Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wanted: D/s Soulmate

It's no secret from reading my blog, i am searching for my D/s soulmate. It's been a couple of months since any D/s interaction and i do miss it, but aside from that, i miss the whole relationship thing - the intimacy, the romance and the "being there" for someone. i thought i had found something special, not so long ago, but it just wasn't meant to be. i don't think i'm asking for the world in my search. i am trying to narrow down the fundamentals to my quest, so here's my list (so far!):

Brown eyes (well no... blue, green, hazel, or whatever would be just fine)
6ft+ tall (actually the same height is great... i'm 5ft 8)
Good build (OK... just not too overweight!)

Takes charge, i mean really takes control, who knows their own mind and enjoys their Dominance without being egotistical about it, as well as knowing that it's not something to play at.

Interlinks their vanilla world with D/s, who knows that their underlying role is as a Dominant, blending it into their day to day life. Able to make me feel very protected, supported and guided, when needed.

Mentally strong, but also able to show their human side. Have a great understanding of emotions and know when to show theirs, without losing face or feeling that it might be seen as a weakness. We should never forget that we are all human.

Well anything D/s, but especially bondage (that includes chains!), sensory deprivation, humiliation, pain play (although i am still working out my threshold which was extensively stretched (read here), enjoys roleplaying and owns a cage or is interested in getting one... (a huge curiosity of mine!).

Am i being too expectant.... too demanding? i'd like to think not, but i do feel like i'm in the wilderness at the moment. i know i am in a strong position (i'd like to think) and have so much to give. Maybe i'm too picky, but i'm also a submissive searching for her D/s soulmate...


Mina said...

i wish you much luck in finding your D/s soulmate. I am truly lucky to have found mine. Oddly enough, all that you described matches Amorphous! But don't get any ideas! lol *wink*

Anonymous said...

need to know where u are based b4 i can apply x

beau said...

Hey p that queue has grown so quickly. it's round the block already? How are you going to choose the lucky Dom then t?

I'm sure you'll have fun deciding. ;)

B xxxx

Rob said...

I think it is great that you know what you seek, and you're able to communicate it so that the risk of confusion and/or misunderstanding is greatly reduced.
Anyone saying that is too demanding doesn't appreciate your honesty, the fact that you're upfront, and should go look for the "I do anything" type of subs.

Wish you best of luck in finding your D/s soul mate :)

Hugs / Rob

kev said...

Good luck in your search!

trinity-pup said...

Mina - thank you hun! i shall steer clear of Amorpheous, don't worry! (i think He's a bit too far away from me anyway!) x

waynecoff - don't you know where Wonderland is?!! ;-)

Beau - hehehe.. it sure has! (i wish!) i think i might throw some dice... what do you think? ;-)

Rob - awww thanks very much for your lovely comment :-) i wasnt sure whether it had come across in the way i hoped... so fingers crossed i guess! *hugs* x

beau said...


- yes, throwing some dice could be a good idea!

B xx

trinity-pup said...

Beau - just not a double six... hmmm? ;-)

katie said...

it would be so great if Doms could read that list and only apply if they really did meet all the criteria. Good luck in wading through all the 100s of wannabees, but have fun while you are doing it *smiles*