Monday, July 23, 2007


A smacker,
a smooch,
a peck,
a snog.

Whatever you call it...

... it's a kiss...

... and it's what i miss... (a lot)


beau said...

Ah yes
a kiss
or after
or just for itself

so delicious xxxxxxxxxxxx

trinity-pup said...

That was just BEAUtiful... ;-)

kisses to You dear Beau


His pet said...

Kisses are amazing aren't they? They can be brutal or tender, passionate or just a habit, between lovers or just friends...

Why, i do believe there is a kiss to fit every occasion.

Nice pictures t.

trinity-pup said...

What a lovely comment - thanks brooke! There certainly is a kiss for whatever reason. Glad you like the pics too, i think they're very arousing!

t. x

Dark Pixie said...

kisses are splendid...they take your breath away....they can make your heart race...and they can make tears is amazing all of the various emotions contained in just one kiss.

they are so very powerful!

i miss them too!


Sage said...

Oh, I really do miss getting kissed. BTW, these pics have aroused some wonderful feelings in me.

ronjazz said...

Kiss from me to you, honey. Anyway you'd like it...I can do it.

trinity-pup said...

mmmmm Dark Pixie! So many emotions evoked, lovely comment - thank you! Kisses to you :-)

Sage - nice of you to drop in... and i'm glad i'm not the only one missing them... i'm happy to hear the pics have done some good!

Ronjazz - thank you, that's very sweet.

t. x

katie said...

i like these pictures much better lol. I think i was a late starter with getting to like kissing. I only ever liked kissing women till I met Sir, now i love to kiss him when ever i am allowed.

trinity-pup said...

katie - i'm glad you like them, it is nice to kiss both men and women. ;-) i just love kissing anyway!

t. x