Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here Comes The Fear...

It's begun...

the anticipation...

the nervousness...

the excitement...

... all leading to more playtime this weekend.

Am i ready?

Am i willing?

Am i scared?

Am i happy?

... i'm all of these things... and more...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Va Va Vivian

Oooh la la... the newest High Gloss Doll is Vivian...

Which reminds me... i need to get myself a latex suspender belt...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

150 Strokes Later...

At the time of writing (well since last Sunday), i have been experiencing a sore bottom once again

This time, it’s the consequence of receiving a combination of 150 strokes by hand and various floggers, crops and canes. So for your delight, let me explain further...

At the weekend, i had the opportunity, and privilege i must say, of playing with a Dom, zigzag12, who i have been occasionally mailing this year and which has now become a newly formed friendship. He offered to play on a casual basis and so invited me to taste His mixture of pain and pleasure... and what an awesome experience it was!

So here are the snippets (with some details), along with photos. As you can see, the purple underwear (my bra and suspender belt) made its debut appearance, along with a pair of my favourite lace panties and fishnets, all underneath a black pleated skirt and black/white top.

There are 2 scenes that i want to share:

On The Sofa Counting Game

W/we began by Him motioning to me to lay across His lap, face down with my skirt lifted up, panties on, with my arms stretched out in front of me. One hand wandered across my (then) pale skinned bottom and He began to slap it - just small little slaps at first, not very stingy, but somehow they got stingier. His other hand rested against the outside of my panties to my already-moist pussy. He told me He was going to give me 10 slaps on each cheek and to count them out loud. OK...easy enough i thought, i've read about this so many times... and oh my gosh... i lost count! "How many was that?" He asked. With the sting increasing, i was focusing on the pain and not much else. i think i replied "5?" to which He said "it was actually 6, but I'll carry on from 5" and so gave me one extra (very kind of Him!). i think i lost count a couple of times and actually realised how difficult it is.

Having pinked most of my bottom at this point, as i was wearing my lace panties which are like shorts (pic explains!), He lifted up my panties to the tops of my cheeks and... ta dah!... He said He had found "more white bits that needed to be warmed up". He told me to place my hands on my bottom to feel how warm it was already. As i did so, He thought it was a good time to tie my wrists together with some rope, and so bound them together with my elbows kept bent, just above my bottom. Then He was ready to finish off by giving me 10 hard and quick slaps on each cheek. Ouchey!!! (He counted them out this time). His fingers underneath me had slid inside my panties and begun lightly stroking the wetness of my lips. By the end, the whole sofa scene worked out to be around 50 hand slaps.

With my head swirling by now, He helped me to my feet and untied me. After ensuring that i was OK and holding me for a few minutes as my head stopped spinning, He pulled me by my hair (quite yummy!) to stand in the middle of the room. He stood looking at me before walking behind me. He asked me to keep my skirt lifted up and slapped my bottom a few more times, in between running His hand over my pussy. He came to stand so very close beside me and grabbing my hair, moved in to kiss me, but He teased at it at times and bit my lip and tongue instead (which was just so incredibly arousing).

The Bedroom, His Toys and His Canes…

Holding onto my hair, He marched me through to His bedroom and had me stand by the bed. He then brought out His toys, one by one, showing me what each one was, before placing them on the bed. There was a whole array of floggers, slappy and spikey things, a cool looking feathery thing, some suction cups, a riding crop, two dressage whips and His collection of canes... and a Hitachi wand! It was all very impressive, scary and exciting at the same time! i can say that my heart was racing! The spikey thing was returned to the drawer (and i was quite relieved). He first showed me how the suction things worked, by placing one on my chest and pumping it up, making the skin rise up inside, from the vacuum, creating a weird tight pulling sensation.

It was then time to play and He asked me to pick a toy. He told me He'd be using them all on me... gulp!

i picked a double tailed whip and then He asked me to pick the next toy, which was the pinwheel (very scary to me and wanted to get it out of the way). After making me kneel on the bed away from Him, He placed it in front of me so i could focus on what was coming next. As i lifted my skirt, i already felt a little nervous. And so it began... the whip was rather stingy and continued to pink my cheeks rather nicely, although quite a stingy pain which didn’t last too long.

The pinwheel was a mixture of scariness and pleasure as He gently moved across my newly marked bottom, then pushed it in deeper to my skin for me to get a different effect (i think i got it!), but i have to say it's not a favourite! (i had better watch what i say i think though). Following this, He asked me if it was OK to remove my panties down to my thighs, to which i agreed and He also unclipped the back of my suspenders too.

It’s ironic that i own a riding crop, something I bought a fair time ago, and that i’ve never experienced any use from it yet. So i selected the crop next which made a rather wonderful swishy noise. Before using it on me, He wanted to show me the difference in pain between the tassle and the shaft. The tassle was more of a tappy pain which didn’t last long and the shaft was more of a quick sting. By this point, they were all merging into one and my head was buzzing into subspace.

Next choice was a slappy thing - a large guillotine cutter pad (no not the blade!) which delivered a fair whack i have to say. If i remember correctly, i received about 10 of them, with the final one administered by Him at full thwack! (pic below depicts the marks it left - the large square outlines!) i remember moving about quite a lot from it and He kept telling me to get back into position on my hands and knees. He told me to place my hands on my bottom and feel how warm it was… now that W/we were HALFWAY through (i wondered if i had heard that right!).

With each toy, He kept encouraging and praising me, telling me how well i was taking it and how impressed He was. i remember Him saying "your ass is just asking to be spanked, it's just so fucking spankable!". It made me smile, even giggle through the pain and He'd watch me, pull my hair and slap my bottom with His hand to help provoke me more…it worked!

Another slappy toy was next… a plastic paint stirrer with holes in it which caused a fairly sharp pain. Each toy was building ever more on the pain i had just experienced.

i think it was after this, that He wanted me to experience the Hitachi wand as it was, with no attachments (although He had a couple) and began to run it over my cheeks, then down the insides of my thighs (wow!) and pressed it against my incredibly wet pussy. The sensations it caused were just amazing and my body was shaking with pleasure. i had never felt anything like it, vibrator-wise and that was just on the low setting! my whole body seemed to be tingling now and i think He then began to run his fingers across my pussy, teasingly and gradually I could feel them delving inside me, then deeper still until He was pressing right up against a place which just sent me going wild. i remember thrashing about on the bed, but He wasn’t pulling back and continued pushing me, and i realised He was going to make me cum for the first time and He did, i think i was just so amazed. It can take me a long time to climax, sometimes i can’t unless i’ve got the “controls”, so to speak, and can find it really hard in someone else’s presence. But there i was, feeling it wash over me and i could feel my whole body calm and i lay there looking at Him, in such happiness. i remember saying “can You see me on the ceiling?” i felt that good! So here's me on the ceiling...

i don’t think it was long before He told me it was time to experience His canes… and then explained how each would feel. There was some fear in my mind, wondering just how much more i could take and stunned at what i had been put through already. Junior felt stingy but was short lived, Senior was even stingier (a cane i’ve experienced before) and then the Dragon (shudder).

Each cane became an increasingly stingier affair and He used them all, each in turn - Junior, Senior and Dragon on my already so-reddened and lump-ridden bottom, creating some deep welts and causing me a lot of pain and pleasure along with it. Using the Dragon, He made me bend over more to expose my bottom cheeks and the pain was something else! Well…words escape me!! i remember curling up into a ball at times. In all of this, i have to say i found myself rather surprised to have become so wet and aroused from the pain i was experiencing.

In between the caning, He started the Hitachi wand again, this time with the duck attachment (well it looked like a duck), pushing it inside me and around my pussy and i wondered if i might come again. He told me to hold the wand in position inside me, before realising He was going to carry on caning me! Experiencing such pain to my bottom mixed with the pleasure of the wand was truly awesome and i think He gave me about 30 strokes in total with the 3 canes. This is my duly caned ass, i thought it looked so much better visually in black and white (except the pain wasn't!):

It was during the caning, as i writhed from the ever-increasing pain, He asked me “So are you a screamer…do you scream?” i remember looking at Him and shaking my head. Sure, i’ve whimpered and i’ve moaned (usually with pleasure!) but not really anything else. i wasn’t sure if i could actually scream out loud (but then realised that’s what He probably wanted from me).

Some time earlier He had asked me if i wanted some candle light in the room. i’d say yes and it was now He wanted me to experience some wax-play (no the penny didn’t drop). This is something i am new to and telling me to keep very still, He dripped the wax down my cheeks, the hot sensation followed by hot pain made me tingle. It was such a weird thing. He admired the dried wax on my cheeks and was picking off some of the wax that had fallen onto the bed, before saying “I’ll have to get that wax flicked off now” and for a second i thought He meant the wax on the bed, and then watched as He got the whip back out of the drawer and smiled! So He proceeded to flick the wax off my bottom using the whip which was pretty different (and painful!).

Lying there on my side, i was feeling very sore, but on such a high and smiling at Him. He went to get some cream to soothe my bottom and began to rub it into my skin. It felt so heavenly and sensual and after concentrating on my bottom, i could feel His fingers running down to my pussy to push His fingers inside me again, deeper and deeper to find that place once more. He looked back at me, observing my face, taking in all of the different emotions i was experiencing. His fingers deep now, i could feel myself on the edge and i could sense He wanted to make me cum again and somehow, ever so quietly this time, my first g-spot orgasm took me over - my body was in complete stillness, my head was definitely somewhere else…

It was after this that He held me closely in His arms, i felt so safe and happy that i had impressed Him. It was a great feeling to know i’d given so much of myself so soon...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sugasm #92 (my story is under BDSM & Fetish!)

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Mon 13th Aug, 07

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Pink Dolls

Especially for my puppy sister, brooke, who says there's no pink latex on High Gloss Dolls. i think latex can be seen as much a Dominant's or Domme's outfit as a submissive's or slave's. For me, it's the feeling of being constrained, how it moulds to the skin, that appeals.

So just for you my dearest pup, i found these... (and not a bare bottom to be seen!) my favourite (although i do still hate the colour pink!) has to be the last image - which one is yours...?

Friday, August 10, 2007

If There Be Dragons

Now for something completely different on my blog... tattoos!

For those of you who don't know me in real life (and there are a few of you out there!), i have a tribal dragon tattoo which i endured 90 minutes of pain for around 7 years ago. It was definitely worth the pain and is something i am very proud of. i have to say the pain was certainly very different to anything i've ever experienced before and since (yes, even the cane!).

So i am thinking of another tattoo some time this year, other than a dragon, although i do love how they look, but decided to do a Google search for "dragon tattoo", just to see what it came up with, to find this fantastic design - a dragon shoe! How cool is that?! Tempting...!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Peach Of A Bottom... And All mine (For Now!)

Another image of my very own peachiness to share (are you bored yet?!). This time i thought it would be fitting for it to take pride of place as one of my main pictures, down the right-hand side. Taken by my own fair hand (somehow!) and shown here without the use of any fancy touch-ups... (make of that what you will!)

i hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Bottoms Up

The newest glossy lady from High Gloss Dolls is Yesja. i have to admit to thinking 'what a cute bottom!'

Looks very spankable to me... maybe that's why she's trying to cover it up...

... is it just me or am i getting obsessed with overloading my site with images of bottoms?! (perhaps it's me who's asking for a spanking?!) ;-)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Asking For A Caning

The wait is over... here's last weekend's news (don't get too excited!).

Following my weekend of play, i found myself a bruised, used and happy pup :-)

A couple of phrases i remember are:

"Would you like to be tied to the bed whilst I fuck you?"
(is that really an option...?)

"So do you want the cane or the leather strap first?"
(decisions, decisions...!)

i went to play with Another (who is already known to me) for a couple of nights. W/we B/both knew it was going to be just for some play sessions, nothing more and it certainly was a lot of fun!

It was a weekend where i was able to become my submissive self and it was such a release. Having never been caned before was certainly a new experience for me and i actually loved it! i know i am getting to be more of a pain slut, so this was an opportunity to find out how much i could take. Obviously, it was just a play weekend - a "taster" session, so i knew He wouldn't be taking things too far.

Lying face down on His bed, He asked me if i'd like to try the cane or the leather strap first. Nice of Him to give me a choice! They were both recent purchases of His, so He was keen to christen them both! i opted for the leather strap initially and "OUCH!" (yes i am a beginner!), it certainly gave a fairly big sting at times. It wasn't too bad though and once you have felt it a few times, it just gets stingier!!

Then it was time for the cane, which was handmade and apparently a "senior" model (no idea!). As i lay there slightly quivering and beginning to float from the rush of the pain and now its subsidence, i could hear the "swish" of the cane in the air behind me. He started to slowly tap it on my bottom, first one cheek then the other, slowly building up a rhythm, gradually getting faster with each stroke. It was stingy too, but in a different way to the strap, somehow a more defined and concentrated pain. Kind of hard to explain (as well as remember from all the swirly head!). But it was very good all the same! i actually felt rather proud of His marks on my bottom. So here's His handiwork (you can see the implements of pain alongside me):

the next day... (after some more work!):

i was dripping by this point and after running His fingers across my soaked pussy, it wasn't long before He turned me over on my back and straddled me, which was incredibly horny and i could feel myself floating even more.

Another play session involved me sitting on a stool, with my hands cuffed behind me and blindfolded, i began to feel something pinching my nipples. i soon realised they were clothes pins (pegs as we call them in the UK) and with each one, i found myself squirming and holding my breath with the pain. i have tried pins on myself before, but it's a different story when someone else is controlling where they are placed. Along with the pain, i could feel something being linked around them all and began to get twitchy as i couldn't work out what else He was doing. Then He told me He'd put string through each pin and said He could either simply remove them one by one, or pull them all off in one go. Which option do you think He chose?! OOOOUUUUCCCCHHHHHH!!! The pain was IMMENSE! Thing is, He told me He had only used 3 pins on each breast (it felt like so many more!). Once again, this pup was very wet... ;-)

Before one bedtime, He sat me down on His chair at His PC, securing my arms to the sides of it with the leather bindings (they are pretty cool), then made me watch some of the "Training of O" videos He had downloaded, whilst watching me. Well that got me very moist again! i think one of my favourite clips is Lorelei Lee's rope bondage and caning session (and the rest of what she goes through - i know where He got the string and pins idea now!), as well as Sarah Jane Ceylon's (who i agree is very cute!) shovelling dirt session, ending up with her being fucked by both the man and woman at the same time (erm... wow). i was fidgeting a lot in the chair! ;-) i was a very aroused pup that needed to be used again, once she was placed in His bed...

So i hope this makes for enjoyable reading/viewing and that it was worth the wait! i feel like i've just re-lived it all in my mind (and it's almost my bedtime...!) ;-)