Friday, August 10, 2007

If There Be Dragons

Now for something completely different on my blog... tattoos!

For those of you who don't know me in real life (and there are a few of you out there!), i have a tribal dragon tattoo which i endured 90 minutes of pain for around 7 years ago. It was definitely worth the pain and is something i am very proud of. i have to say the pain was certainly very different to anything i've ever experienced before and since (yes, even the cane!).

So i am thinking of another tattoo some time this year, other than a dragon, although i do love how they look, but decided to do a Google search for "dragon tattoo", just to see what it came up with, to find this fantastic design - a dragon shoe! How cool is that?! Tempting...!


Rob said...

ah, now that is a tattoo I could like :)

/ Rob

Dark Pixie said...

wow...that is a cool tattoo....very nice! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that's cool - I've never seen anything quite like it!

katie said...

some tattoos are just so artistically pleasing that i am very tempted to have one. Two drawbacks though, one, Sir has forbidden it as he hates them so the second one is really irrelevant lol but i will share it anyway. I am a nurse and one of the things that make me all squimish is tattoos on old ladies or even just not so old ladies.

Tattoos only look good on fit young women (yes i know that is prejudiced) but on old skin it just looks weird. Any way completely nothing to do with your post so delete if you like but it is something to thing about for when you are old

trinity-pup said...

Rob - *smiles* i somehow knew you'd love this, women's intuition i guess... ;-)

dark pixie - very cool huh!

anon - thanks for commenting!

trinity-pup said...

katie - but did you like the design? Tattoos when done well do look really cool.

Question for you - if your Master did like them and wanted to make His mark on you, what would you do?

katie said...

oh i love a really good design and sometimes they look so sexy. If he decided i had to have one, then i would do it. But it would be a real act of submission. same with piercing, i would do it if he said.

Dragons are some of my favourites though