Saturday, December 22, 2007

Absent Friends

i hope you enjoyd my party... i guess the hangovers are pretty bad, as i still have a few comments to wait for!! (Or maybe you're all just too shy!)

On a serious note, i wanted to toast absent friends and hope that they are all well, wherever they may be at this time. i hope they can turn up next year!

Of special mention are:

brooke of Puppy Tales - miss you lots my sweet and just hope all improves for you. you really deserve so much more in life and i only wish that very soon it turns into a fabulous future.

Roper of English Gentleman - i know you are still in touch and i thank you for your goodwill message. i really hope things keep improving for you.

Fallen Star - another wonderful blogger friend, who's blog is no more, but is now back in touch, which is so cool (thank you!). i am sending you lots of happiness and luck for the coming new year.

ronjazz - i know that you are making your way back to your blog and that life sounds like it's really great now - i am so very happy for you! Looking forward to reading you again.

i have my fingers crossed for you all. This last year seems to have been quite a whirlwind and hopefully next year can be a more settled one, but i know we can't forget how unpredictable life is, it throws many things at us.

Let's hope we have the strength, courage, spirit and not forgetting some luck, to make it a better year for us all.


Anonymous said...

have a great christmas and new year, hope to see more of your blog xx

the desertwind said...

happy anniversary and happy holidays to you trinity, hope your new year is even best to you.d.

trinity-pup said...

Waynecoff - have a great one too and happy new year! i hope to keep going! Who knows... next year might be a better one :-) x

trinity-pup said...

Desertwind - very nice to see a new face - thanks. Have a great holiday too. i hope next year is good for you too. t.