Thursday, September 13, 2007


Firstly, i have to say thank you to my friends for comments to the pre-play post, am not sure if it really saved me from much, as He was in "thrashing mood" anyway, but special thanks goes to Dark Pixie who was there with the first comment!

So the night continued... a few experiences i want to share:

Still in the hallway and wearing jeans (as instructed), He undid my belt and pulled it sharply from my waist. Folding it over in His hand and smiling, He began to slap it against His hand, getting harder each time which made me wince a little. He said He liked the sound it made. i knew what was to come and the thought of being hit by my own belt was rather a strange and curious feeling. i have a thing for belts, just can't explain why. Making me bend over, He ran His fingers sharply down my back and told me He had been growing his nails. It was an incredibly hard pain and i winced each time He 'clawed' at me. Then He undid my jeans and let them drop to my ankles. He gave me a few strokes of the belt fairly hard to warm my cheeks.

Whilst still bent over, He placed the belt along my back, telling me not to let it fall to the floor, else He would use it on me again harder. From behind, He reached inside my panties to check my already wet pussy. His fingers made me melt and i felt myself swaying, just before hearing the "clink" of the belt as it fell to the floor. He asked me to pick it up and pass it to Him, before He gave a few more swipes. That was just the warm-up...

He warmed my cheeks further with His hands, through my jeans, by having me kneel on a chair with my hands on the floor, a very vulnerable position to be in and one which He had great delight in telling me so. Sitting back in the chair, He placed the belt around my neck, pulled it so tightly that i could hardly catch my breath and held it there before slapping my face. The feeling of something around my neck is a very powerful one and it makes me feel very submissive. He could tell, as He asked me "you like that, don't you? I can tell how you enjoy this control". All i could do was nod as He kept the belt tight on my neck. He certainly felt very much in control, as He then pulled me up from the chair and lead me into His bedroom.

Blindfold time again and the fear that comes with it, of having no sense of what is coming next. It's such an intense thing. He had told me earlier it was going to be a night of lighter toys which would be given in faster strokes. To begin with He gave me 50 hand slaps, making me count each one out loud backwards, as well as saying "Thank You Sir" for every one. His slaps got progressively quicker but somehow i managed to keep up. i had impressed Him for now...

The next toy He used was to be the cane, which He told me i was to receive 30 strokes in total, but would be given 5 at a time, in different positions. He said "you will count backwards, with each 5 counted out loud." Each batch of 5 became progressively stingier, as He made me change to different positions, but He allowed me to use the Hitachi wand in between to help the pain dissipate into pleasure. i remember pressing it against my pussy harder and harder with the increasing number of strokes to melt the pain away. He gave me an additional 2 strokes for all the squirming!

Before the final 5, He mentioned He had lit a candle earlier (not that i'd been able to tell from the blindfold). He poured hot wax down my bottom cheeks and tops of my thighs, accompanied by the screaming pain that coursed through me for a few seconds. It was then time for Him to flick the wax off with the last cane strokes, which He seemed to delight in, showering my body with flakes of hardened wax (which i was still picking off my body the next day).

There were several other implements He used on me, one of which i know (since He showed me afterwards) to be a spatula (well He is a chef!) and it was rather painful! i also recall Him placing nipple clips on me, something i have never really experienced before and their gradual pulling sensation only increased the wetness of my pussy. Along with these were some rather intriguing suction cups which He placed at various points on my back and told me to keep very still. They felt really strange as they pulled my skin at different points of my back, but it felt a good sensation. Through most of this time, He kept the belt around my neck, reminding me of His control.

From all of this, along with the moment when one of the nipple clips spun off (or He pulled it off, i'm not sure which, but it hurt like fuck!), He rewarded me with lots of hugs and caresses, followed by the Hitachi and His fingers delving into my ass and pussy. Reaching in deep to locate my g-spot, He brought me to the edge and over it with several tingling orgasms. It was an extremely pleasurable end to the night (thank You again Gavin!).

He teased me that i would be woken in the morning with some bottom slapping, but He (thankfully) changed His mind as i was pretty sore and took mercy on me. Instead He soothed cream into my reddened bottom, but not before writing this along my leg, which He seems to enjoy calling me (and i admit to rather liking it too). A caring Dom is there somewhere inside... never far away.

Again i have to say (sorry if i am getting repetitive!) that it is all rather surreal to think back and realise all what i have experienced so far and how limits are able to be stretched in time. i have gone through so much more than i thought i could already. i know it has only been a very short while and some of You who read my blog (and i do so thank Y/you A/all) are probably surprised, even a little shocked, at the intensity of my play. There are some images i have not wanted to share for good reason - that's my prerogative and it's my blog. For me, it's a journey of exploration, curiosity, excitement, fear and happiness, along with so many other feelings i'm sure. For now, i can say that i am enjoying the path that i am on.


Mina said...

Im happy to come along. Thanks for having me! Great pics and post.

Séverine said...

This was such a hot post, trinity, I absolutely loved it. Honestly, it's way more intense than anything I personally have experienced, at least at a given time. You are strikingly brave given how new your friendship with Gavin is. I am quite impressed with Gavin, too.

Roper said...

'Slutling'? That's very cute.

beau said...

It's good that you are enjoying it so much and gaining great satisfaction from it.

I'm pleased too that there is a "caring Dom" in there somewhere!

I hope this fun continues for you t and you have a fulfilling journey.

B xx

Dark Pixie said...

oh my trinity_pup....i am so excited for you...and i am happy to come along with you on this journey!

and i have to admit i love "slutling".


trinity-pup said...

mina - thanks hun, nice to see you here again. Keep enjoying!

severine - hehehe, you make me smile and it certainly was very intense, all so very surreal! Thank you for your kind compliments.

trinity-pup said...

Roper - *blush* yes, it is rather isnt it? :-)

trinity-pup said...

Beau - hey and welcome back! i am glad You are enjoying and reassured too! ;-) i feel very lucky and to be able to share all of this here, with all these fine friends, brings me happiness too.

trinity-pup said...

dark pixie - thank you sweets! I agree it's rather a nice name :-)

katie said...

i am so glad that i finally got to read this. It sounds like you had a great time xxx

sub lyn said...

Mmmmm. That all sounds absolutely lovely.

Well, except maybe the scratching - scratching play is incredibly hard pain for me too. Which i'm sure is why my Master likes it to so much!

But the description of the belt around your neck... mmmm. Very hot.