Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i'm Back... And i'm Rockin'!

i'm baaaaaaack!!! It seems that i've been missed which is lovely, firstly thank you! i am sure you're all keen to hear about my weekend of playtime and i will write about it soon, when i've given myself enough time to contemplate and think about what i want to share here. It was good fun though, so please be patient!

For now, as promised in my last post, i need to thank my wonderful blogger friend, who i am proud to call my sister pup, brooke, over at Puppy Tales, for tagging me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Well i have to say i'm VERY honoured and it makes me realise just how proud i am of my blog. It's still very new in terms of the blogging world, being just 7 months old. i do love writing it and with each post, it makes me happier. i only wish i had included a web tracker/counter at the beginning, as i only decided to add one 2 weeks ago. In that time, i've had over 2,000 hits and i just can't believe it! So thank you to everyone who has passed by, read a post or two, given me a hug, and more recently fed my fish. An EXTRA SPECIAL HUGE THANK YOU to those who have taken the time to leave a comment and who are now very special to me (and you all know who you are!). Can someone pass me a tissue?!

So i do believe i now have to tag another 5 female bloggers... and uh oh... that's where i am in trouble, as i believe all those fabulous girlies who i currently read have already been tagged! i know that brooke refrained from tagging DL's toy (and i do understand why), but just hope it would be OK, with the kind permission of DL, if i could tag her. her blog is one of the first (and finest) i came across (not literally!), all thanks to another good blogger friend Beau (take a peek if you've not met Him). Having such admiration for toy, as well as gaining so much inspiration (and wetness!) from all that she writes about within her amazing D/s relationship. she truly ROCKS (with a capital R) and so that's why i'm tagging DL's toy (and i only hope it's allowed!)

It's good to be back and i promise to post again soon!

P.S. i've made a guest appearance in Ron Jazz's Harem... go and take a look to read what a hussy i can be!) :-o


Rob said...

Great to hear you had fun, can't wait to hear about it, and yes, of course you were missed!

Hugs / Rob

ronjazz said...

Welcome home, my dear. You really are quite a hot little bitch! Hope all is well. I look forward now to getting to know you!

Dark Pixie said...

isn't the harem wonderful??? lol

i love your blog and you are definitely rockin'!


katie said...

welcome back, i will be patient for just a little while

trinity-pup said...

Rob - hey ya! yes it was fun and i shall be sharing soon! i missed ya too! *hugs*

Ron Jazz - thank you! Well i guess i can be! ;-) *blush*

Dark Pixie - it sure is a fab place, i bet you can't wait til you're there too... i am looking forward to that read :-) Thank you for such lovely words! You rock too babe! *big kisses*

t. x

trinity-pup said...

katie - yes Ma'am!! i hope so...

Hope all is good in your world. Thank you for adding me to your blog list!

t. x