Monday, July 16, 2007


On all fours You make me crawl,
in my mouth a ball gag forces me to drool.

On my knees You order me to beg,
on each breast You clip a peg (or two).

Around my wrists You bind thick rope,
over my body Your wandering hands grope.

On my front You plug my tight butt,
on my back i am Your horny slut (again).


His pet said...

You are so talented. You write prose, you write poetry, you hang plants...

is there anything you can't do?

Very nice poem t. i loved it!


beau said...

"on each breast You clip a peg (or two)"

- or three or four or ....


But a lovely poem t.

B xxxx

trinity-pup said...

brooke - *blush* awww i'm not sure about that... but thank you!

Anything i can't do... well yes, there's lots (one of them being to find myself an Owner!)

Beau - now how did i know You'd think of that... ;-) and thank You!

t. x

Rob said...

Very nice poem!
I am sure you will find yourself an owner, when you are ready for it.

/ Rob

beau said...

I can't understand why it's so difficult to find a Master. On the contact sites there seem to be millions of Masters searching and few unattached subs.

I suppose though finding someone who you can trust when you are putting yourself into such a vulnerable position must be very hard.

Good luck in your search.

And if you have no luck then ...


B xxxxxxx

trinity-pup said...

Rob - am happy that you like the poem... i'm sure i'll find myself one in time..

Beau - i do believe the ratio of Masters to subs is rather un-balanced, but as You say, it's finding someone to trust and that takes time.... if i have no luck... hehehe... i'll keep it in mind ;-)

t. x