Saturday, July 14, 2007

Puppy Let Loose In A Chain Store

i think i've mentioned in previous posts, how much i love the sound and feel of chains. Not that i've had any real-life experience with any before (i'm a rope kind of pup), but i thought it was about time to add some to my toybox. i decided to wander down to my local DIY store and what an adventure it turned out to be... it might be a while before i visit again!

Well i found the 'Ropes and Chains' aisle fairly easily and there before me was an array of chains, in varying gauges and materials. It was a true feast and i could feel myself getting excited just at the sight of them. After looking at them for some time, i then realised i didn't know how long a metre was (as they are sold per metre). i thought it might help in deciding what length i'd need for... erm... hanging baskets... (well that was my story if i got asked!)

Heading off to the next aisle, i found a very helpful mature store assistant (he had white hair) who kindly showed me the length of a metre with a measure. Thanking him, i returned to my aisle and finally decided on a couple of different chains - 2 metres of each, but in 1 metre lengths. It was then that i spotted the deadly metal cutter necessary to cut the chains to their required length and the sign 'only store assistants may operate this machine' (uh oh!) and i could feel my heart was beginning to beat a little faster.

Luckily for me, there was an assistant just along the aisle who was finishing off cutting some rope for another 'customer'. He walked up to me, smiling and i indicated my selected chains. i think i made some sort of small talk, like "i think a metre is quite long, isn't it"(?!!). He kept smiling at me and i couldn't stop smiling back, whilst thinking 'i wonder what he thinks i'm buying these for!' (think...hanging baskets... oh yes!).

With the 4 lengths of chains in my hands, i thanked him and disappeared down a different aisle, becoming just another anonymous shopper. Right so on to find the padlocks... what's the use of chains without them?! i wandered around the store, trying to locate them and came to stop to look at some rather cool brightly coloured measuring tapes (no idea why as i didn't need one), to hear this voice behind me ask "are you looking for a measure?". Turning round, i saw the mature white-haired assistant standing there, and then he said "oh it's you!" (like i was his neighbour or something). Smiling, he looked down at the chains in my hands, as i said "i'm looking for padlocks now" and with this, he promptly escorted me to the right aisle! i just wanted to hide at that moment. i felt incredibly guilty, vulnerable, all sorts of emotions. It was like everyone in the store knew why i was there!

Selecting a couple of small padlocks, i decided i'd had enough of DIY for one day and went in search of the friendliest looking cashier. Finding her, i saw there was only one other woman completing her purchase. Hurriedly, i put the chains and padlocks down on the counter, with my money (in cash) ready for a speedy getaway. Well it certainly wasn't because she had to get the reference catalogue out (a huge book!) to find the right item code for pricing the chains (and they must sell about 20 different kinds!). This took another few minutes as she double-checked the style and gauge, ensuring she didn't over/under-charge me (i couldn't have cared less at this point). By this time, i had an audience of about 4 others in the queue, all watching me! The whole irony of this, is that i could have been ordered to do this by a Dom, when in fact i did it of my own accord (currently being an unowned pup). Is there such a thing as self-humiliation?!

i'm sure my face was a picture when i left the store, as i couldn't stop grinning to myself, but i got my chains! Half of them are pictured below, in my 'chained heart':

In time, i hope for them to be put to good use, but that's another post... (i said i hope...)

Now... where's my hanging baskets...


Rob said...

hehe, love your story, if I didn't know better, I could have bet you were sent by a Dom to do this :)

Next time you go, you should wear those seamed stockings in your earlier post, with a short skirt and stilettos, then it would get REALLY "fun" for you ;-)

By the way, I soooo wish someone would have asked you what the chains were for, cause don't you need at least 3 chains for hanging baskets :D

beau said...

What a lovely post.

As you said - you could have been ordered to do this by your Dom but did it of your own accord.

I can recollect similar posts - perhaps by DL's toy of having been ordered to do such things. I guess the store attendants had no interest at all in what you wanted them for - but your worry they might was all that was needed for that certain frisson.

I think I have a task for (someone with no name currently) coming on!

beau said...

PS So who had to get tied up so that you could have a picture for your header ... ?

B xxxxxxxxxxxx

trinity-pup said...

Rob - well thank you!

if I didn't know better - *grins* thats what makes it so funny! Next time?!! How did i know you would suggest dressing up! You might be giving any potential Doms ideas now! Hehehe... oh and my hanging baskets only need 2 chains each... ;-)

Beau - thank You kind Sir! The curiousity to own some chains got the better of me! Looking back, it makes me giggle to think that anyone could guess. You have a task for ?? - You've lost me there?

So do You like the new header pic? (she was a good girl!)

t. x

His pet said...

t- great post. Just last night Master was on the phone with me making ASK where some of it was. The little old lady (like 75) who helped me sits behind us at church. i kept saying...ummm, have You ever lived in a small town? He say stuff like, "do you think she has any idea that those will be in your pussy soon?" Sheesh. i was bright red!!!

i LOVE the picture of the hearts. i think i'd frame it for my bedroom of i had a copy!

Oh and i love the new header too. It looks fabulous!!


P.S. i appreciate you and your friendship so much t. i really, really do.

Amber said...

Thank you for the link. Loved your adventure. Once I bought a flicker whip in the Tractor Supply and I don't own horses, and I thought I might die. I also bought a 10 ft long dog chain at walmart for J's valentine's day present - I love that chain, so does he. Kinda scary in a small town if you meet someone you know and they'll ask you what you need them for. Oh, and I bought some padlocks in the past, for my spreader bar... long time ago. Now this makes want to be chained, plugged, and whipped!

Amber said...

Trinity, sweetheart, I got a question... how do I make a lovely header like yours without photoshop? I don't have photoshop...

Rob said...

I totally LOVE the new header pic!
How did you manage to take that pic of yourself ;)

trinity-pup said...

His pet - i think it's brilliant how your Master teases you like He does, i so love the whole mentality of D/s, how it is to be mind-fucked. i am so pleased that you like the picture enough to frame it! Wow, that really is a compliment. i love our friendship, you're a wonderful woman. *hugs*

Amber - what a lovely treat to see you here! Thank you. Your stories are brilliant. Mmmm a spreader bar is something i'd like to add to my toybox. you've got me all aroused now with the thought of chains, plugs and whips!! May i join in?!

trinity-pup said...

Rob - good to see you again, i'm glad you approve of the pic (somehow i knew you would). It was a bit tricky, but my camera's self-timer works a treat! ;-)

Amber said...

Trinity - sure, but b.y.o.b. - bring your own buttplug :).

Richard said...

I love chains.

They look awesome in pics as well.

p.s. great header pic as well

trinity-pup said...

Amber - i can bring my new butt plug with me :-)

Richard - they feel so nice against the skin. Glad You like the header pic too!

t. x

katie said...

Hi, nice post, i think most subs have been sent to do a version of what you made your self do. My latest task is to take place tomorrow and i dont think i can do it.

I am on a diet where you can have no food but the food packs provided. Sir wants me to ask at the class if i can swallow his cum or if it has calories.

Any advice from anyone???

trinity-pup said...

Katie - thank you! i have read of many tasks that subs are made to do! i wish you all the best for yours and i'm not sure i can help there! (have you tried "googling" it?!) Good luck with the diet though!