Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well i think she looks a bit vampish...

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Ok i admit, i was feeling pretty horny this weekend... nothing wrong in that i know, but i hadn't felt that needy for a while... so what's a pup on heat meant to do?

As sad as it sounds, my chains that gave me so much excitement to purchase, written about in an earlier post, have laid almost untouched since, so it was really time to have some fun! It was time to head to Chainland - a more hard-core variation of Wonderland.

The pictures tell the story of how in need i was for some form of restraint (not that it goes away for long!). Feeling the cold metal against my skin certainly added another element to it (anyone noticed that Winter is on its way?). i am sure you'll see where the bigger black chain was rubbing against... mmmm... before running up my back and over my shoulders to my front. Linking into this was the silver chain which was subsequently attached to my wrist cuffs, completing the feeling of restraint as far as i could, without endangering myself.

i would like to add that i am fully aware of the limitations and dangers of self-bondage, to just reassure all those who may worry for me. True, it would have been fantastic to have had a helping hand but hey, sometimes it doesn't matter how you got there...

Needless to say, i was pretty juicy in quite a short space of time, as any form of restraint gets me going big time. With the addition of my collar, a very simple black leather one from a pet shop bought sometime ago, i was lying in my bed enjoying my physical and mental state of submission... even if it was all just for me... it was good! i hope you enjoy the pics.

Now... where's that black chain heading...?


down my back...

Friday, October 26, 2007


Keira Knightley is the new face of Coco Chanel...

The bowler hat is a nice addition... but wouldn't it look better on her head? ;-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yearning to belong
Craving to be owned
Aching to be used
Begging to be touched

Looking towards a brighter horizon
i can see a glimpse
i know it's there somewhere
i hope it finds me soon

Friday, October 19, 2007

In The Country

pup's taking some time out in the country this weekend (all purely vanilla!), so you'll find the key in its usual spot, feed my cat and leave the place tidy.

i might even have some more news on the "curiosity" story on my return...(it all depends on brooke!)

Have a great and safe weekend.

t. x

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser... said trinity

i got this mail from (miss) brooke yesterday:


Will you be my pet?


(miss) brooke's Master wants her to have a pet - someone she can 'top'. she want's it to be me, i was top of her list!!! :-o Sure i am flattered but i am thinking all sorts at the moment. i wonder how He wants it all to work. Does it mean i am owned? Am i shared? Who do i play with?

she is looking to arrange a time when the three of U/us can chat, so questions can be answered... and i have so many questions! This pup is getting ever curious...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Refreshing Times

W/we met in a London bar. He was already there and smiled warmly when He saw me.

W/we had a really good chat, full of D/s topics as well as vanilla. During conversation, He admired my tattoo and ran His fingers over it. i found i couldn't stop smiling as He did so and was probably blushing, so he continued a little more. His hand moved up and quickly gripped my hair, holding my head back momentarily. He told me how He remembered reading a comment i left on another blog recently on how much i liked having my hair pulled. i do believe i was still smiling but also felt a little submissive, if only for a few seconds.

W/we left the bar and parted company at the end of the street, but not before He told me "I'm going to kiss you now". i mumbled "erm... ok" before He moved in to give me the softest kiss...

my drinks with a Dom was over... for now...

Saturday, October 13, 2007


(Another gem of an image from a Google search...)

All the excitement and the anticipation of forthcoming events was getting me all "worked up" today as i lay in the bath. This happens to be one of my favourite places where i usually feel aroused, coupled with the fact that it was Saturday afternoon - the time and day of the week i usually feel at my horniest too. i've never been able to put my finger on why (or maybe two), but that's not to say i can't at any other times either!

Just this time i was good and refrained (i was going out... well there's always time later... and now i've seen brooke's pic!), but it's a curiosity i'd like to hear your views on.

Do you have a particular day or time, maybe a favourite place too (when you find yourself alone), that you feel at your horniest and why?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pup Wanted

i decided to Google the words "in demand" to see what pictures it came up with and found this image... thought it was hilarious (and maybe appropriate!) The following post should help to make sense of the reason behind it!

A whole week since i last wrote but i've now recovered from the champagne hangover! i'm back with all the latest news... and this pup is "in demand"!

Firstly, i've received great support and advice from my fellow blogger friends (thank you once again), following all my stresses of the past weeks and from this, one Dom in particular has been of real help and support (i won't mention Him as a show of respect - i don't know if He would like to be named, but He knows who He is!). He asked if i'd like to meet up for drinks and i;ve said yes. So i have "drinks with a Dom" on the horizon.

Secondly, i read a recent post of brooke's about taboos and something she can't share at the moment. She also mentions how her Master started training her to be "bi". This is something i know she has mentioned in a previous post. i know it's something she isn't sure about, she certainly likes men, but as it's for her Master, what's a girl to do?! Then somewhere in this later post, she mentions my name but doesn't say yet! (Here's a "hi" back brooke!)

All i can share at this moment in time is that she mailed asking me to invite her Master to read my blog, in addition to sending Him a photo of me too... *gulp!* (and not anything rude either!) So i am thinking all sorts! i am yet to hear back from Him. brooke is keen to see my photo (don't get too excited hun - and i want to see yours!) but all of this intrigues me as to what He is thinking .... i hope all will become clearer soon! So watch this space!

Now... sit! ;-)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


"Table For One" - Jack Vettriano

Set the fireworks off, light the candles on the cake and pop that cork ... not for my birthday... but for my 100th blog post!

Now i know you're all thinking "that's nothing!", but i am feeling rather proud of the fact that i've come this far in just 9 months, it seems so much longer. i hope you've enjoyed what you've read here and i'd love to know what your favourites have been (if any!), so please let me know! What would you like to see more of too (and don't say my bottom!).

So a new month begins (you know how much i hated the last) and with it brings new experiences, new friends to meet and hopefully more fun!

i also need to say a huge thank you to all who keep reading and leaving such wonderful comments - they truly mean so much.

So raise a glass and let's celebrate the future together. Cheers! (or should that be bottoms up?!)

Monday, October 01, 2007

In The Morning...

Wake me with Your kisses
Make me feel Your lips on mine

Wake me with Your touch
Make me tingle as Your fingers explore

Wake me with Your voice
Make me quiver as You whisper in my ear

Wake me with Your body
Make me whimper as You thrust deep inside

Wake me...
Make me...
Take me.