Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Private Eyes

Before i post the latest weekend's news (yes it's coming!), i have decided, with some regret, to make my blog available to invited readers only (my dearest friends!).

It's not something i wanted to do, but a recent event has more or less forced me to do this. Without going into more details, i hope Y/you can understand and continue to enjoy all that Y/you read here, as much as i love writing for it.

It's nice to have Y/your company. Can i just have a few hugs too please...?



beau said...

Thank you t.

It's nice to have your company too.

I'm so sorry if something bad has happened. Take care.

B xxxx

His pet said...

Thanks for including me on the list of allowed readers! i would have missed you so much.


Pixiepie said...

here is a hug...and thank you for the invite. I would miss you terribly if I couldn't read you!

RONJAZZ said...

Same here, little pup. You're all right. Seems that many of us are experiencing a little difficulty at present. But I'm glad you've allowed me a key.

Séverine said...

Thank you for the invitation. I hope it will be OK. *Hugs*

Will said...

((hugs)) & ((hugs)) & ((hugs))...

...that's a few!

Thanks, for the invite.

(I'm new here..but, I would've missed being able to read you.)


Roper said...

It's a rare privilege to be invited.

katie said...

lots of hugs from katie xxxxx

zigzag12 said...

I thank you too s :)

and knowing your situation it is for the best too with what I now know to be a very positive outcome :)

Hugs to you for being who you are, a tower of strength and courage, good on you!



Dark Pixie said...

thank you for inviting me...and you are welcome to as many hugs as you like my dear friend.


trinity-pup said...

It's so nice to see Y/you A/all here and thanks again for such lovely and supportive messages. They mean a lot.

*Hugs* back to each of Y/you.

t. x

sub lyn said...

Thanks for inviting me!


sub lyn said...

i have a question for you that i don't want to just post randomly onto a blog post - can you email me at