Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hope Is A Glowing Ember

The glowing embers of the fire
light up His face, as He looks down upon her.

Kneeling naked and bound before Him,
He slowly strokes her hair,
gently caresses her cheek,
then grips her chin to hold her gaze.

Smiling into her eyes, He says:

"you'll be safe... soon enough, little one.
Wait a little longer. Time will make things right.
you need to have faith and hope."

He softly kisses her head, then motions with His hand.
Smiling back at Him, she curls up at His feet.
she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.

He smiles once again and watches over her.


Hidenka said...

Hello Trinty Pup,

my name is Hidenka, and I have stopped by to say that I enjoy your blog very much so far. I have decided to add you to my blogroll. I hope that this is pleasing for you. If it is not, please tell me so and I will take you off.

Much Love

P.S. I found you through Beau :)

beau said...

I find this a beautiful image dear t - quite beautiful.

B xxxx

trinity-pup said...

Hidenka - hello to you! i am so thrilled to see you visit and thank you for taking time to read me. i am honoured to be included in your blogroll - i shall do the same.

(isn't Beau great?!)

love t. x

trinity-pup said...

Beau - thank you kind Sir! *smiles*

erm... were your ears just burning...? ;-) x