Thursday, August 02, 2007

Asking For A Caning

The wait is over... here's last weekend's news (don't get too excited!).

Following my weekend of play, i found myself a bruised, used and happy pup :-)

A couple of phrases i remember are:

"Would you like to be tied to the bed whilst I fuck you?"
(is that really an option...?)

"So do you want the cane or the leather strap first?"
(decisions, decisions...!)

i went to play with Another (who is already known to me) for a couple of nights. W/we B/both knew it was going to be just for some play sessions, nothing more and it certainly was a lot of fun!

It was a weekend where i was able to become my submissive self and it was such a release. Having never been caned before was certainly a new experience for me and i actually loved it! i know i am getting to be more of a pain slut, so this was an opportunity to find out how much i could take. Obviously, it was just a play weekend - a "taster" session, so i knew He wouldn't be taking things too far.

Lying face down on His bed, He asked me if i'd like to try the cane or the leather strap first. Nice of Him to give me a choice! They were both recent purchases of His, so He was keen to christen them both! i opted for the leather strap initially and "OUCH!" (yes i am a beginner!), it certainly gave a fairly big sting at times. It wasn't too bad though and once you have felt it a few times, it just gets stingier!!

Then it was time for the cane, which was handmade and apparently a "senior" model (no idea!). As i lay there slightly quivering and beginning to float from the rush of the pain and now its subsidence, i could hear the "swish" of the cane in the air behind me. He started to slowly tap it on my bottom, first one cheek then the other, slowly building up a rhythm, gradually getting faster with each stroke. It was stingy too, but in a different way to the strap, somehow a more defined and concentrated pain. Kind of hard to explain (as well as remember from all the swirly head!). But it was very good all the same! i actually felt rather proud of His marks on my bottom. So here's His handiwork (you can see the implements of pain alongside me):

the next day... (after some more work!):

i was dripping by this point and after running His fingers across my soaked pussy, it wasn't long before He turned me over on my back and straddled me, which was incredibly horny and i could feel myself floating even more.

Another play session involved me sitting on a stool, with my hands cuffed behind me and blindfolded, i began to feel something pinching my nipples. i soon realised they were clothes pins (pegs as we call them in the UK) and with each one, i found myself squirming and holding my breath with the pain. i have tried pins on myself before, but it's a different story when someone else is controlling where they are placed. Along with the pain, i could feel something being linked around them all and began to get twitchy as i couldn't work out what else He was doing. Then He told me He'd put string through each pin and said He could either simply remove them one by one, or pull them all off in one go. Which option do you think He chose?! OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHHHH!!! The pain was IMMENSE! Thing is, He told me He had only used 3 pins on each breast (it felt like so many more!). Once again, this pup was very wet... ;-)

Before one bedtime, He sat me down on His chair at His PC, securing my arms to the sides of it with the leather bindings (they are pretty cool), then made me watch some of the "Training of O" videos He had downloaded, whilst watching me. Well that got me very moist again! i think one of my favourite clips is Lorelei Lee's rope bondage and caning session (and the rest of what she goes through - i know where He got the string and pins idea now!), as well as Sarah Jane Ceylon's (who i agree is very cute!) shovelling dirt session, ending up with her being fucked by both the man and woman at the same time (erm... wow). i was fidgeting a lot in the chair! ;-) i was a very aroused pup that needed to be used again, once she was placed in His bed...

So i hope this makes for enjoyable reading/viewing and that it was worth the wait! i feel like i've just re-lived it all in my mind (and it's almost my bedtime...!) ;-)


His pet said...

It was worth the wait!! Great pictures and it sounds like a great time. i am so happy for you!

Dark Pixie said...

totally worth the you have me dripping!!!!

what's a pixie slut to do?


Farmwife said...

I'm so excited for you. You didn't play with Beau, did ya?

Rob said...

my oh my, seems like you had a very busy and intense weekend :)

I bet you enjoyed it immensely, I am very happy for you :)

/ Rob

trinity-pup said...

brooke - i'm so glad you approve! Thank you my lovely, it was lots of fun.

dark pixie - don't think i could have let you wait any longer! i was itching to write about it. Dripping huh... i hope the pixie slut inside you made you do something enjoyable! ;-)

t. x

trinity-pup said...

Awww bless you farmwife!!! How could you suggest such a thing! ;-) Have you asked Beau yet?!

t. x

trinity-pup said...

Rob - certainly was quite intense at times, but it felt great to experience some submission. Thank you for your kind words :-) *hugs*

t. x

Farmwife said...

mmm, should i?

dragonfly said...

Quite steamy, love!! And what gorgeous pics.. How I would love to trace those beautiful marks with my....

Pixiepie said...

wonderful hot description...thank you sooo much for I am dripping too.

trinity-pup said...

i dare you farmwife!!! :-p

trinity-pup said...

Dragonfly... oh my, trace my marks with your... ??? my imagination is running wild! ;-)

Pixipie - thank you my dear! i'm so glad i can help so many of you in that area... always glad to be of service!

t. x

amber said...

Mmm, he seems to be "gone fishing" at the same time you were "gone playing" :).

katie said...

well it was worth the wait. I am so glad you enjoyed the cane. It is a love or hate instrument. I am sitting on a very well caned bottom and now i have a very wet pussy. Mmm, what a lovely day xxxx

Farmwife said...

Come on girl, say it already :)

trinity-pup said...

amber - but i'm back now!!! ;-)

katie - mmm sounds like you've had some fun too! i think the cane could be a love thing... in time! i wonder if the wet pussy got to have some fun too?? :-)

trinity-pup said...

farmwife??? i have no idea what you're hinting at... :-)

katie said...

unfortunately pussy is on a three day restriction so reading your blog and others is a tortuous pastime, but hey, i am strong , i can overcome or is that cum, lol

I am glad you think you will love the cane, if you want any tips just drop me a line *smiles*

Pixiepie said...

Wow! Your first caning!! We should have a party!! Good for you! The cane is my absolute favorite....the pain is perfection. Enjoy this magical journey to being a pain slut!!! :)

trinity-pup said...

katie - aww 3 days?! i am glad my blog is that good! i think i will enjoy the cane... and i'll be sure to be in touch! ;-)

PixiePie - certainly was!!! i knew i was going down the painslut path and so i'm just confirming my suspicions! Party on!!!

Will said...

~~All I got to say is:

I'm glad you asked!

Cheers, and bottomsUp!



trinity-pup said...

Thanks Will! Always nice to see a new face here.

You might be pleased to know i've asked again... and a post on it is to come soon! ;-)

Devilbluedress said...

Beautiful memories. So glad that you enjoyed yourself. Love the phrase "pain slut"

Will said...



I had a feeling there would be a second (2nd), for the asking!

Naughty & nice.

xx,Will (The "bottomsUp" guy)

trinity-pup said...

Hey Will, well yes you were quite right there... might even be a third to look out for ;-)