the mighty index finger and thumb - certainly did.

I stop for a second and say: "Would you do anything for me?" she replies quickly: "Yes, yes. Anything!"

"What would you do that I think you wouldn't do?" I reply.

she is nonplussed at this and pauses to think. I take the opportunity to slap her cheeks again and repeat the question. she whispers plaintively: "i don't know; i don't know!"

"Think, puppy, or this could go on for a while," I snarl, picking up where I left off on her poor aching thighs.

After another 30 seconds or so of torture, she gasps: "Pleasure You orally whilst You wear Your hood?!"

"Well done, pup," I say. "A very good choice. you may dismount and wait back on your knees."

I go to the next room for a second and pick up a few choice items I've left in there. Even before I return she already knows by the clinking of buckles that I'm bringing back the monoglove. I slowly and methodically ease the single leather sleeve up her arms. I loop the shoulder straps around and buckle them behind her. I then tighten her elbow and wrist belts to ensure total inescapability. Her arms are welded together and are under no little strain. It's now time for her to see My hood.

As you may have read from a previous scene post by pup, My hood fetish is easily the most difficult aspect of My sexual preferences for pup to deal with. On just about any other BDSM topic we are very compatible, but that particular scene was regrettable because I was so intent on living out a lifelong fantasy that I pushed her too far. We've gradually introduced the idea of head coverage over the months - indeed, pup herself has worn her cat-woman hood, the muzzle gag and blindfold all at once, which is as near to total encasement as makes no odds. So I thought it was the ideal opportunity to move another step towards acceptance. This time, pup herself had suggested (OK, under duress maybe!) the next stage in her training.

I produce the hood from behind My back and make her smell the heady aroma of polished black latex, pressing it up against her nose, all the time looking for warning signs from her. I make her look through the eyeholes and for a couple of seconds I give the impression that she will be the one wearing it. she doesn't panic; there's no need to. I quickly put it on me, carefully lining up the breathing holes, and zip it up. (Ahhhh, such pleasure! Who wouldn't want to feel that?) she's not looking at me now and that's fine by me. It's good enough that she knows I'm hooded and isn't saying her safeword. I know she wants to beat the challenge. she wants to test herself, nudge her limits for her Master, for herself, too.

I sit back down on the bed, undo My flies and produce My cock for her to service, which she does with great gusto and no little expertise, despite not having the use of her hands. After a minute or two of enthusiastic sucking, she surprises me by stopping and looking up at My expressionless mask for a good few seconds before going back to tongueing My shaft. I hadn't asked her to do this, so I am surprised and cautiously delighted - if that's possible! A few minutes later, she gives her beautiful slutty mouth another rest and gazes up at me.

Do I detect a tear in the corner of her eye? My emotions are bouncing up and down like a bipolar bungee jumper. I realise that hers are too. It's difficult for her to communicate with a mouthful of cock, so I call a halt to proceedings, unzip My hood and, a little while later, as we hold each other on the bed, ask her how she felt.

The answer contained the following words:
"scared", "excited", "emotional", "achievement", "grow" and "develop".

In My book, the order of needs and wants is as follows, in a BDSM relationship:

1. sub's needs. The most important of which is to be able to trust her Dom - her life may depend on it.
2. Dom's needs.
3. Dom's wants.
4. sub's wants.

In other words, it doesn't matter whether the whole hood fetish is My need or My want (it's debatable) if pup had said to me: "i've tried it, but i'm afraid i can't do it." But she didn't. We will slowly and carefully introduce it into our play until such time as she says: "No more. Sorry, it's a hard limit", whereupon it will go no further.

pup, you did something that you never thought you could do for the man who loves you, having realised how much it means to Him. I doff My (rubber) hat to you! ;-)

you are My perfect sub.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Punishment

A few weeks ago, i was dealt a punishment for displeasing SG, after i sent Beau a meme. This is what happened as a consequence (and what Beau has been patiently waiting for).

Kneeling before SG, He asked:

"Do you understand the reason for your punishment pup?"

"Yes Sir, because i tagged Beau in a meme without asking His permission. I am sorry" i replied.

SG nodded and went on to mention the note that Beau had written to Him with the recommendation, if SG agreed, that i be punished, along with a suggestion of what would 'fit the crime'.

"Kneel over My lap" SG instructed to which i duly obeyed.

Hard slaps then pummelled my bottom and thighs, followed by some hard pinching. i squealed with the stabs of pain. SG ignored me and carried on, then asked me what would i do for Him that He didnt think i would do. my mind raced with thoughts, trying to think of something, i just didnt know what to say. He slapped me several more times and asked the question again. Through the pain and trying to focus my mind, i knew i had to say something as there didn't seem to be any let up with the assault to my body. i seemed to be set on his lap for some time.

i could only think of one thing - to perform oral sex... whilst He wore His hood. i couldn't believe i was saying it. It may not sound a very difficult thing for some, but for me hoods are on my limits list. They are not a hard limit as such, but i realised what i had said was not going to be easy. SG knew this. It meant pushing and challenging myself. i was scared, to say the least, scared inside. i was also scared of letting myself down but more importantly, of letting SG down.

Over to SG, who explains more on what happened...

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Well we're back and we had a great time, but now feel exhausted.

Thanks to Lisa Jane for looking after the plants and cat :-)

(To be honest, i thought i'd get a few more comments than i did and guess it was asking too much... did you lose your way?)

So anyway, this pup's getting to her bed now... 'cos she's feeling THAT drop...

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Invite For You

SG and i are taking a much needed break and getting away from it all for a few days.

So here's my invite for you to step through the doors of trinity-pup, to wander around the memoirs and images, poetry and musings. Please take a moment to leave me your comments, be they for recent or old posts. i would love to read your feedback... pretty please??!

Oh... and could someone feed the cat?

Be good whilst i'm away and i'll do my best too. ;-)

t. x

4 Days - Part 3: Punishment

If you want to catch up, here's Part 1 and Part 2

If you're still with me on these '4 Day' posts, then this is the final part (not that i had any comments on part 2!). i can then tell you about my other punishment (and not keep Beau waiting any longer).

Laying snuggled in bed on day 3, slowly waking up with SG and musing on the previous night, and what i thought had been my punishment - bondage and cage-time. But no, there was more to come and SG's words of "are you ready for the second part of your punishment?" really did wake me up.

He instructed me to fetch my new boots and put them on. Then with some urgency, He attached my lead to my collar and led me through on all fours to the cage. Ordering me to bend over it, He chained my wrists to the sides, attached the nipple clips to my breasts hanging through the cold bars and secured the spreader bar to my ankles, spreading my legs wide open. i waited, blindfolded and naked, all but for my boots and cuffs, with my bottom adequately exposed. my heart was racing as to what He planned to do next.

SG then informed me that we were going to play a game of 'mystery shopper'. He was going to beat my bottom with 4 different implements (of the ouchy kind) and i was to guess what each one was. He said He would keep beating me until i guessed correctly. i thought i might fare quite well with this, as with each implement there are differing levels of stinginess and thwackiness, from which i recall enduring.

So i guessed His belt first after 3 or 4 strokes - quite slappy and painful with a short sting. The hairbrush followed - a few thwacky strokes with a slightly longer pain to subside (i guess because it covers a larger area at a time). The familiar feel of the leather cat was next, after knowing that He had tied knots in the ends to increase the sensation - and it worked! A few lashes of the now very stingy cat and i was yelping a little more at this point, but guessed correctly again. Which only left the delightful riding crop. This can be a rather vicious beast and as ever, it didn't let the side down this time. It gives a very long sharp sting to the skin (especially if it's administered to just one spot). i guessed them all and my bottom was feeling very pinked and hot.

SG was pleased, telling me what a good girl i was, and took some photos to record the moment. As a reward, He teased and treated one very soaked pussy with my ribbed purple vibrator. Simultaneously He used the large sized butt plug up my bottom, thrusting them both in and out until i climaxed anally 2 or 3 times, which has to be the weirdest feeling ever. Then it wasn't long before my pussy gave way to a couple of orgasms. i fell into sheer subspace-iness after that and collapsed against the cage (luckily i was still restrained to it). SG released me from my bonds and led me back to the bedroom to lay down to recover.

After a short rest period, SG told me to stroke His aching cock, to bring Him to hardness, as He now wanted to fuck his slutty puppy. He ordered me to get on the floor and "assume position". i scrambled off the bed to get on all fours, spreading my legs for Him, before He thrust His hardness deep inside me from behind. i'm not sure how, but i managed to come another 3 times (no joke). At the exact same time of my third orgasm, i heard Him come, which just made our whole time together complete. An awesome moment and we both giggled as it happened.

i have to say that day 4 is a complete blur, but i think it probably involved a moderate amount of sleeping, some 'quiet time' in the SJ and cage (for me), and lots of holding each other close.

Either way, it was 4 very special days we shall never forget.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Thanks to vanimp and His Bliss for tagging me (grrr... only joking!). So here goes:

The Rules -
* Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
* Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

  • i am hooked on Redbush tea
  • i think i have mild OCD when it comes to tying bows or laces - they have to be just perfect.
  • i hate Halloween but love Bonfire Night.
  • i got my tattoo and nipple piercing done in the same year (yes i love pain!)
  • i couldn't swim until i was 18.
  • i've slept overnight in a straitjacket.
  • i sometimes forget my left from my right whilst driving or navigating (makes using a sat nav rather interesting!)
i think most people i know have already been tagged, but if you haven't, feel free to try it... and better still, share them with me as a comment.

Friday, October 24, 2008

4 Days - Part 2: Failing Him

With the dawning of day 2 of togetherness with SG, it began in the usual way with lots of snuggling and touching, followed by Master's love for tasting His pup. More often than not, He firstly ties me down to the bed and it's all very yummy. We also had a plan to go and do some vanilla stuff too - visit a local shopping mall and see a movie.

All well and good, until something in my head recalled SG telling me that He might set a challenge for the shopping trip we'd talked about a few days before. As we got ready to go out, i guess it was my own fault to ask Him about it now. i was half-dressed when He told me my challenge was to wear my old day collar underneath a jumper (a collar i used to wear before He bought my lovely puppy collar). i'd managed it before when we went away for some play time, and even wore my harness that time too, so it all seemed pretty straightforward and doable.

That was until i started hunting for the one particular jumper that i knew i'd be able to get away with wearing it, as it was a roll-neck. But with a wardrobe like mine (a very unorganised one at present) i couldn't find the damn thing! i knew i didn't want to let SG down, not on this one, but try as i might the jumper wasn't to be found.

"Never mind" He said rather calmly, but i could hear His disappointment. i could tell He was displeased. i apologised and saying no more about it, we left for the shops. We had a great time of shopping, dinner and seeing the film "Taken" (ironically a kidnap story!) and then came home late evening.

For failing Him, for not meeting His challenge, He made me strip and strapped me into my leather harness, buckling it up tightly (especially now i've added in extra buckle holes). He added my wrist and ankle cuffs. Then He took some rope and ran it from my collar's D-ring, around my breasts and down to my crotch, making it pull on my pussy lips if i moved too much.

He told me i needed some cage time as punishment and led me to crawl inside it. Locking the door with the Kub cuffs, He told me to lie on my back. He then chained my wrists to the side bars in such a way that my arms couldn't move very much at all. Then He lifted each leg up in the air and chained each ankle cuff to the top bars. He added the nipple tweezer clips for an extra predicament. It was quite an uncomfortable position. Then again, it was a punishment and i wasn't meant to enjoy it.

He left me there, the cage behind Him, His back turned to ignore me, and sat to peruse the latest posts from my blogger friends, one being Beau's latest videos. Namely, the women being teased with the hitachis (wow!) and the Domme causing lots of pain to her sub (ouchy ouch!). i have to say i was getting fairly moist in the process. At some point, as my hands and feet were starting to get a little cold, He released them from their chained positions, to allow me to curl up. It was then at this time that we thought of our answers for mina's meme. So that's where i got my inspiration!

After enough time had elapsed and being very tired, SG announced it was time for bed and brought me out of the cage. With the removal of rope, harness and tweezer clips, i snuggled up beside HIm, naked but for my usual night-time attire of cuffs and connecting chains, to drift off to a deep sleep.

Day 3 was ahead... and the second part of my punishment (unbeknownst to me) was yet to come...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

HNT - Lacy

Happy HNT!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hot Metal

There's something very erotic about fishnets, corsets and metal restraints...

Combined altogether... even better ;-)

Image: Perry Gallagher

Monday, October 20, 2008

my Sexmap

Just seen this over at a subtle slavegirl. So i thought i'd make my own (as well as give SG some ideas!)

Find out where I've journeyed
on the Map of Human Sexuality!
Or get your own here!

Friday, October 17, 2008

4 Days - Part 1

Finally, i get round to writing part of the amazing 4 days i've been musing and keeping alive in my mind. 4 days of quality time with my Master. 4 days of bondage, pain, fucking and pleasure, with some great photos to show for it. 4 days that totalled 19 orgasms (yes really) and 1 punishment (i know, it's becoming a theme).

The night before it all, SG surprised me with a new present - thigh-length shiny PVC boots with the most wicked of platform soles and stiletto heels! i couldn't stop grinning - i adore them! So excited, i tried them on right away and teetered around, looking at them in a mirror. They feel so sexy and make me feel very slutty. SG couldn't stop grinning back at me, admiring my now even longer legs. So it felt only right for them to make their debut in my new blog header. For any of you who may be wondering, the voting poll was a tie (do'h) between liking the new image and asking where i got the boots. So now you know, they were one of two new gifts SG gave His pup.

The second gift arrived by post the next day, the first of our togetherness - my very own latex catsuit! SG was truly spoiling me and i knew He couldn't wait to adorn me with the catsuit. i felt very special. It wasn't long before He was helping me into it. It completely covered my body, all for my head, as it comes with 'feet' too. It also gives full access to my pussy and bottom, as it has an extra front to back crotch zip . It was an awesome feeling and it felt so tight, like i was being hugged all over. It fitted perfectly too. He polished and buffed the rubber, paying particular attention over my breasts, to create a shiny rubbered pup. With my new boots on as well, SG then laced me into my corset and told me He wanted to take some photos. He completed the look with my cat woman hood and i had lots of fun, posing for Him on top of my cage:

corset and latex... mmm!

just look at those heels!

With the photo shoot over, SG wanted to tease and torment me (naturally). After applying my wrist and ankle cuffs, He made me lie down on top of the cage. He unzipped the front crotch zip to expose my moist pussy. Then He held my wrists and ankles down, my knees bent, by chaining them to the cage bars. More chain ran across my chest, neck then down over my clit, making me shiver with the feeling of cold metal dipping into my wetness. After SG strapped on my muzzle gag and added my blindfold, He had effectively encased the whole of my body in rubber and leather. The feeling was extraordinary.

check out the rubber feet!

It didn't stop there. i felt vibrations running over my clit, sometimes slow then fast and i realised it was the new twin bullets from SG's new cock ring (somehow we managed to split the previous one through too much usage!). He had positioned them against the chain running across my clit. To tease me further, He left the bullets' remote control box on my chest, where He knew i couldn't reach it with my wrists chained down against the cage bars. He left the room to go and put His catsuit on. The sight of His pup all rubbered up had made Him want to experience his own suit. i heard Him return, then a vibrator began to invade my throbbing pussy and He methodically began to thrust and pump me with it. i don't think it was long before i could feel myself writhing against so much sensation and i came a few minutes later.

Releasing me from the cage top, but still blindfolded and muzzled, He made me bend over it, placing a cushion under my stomach. Pushing my body down, He chained my wrist cuffs to the top bars, spread my legs apart and chained my ankles to the side bars. i was going nowhere. His hands wandered over my body, fingers checking to see how dripping wet i was. He told He was going to fuck me over the cage and He was going to wear His hood whilst doing it. He told me i was going to be 'fucked by an alien' as He was going to wear His inflatable hood. i was both excited and scared. i wouldn't be able to see Him wearing it and He knows that is still something i can't do yet... but i know i want to, in time. i know how the hood makes Him feel. It increases His dominance over me, it gives Him a degree of animosity. It lets Him become who He truly wants to be. That's not to say, He never forgets how much i mean to Him, and the level of trust and safety between us is never compromised.

Hearing the sound of his quickened and restricted breath, i knew the 'alien' was now in charge. He had taken over and was very much in control. His hard cock pressed up against my bottom cheeks. my own breath quickened and my heart raced, as His hips pressed into me, and then i felt the tip of His cock glide against my lips and push deep inside me. As i gasped, He began to fuck me slowly at first, then began to gather momentum. Feeling the rubber of His catsuit against my own excited me further and i murmured through my muzzle gag and buried my face into the cushion. He fucked His rubber slut puppy, forcing her to succumb to two delicious orgasms, one after the other in quick succession. i could feel myself shaking with the adrenaline coursing through me.

Removing His hood and unchaining me from the cage, SG withdrew from inside me. He ordered me to my knees and told me to make Him come using my hands. He stood there, His face contorted in pleasure, as my hands got to work, caressing and stroking to bring Him to a delicious sounding climax. After many groans and sighs, with His exhaustion evident, He led me by the collar of my muzzle gag into the bedroom, where we lay close and snuggled in each other's arms.

Enough detail... well for day 1, for now...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Locked Out

my collar.

It represents the most important aspect of SG's ownership and my submission to Him. It symbolises that i belong to Him and also His love for me. He bought it for me and made me His. It serves to comfort and reassure when He can't be with me.

As part of this, the padlock has the same meaning and it also means that my collar is always locked on in SG's presence, in our private time together. It's a ritual that we share together. As soon as we are alone, He locks my collar on and only He removes it.

However, last night i had forgotten the padlock. It had been in my usual bag which i carry on a daily basis. When i am away from home or not at SG's wearing my locked collar, it's a rule that i carry it with me as a constant reminder of being owned.

On this occasion, i had changed bags and completely by accident had left the padlock behind. Only realising after, it had then been on my mind for the last few hours until now, as i knelt at SG's feet with just my collar in hand, and i was feeling apprehensive. i should also mention that i have been experiencing some bad neck pain recently and had asked SG for permission to refrain from wearing it overnight, which He granted. Then again, i had not worn it the following night either and i hadn't told Him.

Standing before me, SG motioned to hand Him my collar, then reached out his hand again for the padlock. i looked down at the floor and mumbled "i don't have it with me".

"Look up at Me and say that again" He said.

i repeated that i didn't have it.

"Have you lost it? Do you know where it is?"

"It's at home. i forgot to put it in my bag. i'm very sorry Sir" i quickly looked down at the floor again.

i heard a big sigh from above.

"Is there anything else you want to tell me?" He enquired.

It was like He knew i had another confession to make. So i told Him i had not worn my collar last night either, and hadn't asked for permission. He was aware that i had gone the night before without it, but not last night too.

He shook His head. "Tell Me, what does your collar mean to you?" He asked.

"It's everything Sir. It symbolises Your ownership of me and my submission to You." i replied.

"That's right. It's not difficult to forget is it? I have to say I am disappointed and I'm upset."

Hearing His words, i apologised again several times and felt so bad for hearing that i'd upset Him. It was the last thing i wanted to do. It's one thing a submissive should never ever do to her Master. i felt awful but i didn't know what i could do to make it better. All i could do was kneel before Him, my head bowed, feeling small, knowing that i'd let Him down, waiting to hear my fate.

"How does that make you feel?" He asked.

"Ashamed Sir."

"Do you think you are worthy to wear your collar? Do you think you are worthy to wear it tonight, in My bed?"

"i don't know Sir."

Wrong answer. He repeated the question.

"Yes Sir."

"Do you? I don't think you are. i am trying to think of a suitable punishment. It's a shame that I don't have any implements I could use on you right now. But then again, You'd probably just enjoy it anyway." (The usual pain-bearing tools were at my place.)

He paused.

"Now I know that your neck has been hurting and I did let you sleep without your collar because of that. I do understand that you haven't been feeling so good. I think it would be punishment enough for you not to wear your collar tonight. But hold on to how you feel right now. Feeling ashamed and knowing you've let Me down. It's not a nice feeling is it? you don't want to feel like this again do you?"

"No Sir."

"I am upset, but you know i can't be mad at you for long."

He began to stroke my hair. i looked up at Him and smiled.

He motioned for me to stand up and putting His arms around me, told me to hold Him. i put my head on His shoulder and whispered that i was sorry once more.

"I'll just have to defer your punishment until the weekend..." He replied.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Still musing...

... on 4 amazing days recently spent with my Owner...

... all to be explained soon.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So my last post's photo is now proudly exhibited over at Beau's blog. He did ask for my permission first of course! Then He said: "I'll see about your punishment for tagging me later..."

i received Beau's 'thank you' email today together with another email attached - a private message for SG (oooh!) - and asked me to forward unopened and unread.

i am sooo intrigued now! Have no idea what He could have written! i guess i'll just have to wait and see what i get told.

Anyway, in the meantime, i thought it was only fair to return the favour and post this... and ask if Beau can explain it! ;-)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Quiet Night In

SG's text only said half of what He had planned for me later that evening.

"Morning pup! Hope you're ready for the heady smell of leather. Not one but 2 parcels have arrived!"

Well that got me thinking and realised that SG had already mentioned how much He wanted to find a muzzle for me - i wrote about here. Being a dutiful pup, i had pointed out a muzzle gag i knew He would love and knew would excite me. It would cover about 3/4 quarters of my face with leather and straps and looked a little scary. Having suggested this to Him, i knew it was only part of what i would experience and that intrigued me, but i didn't have to wait long to find out about His other purchase.

When i saw Him later that night, His excitement was obvious and He told me He'd bought an item He had been wanting to buy for a very long time. It was only now He knew He could, having me in His life. It had been a dream of His to own a leather sleep sack. It looked awesome and very scary - imagine a full length straitjacket for the body - and i was going to be strapped into it very shortly.

But first He made me strip and kneel before Him, to apply leather wrist cuffs with my arms behind my back. The muzzle gag then made its appearance, it looked very humiliating, very controlling. He lifted it up to my nose, telling me to smell the leather and how He was looking forward to buckling it up tight. The gag has its own thick neck collar which keeps the head from looking down. He began to buckle the twin straps of the collar around my neck, then brought up the leather muzzle to cover my face and over my mouth to rest below my nose. More straps ran up the sides of my cheeks to hold it in place, as well as straps running around the top of my head. my whole head felt encased and it was quite a weird feeling, but knew it was making me feel very submissive and aroused too.

SG wanted me to look at myself in the mirror to take in the sight of His muzzled puppy. i actually found this quite hard to do. i am not sure why, perhaps because the gag made me feel so humiliated. SG stood behind me, stroking and pinching my nipples, telling me to admire myself. To witness how good i looked and how His puppy couldn't bite Him (or anyone else) anymore.

"Are you ready for the sleep sack pup?" He asked. i could do nothing but nod.

Revealing it from the bag and laying it down on the bed, i remembered my feelings of delight when He first bought the SJ. The same feelings were flooding back, along with excitement and intrepidity, at the prospect of being completely encased in leather, not forgetting muzzled too. This was what SG was all about - sharing with a submissive partner who He could indulge with such bondage apparel. Buying items that were made for just one specific purpose - to restrain. It seemed the natural step up from experiencing the monoglove, then the SJ and now the sleep sack.

He removed my cuffs and took my hand to lead me to the bed. With my feet and legs in first, i shuffled my body down to find that there were separate arm sleeves inside to hold my arms in place. This was getting a little more scary i thought, but i recalled back to how the SJ makes me feel - safe and secure. So i told myself that this would be the same, just on another level. With my arms in the sleeves, i lay back and felt the leather surround my chest, neck and shoulders. i couldn't look down very much, as the muzzle gag restricted my head movement.

i heard the zips being done up, which ran along the front in two sections. He left the middle section, just around my crotch area open, the reason for this would become clear soon enough. Then came SG's favourite part - doing the many straps up across the body. There must have been around 6 or 7 buckles to tighten, they were long straps, and He enjoyed (as with any buckles) pulling them tight. With each one, my body felt more enclosed and the feeling of constriction across my chest only served to make me very wet. Adding to my complete immobilisation, He placed a blindfold over my eyes and it was then i began to float. Knowing that my safety is at the forefront of SG's mind, i felt safe placing my trust in Him. For SG, His pup's helplessness is what it's all about.

The buzzing of the hitachi wand began and the intense vibrations closed in on my clit and pussy. It was sheer torment and pleasure at the same time. Being in such a vulnerable state, there was nothing i could do but take the barrage of sensations running through my 'mummified' body. He positioned the wand in such way to rest against my pussy, then i sensed the flash of a camera through my blindfold, as SG took delight in taking some photos. It must have only been a few minutes later before my delicious orgasm coursed through my body, and as i bucked up and down in the sleep sack, along with many squeals through my gag, SG knew His pup had received her reward.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

HNT - The Home Strait

No getting out of this...

Happy HNT!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Different Light

'What a difference a day makes.' It's a common phrase. But for me, it's what a difference a year has made.

Reflecting back to this time last year, i was feeling pretty low and wanting September to be over, so over. If you want to know what i am talking about, for those who are new to my blog (by the way, welcome!), go back to last year's posts and you'll feel it.

This September (and all of this year) couldn't have been more different. It really couldn't. i owe that to a couple of reasons. One is that i realise and cherish how many lovely people i have come into contact with through my blog. Those wonderful blogger friends who leave such kind, and at times critical, comments. They don't judge me for what i do, but in fact understand it. That in itself is so liberating. So thank you to all those that continue to pass by, lurk, comment - and keep doing it. It really does mean a lot.

The second reason is of course, my adoring Owner, SingleGlove. Since He came into my world, He took hold of my submission, complemented it with His own Dominance, and my life has been changed for the better. In Him, i've found someone who is not only my Master, but also my soul mate and lover. We've experienced so much together already, it really has felt like a never-ending dream. i can safely say, it's been a long time since i've felt this happy.

i am truly proud to wear my collar as a symbol of His ownership and His love. Thank You for finding me Sir.

i've got so many more posts to write and share, i think i need to get myself writing here a little more often. That OK with you?

So... bring on October!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Meme (and Youyou)

Many thanks to Mina and Sylvanus over at At Longing's End for tagging me on this meme. i also asked SG to join in and He was happy to oblige. i should confess that at the time of thinking about our answers, SG had me bound and locked in my cage as punishment for a wrongdoing, but more about that in another post. For now, here's what we came up with - my answers are in white, SG's in turquoise.

What are the last three songs you downloaded?

Black and Gold by Sam Sparro
The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow (album)
Disturbia by Rihanna

The Hawk is Howling by Mogwai
Return to Cookie Mountain by TV on the Radio
Awfully Deep by Roots Manuva

What are the last three places you visited?

New Zealand

Hong Kong
Las Vegas

What are your three favorite movies?

Sweeney Todd
The Truth About Cats and Dogs

This is Spinal Tap
Withnail and I

What are your three favorite possessions?

my car
my new boots (more details and pics in a later post)

trinity pup
My CD collection
My flat

What three things can you not live without?

my mobile phone
my computer

A clean water supply

What would be your three wishes?

Lead a happy life
See more of the world
Never to lose SG

World peace
Three more wishes

What three things haven’t you done yet?

Returned to NZ
Had proper sex outside
Been kidnapped (but SG’s working on that)

Bought a knighthood
Won the lottery
Had a monument built

What are your three favorite dishes?

Masala dosa
Baked Alaska
Chicken casserole

Toast and marmalade
Roast beef
Spag bol

Which three celebrities would you most like to hang out with?

Johnny Depp
Keira Knightly
Kylie Minogue

Simon Pegg
Mike Piazza
Nigel Blackwell

Name three things that freak you out?

Heavy thunderstorms
my own death

Fear itself
My parents' mortality
Losing My memory recall

Name three unusual things you are good at

Curling my tongue
Having independent eyebrows (i.e. i can raise each of them separately!)
i can't be that special, because i can't think of a third! :-(

The power of invisibility, but only when driving My car

Which three things are you coveting?

A house with turrets
Old-style Porsche 911

A Remawear Ultima
The fantasy premier league championship title
The ability to take pleasure in writing

Name three bloggers you are tagging

Letters from a Seraglio
this girl

Monday, September 22, 2008

His Wants

The aftermath of another intense scene and lying exhausted in each other's arms, SG whispers in pup's ear:

"I want to hold you tight... and bind you tighter"

pup simply smiles and nods.

He can and He will.

That's how it is.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

HNT ... Strappado Style

Happy (drooling) HNT!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy In Captivity - Part 2

For those that missed it, here's Part 1.

Now read on for scene 3...

3. Bliss! (the cage, His monoglove and the purple vibe)

Another rest and comfort break, then it was time for the third scene (my favourite and i'm getting tingly and aroused now!). So i was ball gagged again, with my lead attached to my collar, before being strapped tightly into the monoglove. Then within the cage, made to kneel with my head resting on the floor. Chaining my ankles to the corner bars again, this made my bottom very exposed indeed! He then ran my lead from my collar up and over some of the cage bars above, then secured it to the end of the monoglove. This made my movement very limited again (He does enjoy His bondage). If i pulled my (monogloved) arms down, it would lift my head up and if i rested my head on the floor, it would pull my arms up, only allowing me to move a very short distance in a rocking motion. Evil, i tell you, evil! What a delicious and humiliating position to be in, and i could feel something dripping quite contentedly!

But it didn't stop there, as SG then teased and forced me to orgasm with the purple vibe on full speed. As i tried to move forwards to stop the torture to my clit, my arms lifted up behind me and my head touched the floor. i could go nowhere else and with this, He could (and He did) move the vibe closer still. Lifting my head up and my body backwards, the vibe would plunge deep inside my soaking wet pussy, and would quickly bring me to climax - it certainly was a win-win situation! Again and again, SG continued to titillate and fuck me with the vibe. i rocked forwards and backwards, and screamed and moaned for what seemed like forever. i actually lost count of how many times He made me come, but the whole scenario was just awesome.

Sensing He had put me through enough, SG released me from all bonds, leaving me to float away into subspace within the confines of my cage, before coaxing me out to happily melt into His arms.

Blissed out pup

Saturday, September 06, 2008


Don't know what it is about Rihanna's video, Disturbia, but i like it! Maybe it's because it has that dark element... and SG especially loves the last part, where she's on the chair but chained to the floor...

Sorry to disturb... whilst you wait for part 2 ;-)

Thursday, September 04, 2008


i'm wishing i was with You tonight.
Curling up beside You in my collar, cuffs and chains.

Feeling Your warm naked body next to mine.
Hearing Your soft breath in the darkness.

Tonight, i am missing all of that.

So instead, i wear my collar,
locking on the padlock so i feel closer to You.
i can almost feel You here.

But i know it won't be long before it's true
and i'll be safe in Your arms again.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy In Captivity - Part 1

So it was time for my cage experience and after its erection (it looked huge... yes the cage!), SG set about creating 3 separate scenes for His pup to experience. All of which i have to say were very enjoyable and different in their own way. It's one thing to fantasize, to imagine a dream, and quite another to actually live it out, and everything that happened lived up to expectation.

The 3 scenes were:

1. Magical (the cage, His SJ and the Hitachi)

my very first experience in a cage and SG placed me in the straitjacket, as well as my wrist and ankle cuffs, before making me crawl inside 'metal-dom' - my new home for the next few hours. The feeling of being behind bars was pretty cool and my excitement had been building by the second, along with thoughts of how it would feel. Would i panic? Would i hate it after all this fantasizing? i really hoped not, but there was that chance. i knew, and SG reminded me before we began, as with any scene betweeen us, if at any time i didn't feel OK, i had my safe word in place. One mention of that and it would all stop.

Once inside it felt fine, i even felt comforted in a way. Lying on my back, my legs were spread wide, with my ankles restrained to the corner bars by chains attached to my cuffs. Not being able to move much, as well as being encased in the SJ, SG then had free reign over my body (as He normally does). It was strange looking through the bars up at SG. He looked down to see His pup in captivity - nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. He really did have total control now.

He asked me how it felt to be making another dream come true and my smile answered that. He told me how He may keep me in it for longer periods once i am used to it. How he may make me sleep overnight in it and would love to wake up to see me curled up asleep inside it. For punishment He would certainly use it, keeping me bound to the bars for an extended time as He saw fit. It all felt quite surreal but so cool too. His hands reached through the bars to stroke my thighs and pussy. Yes i was pretty damp at this point! Then i heard the Hitachi wand's motor and He directed it over my exposed clit. my body jolted with its powerful vibrations and it wasn't long at all, before the wand had worked its magic and my climax took me. i had christened the cage with my first orgasm.

2. Suspension (the cage, the stool, the leather cat and the crop)

After taking time to comfort me and let His pup rest, it was on to the second scene. He strapped the ball gag harness on me, then i watched as He placed the leather stool (used for spanking and sex in past times... oh as well as a footstool!) inside the cage. He motioned for me to crawl back inside, making me lie across the stool. He chained my wrists down at the corner bars, before suspending my ankles in mid-air by running chains over the top bars and connecting them to my cuffs. The photo below shows this, albeit a litle blurry, but i think SG was excited! With my legs hanging like this, it made me feel very vulnerable and maybe a little scared, then i heard the swish of both the leather cat and crop above me. He walked around the cage, to build up the suspense. Although He didn't have much room for swing, He was able to flick the cat's tails across my bottom and legs. The crop worked better (for who?!) by causing a fair amount of sting, which made me flinch with very restricted movement. i knew SG was enjoying every second. He loves to see me helpless and struggling in my bonds.

blurry pup

Scene 3 was still to come...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

(Puppy Cage) Vacancy: Apply Within

A topic i had mentioned to SG when we first started chatting, before we met, was my curiosity with cages. That's only as far as it had got - a curiosity and nothing much more. The thought of being kept and the whole idea of captivity is something that has always excited me. i also have a huge kidnap fascination. In earlier times, the more i read about BDSM, the more i began to get hooked into wanting to be caged.

So it was thrilling when SG told me He had been doing some 'research' and had found a great site that supplies handmade cages with delivery too. i had to admit it sounded too good to be true, and before i knew it, my (adorable, generous and loving) Master was talking about buying me one! He wanted to make my curiosity a reality. It seemed an awesome, and at the same time, surreal idea, but He was very serious. He knew how much i would love it and i know His mind (as was mine) was racing with all the kinky times we could experience. After several weeks of deliberating, He was measuring up the space it would take up and how His pup would fit inside it.

So you've seen the first photo of my cage (yes albeit empty!). It's my new place He can keep me, restrain me inside and to, watch over and even make me sleep in (although i haven't yet, i think He was serious when He suggested it). But just getting it delivered is a story in itself. Picking a Saturday as the best time, SG had arranged to come to mine mid-morning in readiness to help take delivery. Not living in a ground floor apartment, we knew this was going to prove tricky, especially knowing the cage is delivered in three packages, with a total weight of 42kg!

So naturally it couldn't have turned out any other way, when the delivery man arrives 30 mins before SG is due! So i had the delight of greeting said delivery man at the main door, as he heaved each huge package onto a trolley in the main hall of the block. He asked me if there was anyone else to help and my girlie voice took over. i shook my head and said "my boyfriend is going to be here in 30 mins". After which i told him that i lived upstairs (swallow me up ground!). Wheeling his trolley along the corridor, he then asked "is there a lift?" (it was getting worse). "No" i said meekly and trying to stifle a smirk at how this whole scenario was playing out. Not quite how we had imagined it!

Trying to help him heave the two heaviest packages upstairs, i ended up carrying the third, being the lightest and most manageable. After seeing him struggle with it all, he proceeded to inform me that he had 'tennis elbow' (not really the best thing for lifting heavy items!). After leaving said cage in my apartment's hall, i thanked him graciously, hearing him huff and puff his way back downstairs, and curiously wondered if he would have known what was actually in the packages!

Still giggling to myself, SG turned up around 10 mins later, and greeted Him with a huge grin. He quickly spotted the packages behind me and He couldn't stop smiling. Our excitement began building and He quickly set to work, which was really rather simple.

Within no time, one puppy cage had a vacancy...

More details soon...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Cage Of Time

So what events took place here...?

What did SG put His pup through this time...?

Answers on a postcard...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pussy Galore

SG's instruction had been simple - obtain a rubber cat-woman mask. Knowing He wants to gradually train me in wearing a full hood in time, for now it was the next best thing.

His pup obliged and ordered one from Cathouse Clothing (a great supplier for rubber wear). When it arrived, it looked rather cool, complete with 'ears'. i was filled with curiosity and excitement at the thought of wearing it, and knew it wouldn't be covering the whole of my head.

Making me strip naked, except for my collar, He dangled the inflatable double dildo rubber pants in front of me and told me to put them on, then attached the pump to the front valve. The butt plug is still too large for me at the moment, so i inserted the large dildo inside my already aroused moist pussy. The thought of wearing the pants makes me very excited, especially knowing that with each pump, the dildos increase in width, making me feel very filled as well as very humiliated. i know SG can't wait until both dildos can plug each of my holes. He is working His way up to it with a fairly large butt plug He uses on me on occasion (and will probably increase in frequency, now He's read this!).

Next, He placed me in my leather harness and wrist and ankle cuffs, and enjoyed tightening each strap to its last buckle hole, wherever possible. Recently, i customised it by adding a few more holes to the leather straps, so it fits tighter over my body. It feels even more restrictive across my chest and thighs now. Following this, He placed my arms into the monoglove, buckling it up tightly around my shoulders, and pulling the additional straps around my elbows and wrists.

Kneeling before Him, already encased in leather and with the addition of my lead attached to my collar, He adorned His pup with the cat-woman mask, telling me how cute i looked in it and stroked my 'ears'. It covered half of my face, resting against my cheekbones and felt a little weird to feel something partially covering my head and face, around my eyes. Shortly after this, He added the blindfold and the ball gag harness over the top of the whole ensemble. The harness felt more comfortable (if that's possible) wearing it over the rubber mask, as it has a tendency to press against my face as SG loves to ensure it is strapped tightly around my head, with the rubber ball closely invading and filling my mouth.

All of this made me feel completely humiliated and then to add to it, He placed the tweezer nipple clamps on me. Feeling them tighten on my nipples, i squirmed a little, then He said "Get up my little kitten, we're going for a little walk". ('Did He just call me kitten?' i thought to myself.) He pulled on my lead and the clamps and i scrambled to my feet as He led me out of the room. He walked me around for a time, continuing to pull on the clamps, the pain through my nipples increasing with each tug. At certain intervals, He made me stop for Him to inflate the dildo, squeezing the pump once or twice at a time to slowly fill my now soaked pussy.

In the midst of walking me around, i felt Him place something buzzing down the front of my pants to rest against my clit - the vibrating bullet from the cock ring. We've had so much enjoyment from it (well i know i have!). Having one of your senses taken away, i.e. your sight, really does focus your mind on other sensations to one's body, so with this addition teasing my already flooded and filled pussy, was very devious of Him, but i knew He was enjoying my sweet torment. He loves nothing more than to tease me.

As i focused on my tingling clit, a sudden wave of pain coursed through my nipples as He pulled on the clamps, making me walk on again. i could feel myself getting slower with my pussy being filled ever more and my clit beginning to feel like it might explode soon. All the while, He continued to pull on what now felt like red-raw nipples and i remember crying out through my gag a few times. i couldn't take much more of that pain. By this point, He had walked me back to the bed and lay me down on my back. He pumped the dildo again and pressed His hand down on the bullet through my pants and i began to struggle with all the sensations. As He inflated the dildo one more time, i knew it was too much, it felt too big for me to take and realising this, He deflated it before causing me any serious pain. SG doesn't intentionally like to cause His pup any pain (except maybe for when it's a punishment).

After removing the bullet from my pants and freeing me from the monoglove, He lay beside me to hold and comfort me for some time. As i was still revelling in the experience and His caresses, He told me He wanted to fuck me as i'd made Him so aroused and hard. He needed release and He knew the scene, intense as it was, hadn't been enough for me to climax from (i'm such a demanding pup at times!).

After telling me to remove my pants, He led me through to the living room and pushed me face down to bend over the table. Feeding rope through my wrist and ankle cuffs, He stretched my arms across the top and tied them to the table legs. With my legs also tied spread wide, He pushed His hard cock inside me and thrust quickly and deeply. His constant rhythm and pressure of pushing Himself up against me increased and soon i could feel myself edging towards a spine-tingling orgasm. Before i knew it, it had crept up and over me so very quietly, but so deliciously. Seconds later, SG's own satisfying orgasm came crashing over Him, coupled with His wonderful deep groans against my ear.

Such a lovely sound, but such an incredible table!

P.S. i have just asked SG if He has any photographic evidence from the scene and He has. So pics may be on their way to help visualise what i didn't actually get to see, only feel, but oh what a feeling...

P.P.S. So here are the visuals of the pup/cat-woman: