Friday, December 21, 2007

trinity-pup is a YEAR old!!! (Get the party started...!)

Come on in.... the party has officially begun!!!

The cocktails are being shaken, the nibbles are being served.

The music of Cafe Del Mar (any requests?) is playing in the background and the leather sofas look inviting.

It's time to celebrate a WHOLE YEAR of trinity-pup's blog and if Y/you've never visited her before, please do introduce Y/yourself, don't be shy.

The party should be in full swing later on ... when the hostess will be making her appearance...

So start enjoying!


Rob said...

wow, it's been a whole year already!!

It's been very nice to read your posts. I can remember posts that have been:
- Emotional
- Insightful
- Compassionate
- Teasing
- Shocking
- Intriguing
- Funny
- and... HOT!

I look forward to another year of wonderful posts.

Wish you all the best, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tight hugs / Rob

beau said...

Hey t! What a great party!!!!!! Thanks for the invite - and I must say you are looking stunning tonight. I hope my costume is appropriate?

Right, let's have some fun. Where are the clothes pegs????


B xx

Sage said...

At first I read it as "nipples are being served"...I guess that I have a naughty mind sometimes.

katie said...

Am i the first?

Ramius said...

will the hostess be wearing a collar and be lead in on a leash?? I am hoping so :)


PS: Congrats

trinity-pup said...

Rob - Hey!! Sooo good to see you here... and thank you for such a lovely comment!! Here's to another year i hope!! Have a great Christmas and a fab New Year too. *hugs* xx

trinity-pup said...

Beau - well thank you my dear! Your outfit is just... well!!! i thought you might outdo me ;-)

Clothes pegs... ok i'll go and find them! :-) x

trinity-pup said...

Sage - that made me smile!! Hehehe... your mind working overtime huh?! ;-) *hugs* x

trinity-pup said...

katie - no!!! Where you been?!! ;-) x

trinity-pup said...

Ramius - good to see a new face here... i'm afraid i won't be arriving like that (lovely thought though!) ... always next year i guess!! :-)