Thursday, July 12, 2007

my Blue Heart

my blue heart lies still within me,
waiting to beat once more... and one day it will.

In time its hue shall fade
and a crimson tint will filter through.

Only then may i begin to feel its warmth,
hear the sound of my heartbeat
and know that i am alive... again.


beau said...

blue heart
crimson tint
feel its warmth
i am alive...

... again

I hope you are alive again dear t. I long to hear the sound of your heartbeat.

B xx

elle said...

*kisses your cheek*

hang on sweet girl.

His pet said...

t- what's wrong? Is everything ok? Oh i wish i could give you a great big hug!!!

(or kiss?)



Whatever would make you feel better again.

trinity-pup said...

Beau - i am very much alive... come hear my heartbeat ;-)

elle - thank you sweetie, i'm doing fine.

His pet - gosh, a suck?!! *grins* i might have to take you up on that! ;-)

** i need to write an addendum to this post... hold on... **

t. x