Friday, October 26, 2007


Keira Knightley is the new face of Coco Chanel...

The bowler hat is a nice addition... but wouldn't it look better on her head? ;-)


Rob said...

couldn't agree more, the hat should be on her head, with her hands on the hat ;)

Hugs / Rob

Will said...

As Joe Cocker Sang,

"You can Leave ya Hat on!"...

~~What a great photo.
Hat's off, to the fetching Mademoiselle!

Ps: I just posted THE FINAL EPISODE of "Sexual Nostalgia"...(Started this because I was bored with Summer Re-runs! Let the Fall Begin!)

Take care.
~~(^_^)~~and, Happy Halloween.
(I honestly don't know if I'm going to be blogging on a regular basis. But, I'll be reading you, hun.

trinity-pup said...

Rob - hehehe... well that sounds even better! ;-)

Hugs back at ya

trinity-pup said...

Will - brilliant! It is a fab photo... very seductive i thought!

i had better catch up with Sexual Nostalgia then!

Happy Halloween to you too and i do hope you keep reading :-)