Saturday, September 01, 2007

Instructions And Discipline

O/our chat tonight (late Fri night, as it's now very early Sat morn!) centred on how i was feeling ahead of O/our playtime and giving me the instructions below. He also gave me several scenarios of what could happen, but not necessarily will happen. The fear was building inside me.

He has given me the following instructions (so far) for the forthcoming playtime:
  1. Bring a blindfold, or something that can act as one, and some rope
  2. Bring your white lace panties... in your bag (eek!)
  3. Be at My door at 4pm sharp - within 30 seconds either way (any later and He told me i will get 4 hard and fast dragon canings instantly)
  4. Await further instructions when you arrive
  5. More instructions will be sent in the morning

Your attire will be as follows:
  • Black heels
  • Black stockings
  • Black suspender belt
  • White bra
  • Black pleated skirt
  • Red/Black Chinese style top
Having been told not to play with myself all week, as W/we talked, He let me put my finger against my clit and then inside me. After each command He gives me, i must reply "yes Gavin". Losing myself with the pleasurable feeling of touching down there again, He instructed me to push my fingers deeper inside. Wanting to feel more, i pushed them in further, before He said my name sternly, prompting me to reply and i quickly did so. He asked me to tell Him truthfully if i had pushed my fingers in before i had replied. i couldn't lie and admitted i had... not good. He was very displeased.

Him: "Stand up and take down your combats and pants" i complied. "When I give you a command, you reply "yes Gavin" - understood?"

me: "Yes Gavin"

Him: "As I am not there to give you them, you're going to discipline yourself. Firstly, I want you to give your bare right cheek 5 hard slaps and I want to hear each one. Afterwards I want you to ask Me if I am satisfied with them, OK? Now go"

i administered 5 hard slaps to my right cheek and asked Him if He was satisfied. He said He couldn't hear them very well (the phone line was a bit dicey) but somewhere in between Him originally telling me i was then going to give myself another 20 hard slaps, He increased the number to 30 and to count each one out loud, then ask Him if He was satisfied. He said if He felt that some were not good enough, He would subtract them from the 30, tell me the number He was happy with, for me to add on any additional slaps and count them out, in order to make it back up to 30.

So there i stood, naked from the waist down, counting out the slaps, my hand was burning red when i made it to 30. Asking Him if He was satisfied, He told me 28 were OK and so i counted out another 2 slaps (i think i did well!).

Him: "How do You feel now?"

me: "silly and ashamed that i didn't reply when You gave me a command"

Him: "I think this is something you should write about in your blog"

So i can say i do feel ashamed, i know i need to try much harder and this will serve as a lesson to me.

Tomorrow is here (i must get to bed now) ... O/our playtime is on it's way... i know i have do much better than this... i know His dragon cane awaits...


katie said...

the excitement of getting prepared. i think i am as excited as you are!!!

Dark Pixie said...

i have received similar punishments for similar offenses...and i felt silly too!


trinity-pup said...

katie - the excitment was pretty overwhelming in itself... even before i'd set foot outside my door.

dark pixie - i am glad i'm not the only one then... :-)