Thursday, October 04, 2007


"Table For One" - Jack Vettriano

Set the fireworks off, light the candles on the cake and pop that cork ... not for my birthday... but for my 100th blog post!

Now i know you're all thinking "that's nothing!", but i am feeling rather proud of the fact that i've come this far in just 9 months, it seems so much longer. i hope you've enjoyed what you've read here and i'd love to know what your favourites have been (if any!), so please let me know! What would you like to see more of too (and don't say my bottom!).

So a new month begins (you know how much i hated the last) and with it brings new experiences, new friends to meet and hopefully more fun!

i also need to say a huge thank you to all who keep reading and leaving such wonderful comments - they truly mean so much.

So raise a glass and let's celebrate the future together. Cheers! (or should that be bottoms up?!)


beau said...

"bottoms up"


It has to be your bottom t - how could it be anything else, except for your imagination and honesty.

So congratulations on your 100th post.

Where's that champagne?

"Bottoms up!!!!!"

B xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Rob said...

wow, 100 blog postings already, you have every right to be proud!

What I would like to see... you know that already ;)

Hugs / Rob

Pixiepie said...

bottoms up to you too!! so proud of you on # 100.

trinity-pup said...

Beau - hehehe *blush* well i thought You might say that! i should say a special thank You to You, because i believe You were my inspiration for starting the blog. Where would i be without You? :-)

trinity-pup said...

Rob - hey bro, it's so good to see you finally made it here "officially" (does this mean you're starting a blog?!)

i do know what you want to see and i only hope i can provide it!

Roper said...

You deserve applause for your perseverance, and also for the honesty with which you have recorded a not always easy journey towards submission.

Sage said...

That is fantastic! 100 already?! Wow! We enjoy reading so please keep it up.

Pixiepie said...

anything from you is delicious!

His pet said...

Congratulations!!! You totally ROCK!

Dark Pixie said...

cheers to you t.

may you have many more posts...and i cant wait to read them all.

congratulations my friend. xoxo