Saturday, December 01, 2007

English Gentleman

The blogging community is shocked once again to learn of another dear friend withdrawing their blog (all for good reason i have to add)... i'm so very sad to hear that the English Gentleman is no more.

It had only been within the last few months that i discovered dear Roper's place and i enjoyed reading his vignettes, his thoughts and opinions. i confess to lurking for some time before leaving any comments and then gradually he became a good friend. i have to thank him so much for helping me through my bad times not so long ago. If you're still reading me Roper, you truly helped me a lot - thank you! i would also add that i am very proud to have written a post relating about you somewhere on my blog, but i'll leave it for my dear readers to guess on which it might be.

Gonna miss you dear Roper.... but i know you won't be far away. Sending you my dearest wishes and hopes that you may return one day.


beau said...

I am sorry Roper has felt it necessary to remove his blog and hope things work out well for him.

elle said...

i noticed that roger's blog was gone also. maybe i'm an optimist, but i keep hoping these "happenings" are just technical glitches.

i loved reading his blog. he will be sorely missed.

Dark Pixie said...

I am sorry that Roper is no longer blogging too. I wish his well. xoxo