Sunday, September 16, 2007


i wanted to share another picture from the 'Thrashed' weekend. Along with the marks to my bottom, this is just above my left hip, which i believe was the result of a lot of squirming and His cane. His target is usually my bottom cheeks but as you can imagine, with all my movement, i received this too.

For whatever reason and i'm really not sure why, it's become one of my favourite images. i've been tracing my finger over this mark all week and even now, as it slowly fades, i haven't stopped looking at it.

So here it is immortalised:


His pet said...

i love my marks too. i like to touch them (the twinge makes me wet) and i am always sad when they fade away.

Roper said...

Hmmm. That looks like a hard one.

Dark Pixie said...

yum! xoxo

beau said...

such a lovely mark

oh to trail my tongue
along it's length

then kiss it

trinity-pup said...

his pet - i am getting to know that feeling... (that will intice Him to leave more now!) ;-)

roper - i think it looks worse than it actually was, it's hardly visible now

dark pixie - yum indeed!!

trinity-pup said...

Beau - oh... you've left me smiling, it's such a nice thought :-)

katie said...

i adore my marks and i am very lucky cause they usually last at least two weeks. In fact i am getting a bit worried as these ones havent gone yet and he prefers a blank canvas to work on.