Saturday, December 08, 2007


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i spotted this image on the blog of Atlanta Bondage and thought i'd just "borrow" it. i hope He doesn't mind... ;-) i just love the whole look and feel... so arousing is the sight of the chain hanging from her collar.

The following two images are from deviantART:

Would love to wear something like this...

Black Velvet

Dancing has never looked so good...

The Charleston


KreativeMix said...

pretty fabulous!!!!!!!! i doubt he'll mind :-)

elle said...

i absolutely love that first pic. the abstract streaks remind me of metallic material.

t, i'm definitely with you on the chain... i like anything hanging from or attached to a collar. preferably a leash and a Master's hand. ;)

Anonymous said...

love the pic, xx could so so tie you up xx